What is Personality Development? Why is it Important?

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It is not rare to hear people say, “He has a good personality,” “I admire her personality,” or “Personality is what matters, not looks.” Personality Development is the key to a good personality.

Personality is a word that is used quite often. It’s a characteristic set of behavior, attitude, way of thinking, emotional patterns that distinguishes a person from the rest of the crowd. The unique attributes that differentiate one person from another are a result of individual personalities.

Personality indicates the external outlook of an individual. A person’s values, physical, mental, and social qualities are an integral part of his/her character.

Now that you know what personality is, let us get started and answer all your questions on why personality is important, the characteristics of a personality, and the factors determining an individual’s personality. Follow the Top 10 tips mentioned below to develop your personality and build a unique personality for yourself. 

Key Take-Aways

  1. Importance of having a good perosnality
  2. Characteristics of a good perosnality
  3. Understand the factors that determine the persoanlity of an individual
  4. What is Perosnality Developement
  5. Top 10 tips to build your perosnality

Why is Personality Important?

A good personality will help you grab people’s attention. You will be tagged interesting, giving you a competitive edge in life. Top-tier institutions value the weight of personality more than any other factor.

Having a bright personality will help you progress in your professional and social life.

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Characteristics of Personality

Before we move on to the best practices to build a good personality, here are a few things you need to know about the characteristics of a personality. 

Personality varies from person to person and is highly influenced by the social interactions a person comes across in his/her life. It is built over many years and not something that can be molded without effort. A person’s personality talks a lot about and displays multiple expressions, thoughts, feelings, and close relationships. 

Factors determining the personality of an individual

Many factors determine an individual’s personality. Some of these factors are: 

  • Environmental factors:  The culture a person is raised in, his/her family values, social groups, and traditions are the major contributors to a person’s character. This factor has a significant impact on how a person perceives things and people. 
  • Situational factors:  Extreme situations might cause a person to behave differently and add a new dimension to their personality. Every problem a person comes across provides them with an opportunity to learn and grow. These situations impact a person’s way of thinking and change their working styles, which gradually affects their personality.  
  • Inheritance:  Genetic studies have shown that the majority of personality traits are inherited. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself or your way of thinking very similar to your parents/grandparents. 
  • Identification factor:  This influences a person’s personality when he/she tries to identify themselves to their role model and start behaving accordingly. This factor is prominent among Gen Z; when obsessed over a particular TV Show character or a celebrity, or any specific influencer,  they carefully observe them. They are subconsciously being influenced by them and try to integrate their traits with their existing personality. 

What is a good personality?

A good personality is relative, and every personality has both good and bad traits. Given below are a few qualities which are widely accepted as good traits of a personality. 

Being honest and having an optimistic nature are considered the most essential traits of having a strong personality. Being determined and independent in every aspect of life is vital to have a good personality. Being curious, loyal,  courageous, and cheerful will help you build your character. 

Personality Development

Personality Development involves building capabilities, nurturing your skills and enhancing your talents. It is equally important to work on your weaknesses to transform them into strengths. Weakness is also an opportunity to grow and make yourself a better version of yourself.

Personality Development is the process undertaken by a person to create a unique personality. It is the journey of building a highly influenced character by experiences encountered by the person. Social, financial, and environmental factors play a significant role in personality development.  

Importance of Personality Development

You now know why and how a good personality is essential. Before we move on to developing a good personality, let us discuss the importance of personality development. 

Here are a few reasons why personality development is essential. 

  • Personality Development allows you to discover your true potential and capabilities. With a good personality, you will understand yourself better and look at things with an open mind, helping you grow in your personal and professional life. 
  • It helps you in communicating precisely and put forward your views in the right way.
  • Assist in building your own identity. Having a unique personality is accompanied by several pros.
  • It empowers you to make well-thought and intelligent decisions.
  • Personality Development helps in building confidence which is the most important that will help any person in winning. 

Top 10 Tips for Personality Development

1. Acceptance 

Accept what you are. Keep in mind that every single person has their unique characteristics. You are unique in your own way, understand that you are incomparable, and never compare yourself to anyone. 

Work towards making yourself a better version when compared to how you were before, but do not try to be someone else.

Start appreciating your qualities and work towards making them stronger. 

2. Leave your Comfort Zone 

Personality Development happens only when you are out of the bubble that you grew up in. Accept reality and be more outgoing to understand different cultures better. 

Try understanding various cultures and interact with multiple people. This will help you in building an opinion of your own about everything that is happening around you. Stop going by the shared belief people have about things but instead, have a justification for your opinion. 

3. Stay Enthusiastic

Few people light up the room the moment they enter, right? Why is that so? Being enthusiastic gives out positive vibes, which keep the people and surroundings around you active and alive, impacting your way of life. 

Be the one to initiate conversations; try and include everyone in the room in your discussions. This will help enhance your leadership skills as this will teach you the art of making everyone feel important. As a good leader, that quality is critical. 

4. Be Happy

Do not be a permanent complainer. No one likes to be associated with people who crib constantly. 

Learn to look for happiness in small things around you, be content with what you own. 

Staying happy helps in lifting your mood and, in return, improves your productivity.

6 ways to be happy

5. Appreciate Peers 

Never compare your success with others. Everyone has their own success stories. Respect and celebrate your peer’s achievements.

Appreciating and learning from their effort and hard work is the stepping stone to your success.

 Never envy what others have achieved and avoid saying phrases like “He got lucky,” “She doesn’t deserve it,” etc. 

6. Improve your Body Language 

Body Language is a form of Non-Verbal Communication that involves the way you carry yourself, your posture, walking style, body movements, dressing style, gestures, etc. 

Studies have proved that an individual’s personality can be understood by solely observing their actions. 

It is essential to portray confidence, empathy, and calmness through your body language. A few ways you can start improving your body language is by walking straight and talking confidently.

Improving Personality through Body Language

7. Evaluate Yourself

Being better than yesterday is crucial and the most essential element of being successful. Continually evaluate yourself, know where you were before and where you are now, set targets, and work towards them. 

Ask for constructive feedback from your well-wishers and consider positive criticism as a door to improvement and opportunities to build a better version of yourself.

8. Be Optimistic

Look at the future with a positive attitude. Being optimistic will train your brain to receive success, and you will unknowingly start working towards success. 

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Being optimistic will help you handle failures better and learn from them. Optimism teaches you to treat setbacks as challenges and find solutions for them rather than giving up.

 Radiate positivity; it will decrease your stress. 

How to be optimistic

9. Be Warm and Approachable 

A smile is the best outfit any person can ever wear. A smiling face will make you approachable, and people will prefer associating with you. 

It is crucial to have a healthy social circle. It is essential to build connections and improve your personal and professional network. 

10. Get rid of Negativity

Negativity can enter your life either from within yourself or through negative and destructive influences around you. It is essential to know when someone is negatively influencing you and distance yourself from them. 

Jealousy, Short-tempered, rudeness, unfair comparisons are few examples of the traits you should get rid of. 

Clean yourself by getting rid of negative emotions and prepare yourself to achieve extraordinary things in the future. 

Want to build your Personality?

A strong personality will take you places. From your high school to your office meetings, people are going to be influenced by your personality skills.

Having a promising personality is going to be beneficial at a lot of places for you.

Even the modern industry standards require your personality to be bold, something for which Verzeo’s Personality Development course could help.

This course is designed entirely to help you build all the personal skills that you need to step into any professional venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is personality important?
  • A good personality will help you grab people’s attention. You will be tagged interesting, giving you a competitive edge in life. Top-tier institutions value the weight of personality more than any other factor
  • What are the factors that determine a good personality?
  • The factors that determine good personality are:

  • Environmental Factors
    Situational Factors
    Identification Factor
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