What are Mentor Based Courses? Why is Mentorship Important?

What are Mentor Based Courses?

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We all are aware of the trends in Online Courses nowadays, but I am sure you haven’t heard much about Mentor-based learning and Mentor based Courses. 

So What are Mentor Based Courses?  

Well, a mentor-based course is the same as you learning space rocket building from Elon Musk or completing your education in the Stock Market under the guidance of Warren Buffett. 

Confused? Like our current education system!

No worries, read this blog and get clarity exactly like how one gains in Mentor-based Programs.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Understand the meaning of Mentor-led Learning. 
  • Know about Mentor-Based Program. 
  • Discover the Importance of Mentorship for Students. 

What is Mentor-led Learning?

You and I are so bothered and excited at the same time about what type of innovation we will experience next and how it will elevate our experience. 

If not, how will you justify the sold-out status of every newly launched Samsung phone in the market every year? 

Education is the only field where nobody is bothered by the fact that we are getting an education the same way as 100 years ago; 6 subjects textbooks, one teacher teaching for 15 to 20 with no relevant experience, and pupils doing rote learning to only clear the exam. 

Where is the innovation in learning? Why is there no innovation in learning? 

Mentor-based Learning is a new way of transferring education, which should make us excited. 

Mentor-led Learning is changing and transforming the face of education. 

How? Let’s understand, through the next sub-heading, what mentorship programs are?

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”   Theodore Levitt (1925 – 2006), Renown economist.

What are Mentor-Based Courses?

Imagine a scenario — I wish to learn my MBA lessons from Jeff Bezos, and he should be giving me projects to work on. 

Well, excuse me for my daydreaming, but this is what Mentor-based Courses are like.  

The experts in their respective field come and teach in these Courses.

By expert in their field, I mean working professionals who have on-the-job experience and subject matter expertise; their teaching approach is more practical and relevant to the industry needs, rather than teaching you only textbooks with the least or no application in the actual world. 

For example, if you wish to learn and make a career in Artificial Intelligence. In Mentor-led Programs, a working professional in the field of AI will be your mentor, teacher, and guide for the entire duration of that course. 

The mentor will bring their expertise and experience in the field, to equip you with practical training and learning. 

The curriculum of the course is also prepared by experts to make you industry ready. 

With this understanding of the education gap, and to address this issue, Verzeo customised and created 35+ Mentor-led Courses in more than 6 streams where industry experts become your mentors.

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby. 

Why is Mentorship Important for Students?

Here are a few benefits of Verzeo’s Mentorship Program for students:  

Industry Experts

This is the USP of Mentor-based Programs, where rather than learning from a teacher with no actual industry experience, a mentor, who possesses relevant work experience in the industry, teaches and trains you. 

Relevant Education

As the name suggests, the Mentorship Programs are industry Mentorship Programs. Here, you study from a curriculum prepared from current trends and designed by current experts in the field. Thus, this model of courses makes education relevant to current times. 

Practical Learning

The Mentor-based program focuses on practical aspects of learning, like working on live projects and receiving training through that. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical learning. 

Verzeo mentorship offer 2 minor and 2 major projects to work on, to give you 360-degree learning.     

Future Proof Career

Mentorship programs and curriculum are future-centric, designed while keeping in mind to prepare students for a better future and career. 

The co-branded Internship Certificate ensures a future-proof career for learners. 


Upskilling is the new trend in education. Many organisations focus on upskilling by providing online courses and student Mentorship Programs in an actual sense. Just in 2 months of training, helping students with upskilling and continuous learning. 

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It is safe to say that the future of children and their education looks promising with Mentor-based Programs. 

Mentor learning is shifting the education style from a traditional teaching-centric way towards more student-centric.   

Verzeo Mentorship Courses are apt for modern times where you not only receive education from the best of the best in the field, but you get an internship that will help you kick start your career easily. 

We cover 35+ courses in streams like: 

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil
  • Management & Commerce
  • Biotechnology

Our 2 months Mentorship Program offers 2 minor and 2 major to work on, Co-branded Course Certificates, 24+ hours of Mentor-led Training, and Project Assistance.

Let’s get you Mentored Right for 2 months.     

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”Bob Proctor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Mentoring Course?

It is a course where a senior or experienced person is in charge of learning, counselling and training students.

Is it important to have a mentor?

Mentors can be the best teacher for you and the best guide for your future because of their experience and expertise in their respective fields.

What do you gain from a Mentoring Program?

From the Mentorship Program, you learn concepts and get live teaching from industry experts, and the emphasis is on a more practical learning model. 

What is the purpose of Mentoring Programs? 

A mentor is more than just a course instructor. The larger goal of a mentor-led program is to provide a mentor that, apart from the course curriculum, helps students in upgrading their skills, make a better career choices, and make them future-ready. 

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