What is Human Resource Management? A Complete Guide on HRM

What is Human Resource Management?

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From rangolis to payrolls, they handle it all!

Have you ever wondered how Human Beings are a Resource?

Human Beings are a very intelligent species, we use the things provided in our environment and create things that help our society.

So if you want to be a Human Resource Manager, you’re being hired to hire other people as part of your job.

Human Resource Managers are the core of any company since they’re responsible for getting the best output out of their employees.

Key Takeaways

  • Human Resource Management is the core of any company, their job far exceeds than just hiring and recruitment of employees.
  • They must be well-versed in skills like problem-solving, communication and should be able to give counsel to their employees.
  • Human Resource is required in every company, and has a huge potential for growth of an individual in the Department.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is the overall management of the company’s employees. 

It involves recruitment, selection, induction and other employee-related programs. 

They make sure that there’s maximum output from the employees so that they can reach the employer’s goals.

To fulfil this they have various Duties and Responsibilities, without which no organization would survive.

Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource Management

Their duties and responsibilities include a lot more than just hiring and acquiring talent.

Human Resource Management is responsible for:

  1. Hiring and Training
  2. Payrolls and Leave management
  3. Getting peak performance from the employees
  4. Managing employee relations and having a good work culture
  5. Safety of its employees

Now, being an HR is not everyone’s cup of tea, they’re usually under a huge workload, stress, and even require high problem-solving skills.

They’re responsible for the entire hiring journey of an employee and there are multiple steps to fulfil the entire onboarding process.

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Journey of a New Employee

If you’re the HR Manager of a company, firstly you will have to go through hundreds of resumes, and shortlist candidates.

The shortlisted candidates will have to be contacted via mail and calls and schedule their respective interviews.

After a thorough screening of the candidates, you will have to send them their respective offer letters.

Then once the candidates arrive, you might have to make sure they receive training and keep a track of their performance.

If the employees are facing any problems or aren’t performing well, you will have to come up with solutions for their problems.

If an employee performs well, handle their promotions, or if they want to resign take their exit interviews and guide them through the entire process.

Now, you can’t just start applying for the position of Human Resource Manager, you need to have some Qualifications and Skills.

Skills and Qualifications Required to be an HR Manager 

Well, if all this seems like your cup of tea, then Human Resource Manager might just be your thing.

As I mentioned earlier, being an HR manager is a very demanding job but it is also a very rewarding career poised for growth.

Being a “Human” Resource Manager, you must have impeccable communication skills.

You need to be able to adapt to your way of communication. Like you will communicate differently with the Managing Director of the company compared to an employee.

You will also have to create strategies for recruitment campaigns of the company and create a structured layout of the entire process.

You should be able to counsel, coach and advise employees that will help them make accurate decisions.

You need good budgeting and financial skills because all compensation and benefits of the employees go through the HR department.

For your education, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or a similar field and a few years of experience.

Most of all you need to know everything about the employment laws of our country.

Now that we’ve summed up all the skills and qualifications needed,  you might be wondering what a Career Path as an HR manager looks like?

Human Resources Career Path

Just like most other career paths, you need a bachelor’s degree after which you can jump into work as an Intern.

Like most interns, you will be reporting to your senior officers.

After about three years of experience, you can choose to be an HR generalist or specialist.

As the name suggests, an HR generalist is someone knowledgeable in various aspects of HR management.

An HR specialist on the other hand is someone who specializes in one particular domain in HR management, like payroll management, recruitment.

One is not better than the other, for a small company they may need just two generalist HRs to handle the entire HR management.

While a big company might need someone that specializes in payroll management.

Once you’ve come this far as an HR employee, and have around 5 years of experience, you may finally become an HR Manager.

Now after you’ve come this far, why stop?

Being an HR Director would require you to have at least 10 years of experience.

Well, you haven’t climbed the entire mountain yet.

After that you may even become CHRO(Chief Human Resource Officer), you will be responsible for the entire HR structure of the company.

And finally, your journey will come to an end.


Human Resources is a rapidly growing department.

No company in the world can operate without a Human Resource Department.

You need to have a passion for problem-solving and working in a fast-paced environment to help you grow as a human resource manager.

Education is most important and you will also need experience in the field, to land a fulfilling job as an HR manager.

Lastly, don’t forget learning how to make a rangoli can come in handy!

Have you decided to be an HR manager yet, there is a JOB GUARANTEE program for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Human Resource Manager a hard job?

Human Resource is a very demanding job, you don’t get much recognition for your work in the company yet you play a very crucial role in the company.

Why is it called Human Resources?

We humans being intelligent beings can use the gifts of nature to help build things for our society, which is the main reason it’s called “Human Resources”.

Is HR a stressful career?

HR is considered to be one of the most stressful careers because they’re responsible for employees of the entire company.

Is being an HR easy?

Unfortunately no, being an HR requires immense motivation and dedication for the company and is responsible for everything from payrolls to recruitments.

Can HR become CEO of the company?

Since the work being an HR is managing the employees, creating budgets and problem-solving.
There is no doubt that an HR can be CEO of the company.

Can HR fire someone?

They are responsible for the workforce of the company and if you’ve done something against company policy, they have the power to fire you.

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