Who hires and fires human resource personnel in an organisation?

Who Hires and Fires HR Personnel in an Organisation

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We all know that HRs are the backbone of any company or business, but did you know who hires and fires human resource personnel in an organisation? Because they are responsible for handling most of the management work of a company.

HR professionals and managers work day and night to maintain peace and harmony within the company by managing the company’s and its employees’ interests. But have you ever thought about who hires HR and fires them? So if you don’t know about it, let me tell you you are on the right page. 

Today in this blog, We will discuss how HR professionals and managers are hired and who is the person responsible who has the authority to end their contract with the company.

Key Takeaways

  • Know how companies hire HR professionals
  • Get an insight into the termination procedure of an HR
  • Know who hires and fires HR personnel and managers in an organisation

How do Companies Hire HR Professionals/Managers?

Well! To hire an HR professional or manager, you first need to make a proper job description describing everything in detail that what type of skills you are looking for and then certainly have to advertise for the position you are hiring on various platforms Like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Hirect, and many other platforms where job seeker’s search for a job opportunity and after this the companies pick out the best CV for interviewing the candidates and the ones who meets all the necessary skill set required to be an HR professional or manager is hired by the company that’s how the process of Hiring for Hr works.

By Now, you might have understood the process of hiring HR professionals and managers, but you might still be wondering Who hires them, so let me end the wait and answer your question The senior managers or CEOs’ COOs are the ones who are responsible for hiring an HR.

Who Fires HR?

This question is an extended version of the previous answer, and it is obvious that the ones who hire HR professionals and managers also fire them.

How do you Recruit an HR Professional?

To recruit an HR professional here is all you need to know:

  1. To recruit an HR, you have to display Ads on different job Seeking platforms. 
  2. Once you display Ads, many people across the globe can see them and apply for the position you are hiring for.
  3. After you receive a lot of CVs, all you need to do is to pick the best Resumes that fit the role that you are looking for.
  4. Once you shortlist the candidates, you ask them to appear for the interview so that the interview panellist can decide on the best person for the job.

This is How the recruitment of HR professionals works.

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What is the Procedure for the Termination of HR?

Since here we are using the word termination, it definitely means that the person being terminated is against his will. That term is called Involuntary termination, where an employee is made to leave the organisation against his own free will.

Let’s look at the procedure for the termination of an HR:

  1. Even if the person is an HR, he/she himself has to go by the norms and policies of HR guidelines.
  2. HRs are not fired easily until and unless there is a severe breach of contract or any inappropriate action made by the person.
  3. If you are using the company’s appliances and you are being terminated, then in that case company might give you a few days to hand over all the gadgets and data of the company, and once you do it. Then, you are no longer on terms with the company.

So this was the termination process of HR.


So if you are an HR, then you should definitely know who actually hires and fires the Hr professionals within the organisation. If you are aspiring to be an HR, then you should definitely know about such things so that you will be well aware of every situation.

I hope this blog might be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does HR do the hiring?

Yes, HRs are majorly responsible for hiring professionals in the organisation.

2. Who is responsible for hiring employees?

Hiring managers and HR works together to hire an employee.

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