Which is the Best Operating System?? iOS vs Android vs Windows

iOS vs Android vs Windows

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Smartphones have become the most essential device for a person in this digital era. Connections with faraway people have gone from telegram to voice call to now Video chat and that too with just a click of a button.

Therefore there is a need to know which is the best Operating System – iOS or Android or Windows

With constant technological innovations and integration and expansion in the use of the internet in a business for doing various things, it is important that there be a tool to connect a person with everything.

This tool is nothing but a smartphone. It helps a person connect with work, people, news, information, etc.

With the integration of technologies staying connected at all times is becoming very important. 5G is one of the top 10 emerging technologies in 2021 that will improve connectivity of people beyond imagination. And therefore choosing a 5G compatible phone will also become important.

Key Takeaways

  • The three of the most famous operating systems are iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Android is open source, while iOS and Windows are closed source operating systems.
  • Android is leading in mobile market share with 72% worldwide, while in desktops windows is the one leading with 78.41% market share.
  • Windows has Microsoft Store, iOS has Apple Store, and Android has Google Play Store.

Types of Operating System

The three main market-dominating example of Operating System and they are Android from Google, iOS from Apple, and Windows from Microsoft. With so many options there is a need to know which is the best operating system.

Which is the best operating system - iOS vs Android vs Windows

With such high expectations from such a small device, it is essential that the software the mobile runs on is good and is able to provide good efficiency, performance and is user friendly. Software development is one of the most common career choices among techies for high paying jobs. Just like how OS is a programming language here are some languages you might be interested in.


Android Inc. developed the Operating System Android (OS), which Google later acquired in 2005. As of September 2020, Android 11 is the latest version announced. Fun fact, Java is the coding language used for the development of Android OS.

This OS is an open-source software and anyone can download it and start using it. The company that sells a mobile phone, sells it with copyright laws such that no user can make changes to already packed mobile OS.

Linux Kernel and other software were the base for Android development. And primarily meant for touch screen devices. Nowadays, Televisions, watches, and cameras also use this operating system. Android studio, another feature is aa place for building apps for android phone, tablet, TV, etc.

Since it’s free and open-source, many software engineers can contribute to its development and this is how this OS became so popular and user-friendly.


iOS is an Operating System of Apple Inc. It is a closed source OS as opposed to Android. It is an operating system that is most widely used and known after Android.

Android is an OS that many different companies use whereas iOS is specifically developed for Apple products only. iOS can be seen to be used in iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

The foundation here is NeXTSTEP software which was further based on Berkeley’s UNIX software. Being a proprietary operating system, it gives the sense of greater security and quality than the others.


Microsoft developed the Operating System Windows. You can find this operating system in computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Microsoft started working on a software called Interface Manager in 1981 but later introduced it as Windows 1.

The first version was introduced on 10th November, 1983. It was first released in 1985 with functions of storing files, playing games, graphical representation, and much more. Windows 10 is the latest version at present.

Every computer requires an operating system to work, similarly to how a bike will need an engine. Microsoft dominated almost 90% of the market in the start of 1990s. But as of now, with sales of Android and other mobiles, their market share has taken a hit.

Windows is more commonly known as Microsoft Windows. It is a closed source software. Its graphical user interface and multitasking characteristics make it a popular choice in the personal computer segment.

Differences between iOS, Android and Windows

With so many operating system types, its necessary to be able to distinguish one from the other to know which will suit you. Following are some factors to providing differences between iOS, Android and Windows.

Market share

Let’s look at difference based on “Market share Android vs iOS vs Windows.” Worldwide, Operating system for mobile market is led by Android, with almost owning 72% of the market. Next is iOS with around 27.5%, whereas windows have hardly a 0.03%.

In India, in 2021 android market share in mobiles is 95.77%, iOS is 2.97, and the rest 1% is contributed by other operating systems such as Windows, KaiOS, Samsung, etc.

Just depending on market share between – iOS or Android or Windows, it might look like Windows is losing badly, But if you look at best operating system for pc shares in India itself, you will find windows maintain a healthy 78.41% market share, here Operating system Linux holds 3.32%, and the rest is distributed by other OS.

Head over to Statcounter to get an in-depth understanding about the market share of operating systems based on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.  

Cost of Operating system

Now let’s look at how much Android, iOS, and Windows cost.

iPhone SE, considered the cheapest in the iPhone series, would cost around INR 30,000.

You will find Android prices starting as low as INR 1000 with fundamental features, but even at around INR 15000, you will get an Android mobile with almost all good essential elements, which is relatively cost-effective compared to iOS.

As for Windows, you will find any of the Nokia Lumia series mobiles within a price range of INR 5000 to 20000.


An Operating System is important to a user, no doubt, but the inbuilt apps and other apps it provides are also critical in selecting a mobile. Android provides Google play for downloading any new app, iOS has App store, and Windows has Windows store.

Different features present in different stores with respect to operating system.

They usually have the same apps in their respective stores. The only different thing is when the update for a particular app is launched on these OS. Some companies also decide between many operating systems to launch their app.

OK Google, Siri and Cortana are some candid, exciting features to make the public interested in their respective mobiles.

According to me, with things becoming automatic and people preferring voice-activated commands rather than typing and scrolling, this feature needs to be developed as much as can to gain profits. Many games are made specific to one OS requirements, hence “best operating system for gaming” need to be researched before buying computer or mobile.

One distinct feature in Android is that the mobile body is customizable, whereas , it is only possible to buy a predetermined shape of mobile, in others.

Apps Store

As many as 2.56 million apps are present on Google play, making it the biggest store online. The second would be Apple, with around 1.85 million apps. As for Windows, it is about 6.69 lakh.

Android has an extensive collection of apps to choose from in its store. According to me, Google Maps is one of the best apps with many applications for various businesses with its GPS tracking ability.

Apple’s Continuity app is one of the new apps which lets all your apple devices connect with each other; for example, if your tablet and mobile are connected, you can pick a call from your tablet itself. All work is synched because of this app.

As for Windows, Microsoft Office might be its most significant achievement. As for recent change, the news of Microsoft allowing integration of Android apps in Windows 10 might be the biggest news.

On Android, it is easier to download from unofficial sources, i.e., not from the google play store but from like chrome search. This creates a concern of security as there may be millions of corrupted or infected files.

On the other side, iOS doesn’t allow for such downloads, think of it as a boon or bane, up to you. Windows is somewhat similar to iOS on this front.


It’s a universal truth that mobile phones are the closest things to us. Therefore with so much data present in the phone it’s important to learn methods to prevent privacy breach.

Finally, have you decided on which is the Best Operating SystemiOS or Android or Windows. Well, it entirely depends on your taste to choose from one of the above.

If you like to change mobile phones frequently, want one to download apps from unverified vendors, etc. Android is for you.

If you prefer high-quality standards, more uniqueness in apps, and more connections between all your devices, go with iOS.

Lastly, if you want an experience similar to desktop and better service use of Microsoft apps, then go with Windows. For example, Facebook integration in these mobiles is better than the others.

Choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an operating system and give examples?

An operating system is a software or coded programming language that acts as an interface with digital device hardware for its functioning. Android, iOS and Windows are some basic well known OS.

Who is the father of operating system?

Gary Arlen Kildall

What is the current Android operating system?

Android 11 is the latest Android OS.

Will there be a Windows 11?

Window 10 is the latest version of Windows OS. And for now there are no plans for Windows 11. Rather there will be updates for Windows 10 itself.

What does iOS stand for?

It is formerly known as iPhone Operating System developed by Apple.

What is different between iOS and Android?

Android is open source OS and users can customize or modify the software, whereas iOS is closed source and users don’t have permission to access the software code.

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