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web development without coding

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How to do Web Development without coding? It’s an optimum question. And the answer is Yes!

You can do Web Development without coding.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the best and easiest way to develop a website without coding.

The History of Web Development

Before moving directly into knowing about building a website, let’s get a basic understanding of where it all began by brushing up our concepts on the History of Web Development.

From 1991 to 1993 the World Wide Web was developed. Just then, a website was created using basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

After a few years, many other Web Developers started to use Javascript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to Develop Websites. 

Web development usually refers to the foremost non-design aspects of building websites. It can range from a static page of plain text to a complex website.

Here is the short video for you to get initial detailed knowledge of Web Development.

History of Web Development

Now, we hope you got a basic idea about Web development.

Now, let us move on to the in-depth details about Web Development.

What is Web development?

Web Development is work associated with making a website either for the Internet (World Wide Web) or Intranet (Private Network).

It commonly includes Web Engineering, Web Design, Web Content Development, Client Liaison and E-Commerce Development.

Types of Web development

By now you might be thinking that you know something about Web Development, right?

But, I am not done yet! There is much more to learn.

If you have understood it this far, then you also need to know the types of Web Development.

Have you ever observed when people visit an E-commerce website while buying a product, they will click “Proceed To Buy” button.

Have you at any point thought that there could be a fundamental code that takes them to the Payment gateway page?

Web Developers are responsible for creating the look and feel of that button, as well as the logic that drives the website. 

Here are 3 main types of Web development

1. Front-End Web Development

Front- End Development is responsible for the look and the feel of the website. These developers are the creators of interactive buttons like the Chatting button, WhatsApp button, Call button (for the users to connect with the business), Payment buttons and Innovative creation like Mouseover.

2. Back-End Development

Let me explain to you through an example what Back-End development really means.

So, I am sure you will be logged into some of the websites to gather information or to buy something, right?

When you try to log in while you are not registered to that website, there will be a statement saying “You’ve not registered yet.” 

How do you think this statement pops up? The Back-End will set a particular code to maintain these types of entries by the user. 

The data storage will reply back to the Back-End saying that there is no data of the user and Back-End developers will reply to Front-End developers using API (App Programming Interface).

Then, the user will get this statement “You’ve not registered yet” within seconds of the entry of the information by the user.

This is only a glimpse of the Back-End web application. So, now let us move on to Full Stack Development.

3. Full Stack Development.

If you got a catch of Front-End and Back-End Web Development, then understanding Full Stack Development won’t be a difficult task.

A Full Stack Web Developer means a person who knows Front and Back-end Development with various frameworks and programs like Java, Python, database and MongoDB

The person will be an extra source for the company/Enterprise/Business to manage Web Development.

Hence, let me describe some of the pros and cons for you to have extra knowledge on being a Web Developer in the future days.

Diagram of the Types of Web Development

understanding the types of web development
Types of Web Development

This is a diagram that helps you to understand the types of Web Development after reading the above content of types of Web Development.

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Pros and Cons of being a Web Developer

  1. Pros: The community of Web Development is very collaborative. Developers are solving problems in a new way as much as possible through an open-source.

Cons: To get updated with the technology there is an ever-ending set of technology to learn. Sometimes when solving a problem can be paralysing.

  1. Pros: There is a huge Career opportunity for Web Developers every day.

Cons: Web Developers can change their job frequently, but on the flip-side constant jump for the next job can be a problem in the long run.

  1. Pros: As there is expanding career opportunities. There is a new niche in every specialization, which makes young developers focus on their interests.

Cons: It is very difficult to identify if that job suits you or not. The skills that career opportunities value, often change. Today something may be in demand, tomorrow it won’t be.

You can understand these pros and cons to decide a better career for your life in the Web Development domain.

We hope you got an edge on what Web Development is all about.

Now, I assume you might be getting confused between Web Development and Web Design, right?

Let me show you some of the differences between Web Development and Web Design.

Difference between Web Development and Web Design

Web Development Web Design
The person who creates a website is called a Web Developer.The person who designs the website is called Web Designers.
The Web Developers will create a functional website using Code/Programming.For Design, Coding/ Programming is not required.
Web Developers will create websites using Logic.The Web Designers will create designs with their Creativity.
User Interactive:- The Web Developer puts him/herself in the user’s shoes and implements necessary user viewable buttons like the Payment button and Call button on the Contact Us page.User-Centric:- Web Designers will design as per Users requirements and their direct recommendations. 
The software that is used here is React JS, Angular JS, MongoDB and Django My SQLThe software that is used here is Adobe XD, Sigma, Sketch (Only for Mac) and Protopic

Now, let me give you a brief overview of “How to do Web Development without Coding.”

How to do web development without coding?

After you have gone through the piece of information given above, you must be thinking about how to pursue a career in Web Development.

So, let me guide you through the same.

Step 1:- Web Hosting and Domain Name

Web Hosting and Domain Name are two mandatory things you need to create a website. Web Hosting is appointing a server to your website. A Domain Name is a distinctive name for your website.

Initially, just for practice, you will be getting a free Domain Name and a Web Host for a week or two. After that, you have to buy a Web Host and also Domain to publish it publicly.

Step 2: – Website Building

The Website Builder is the tool that helps you Design your website without the use of HTML or CSS.

You might have seen many users who are willing to build a website. They probably use Website Builder software mostly like WordPress or Wix.

Here, I will be teaching you how to build a website using WordPress.

Step:- 2.1 – Create your Account.

Initially, you need to go to this Website Builder WordPress on google –

When you visit that website it will look this:

creating the account in word press by web development without coding

Kindly, Create a new account which you can see in the middle-end of the picture above (Always remember the password).

the first step of creating account on WordPress  by web development without coding

Note:- Fill in the necessary information to complete the first step in creating your account.

choose the domain in word press by web development without coding

Try to choose a name for your Domain i.e for your website.

For example, I want to start a website for Music and thought of a name like “RockstarMusic.”

selecting domain with plans in word press by web development without coding

You will be availed with 1-year free usage of the domain you create then eventually, you have to pay about Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 to keep the Domain.

Initially select the option which is “Free.”

You will move to step 3 that is chosen over the plans by WordPress.

free plan by WordPress in word press by web development without coding

Select the option on the middle-right “ Start with a free site.”

Step:- 2.2 – Exploring the area of WordPress

You will log in to this page, where you will be able to Create Pages, Appearances, Posts and many such Features 

home page of in WordPress by web development without coding

I need you to focus on these initial steps now, to create a website.

Some of the steps focus on 

  1. Posts
  2. Media
  3. Pages
  5. Appearances
  6. Plugin

When you want to have a landing page, you have to have the necessary Appearance and Plugin, then it’s easy to create a page.

selecting and installing the plugins in WordPress by web development without coding

I would suggest you select and install these Plugins

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Contact Form 7
  3. Site Kit by Google – Analytics
  4. Classic Editor
  5. Elementor Website Builder
  6. Facebook for Commerce
  7. If you want to include a payment gateway link, then include “WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment”

After, Installing these plugins move to the Appearance to select the appropriate look for your page, the design and many more.

As soon as you select the appearance you will get this page. Go to the search bar and search which is related to your Domain Name or what you work on. In this, I have selected Music. 

selecting appearance in WordPress by web development without coding

  Select the one you like for the website, if you don’t like this you can come back and change it.

an idea on editing the page in WordPress by web development without coding

You get to view the page how it looks, so you would get an idea of editing this page using the plugins.

If you scroll down, you will be able to download this page for offline edit.

activating the appearance in WordPress by web development without coding

Click on the 3 dots and activate your Appearance.

launching the website in WordPress by web development without coding

Cheers, You have one step close to launching your website to the public.

Step – 3 – Customizing the site.

You can click on pages on the Dashboard, You will see this page and click on “Home” and you will be redirected to the Landing Page.

dashboard pages in WordPress by web development without coding
how to do web development without coding

This Page is called the Home Page or Landing Page. Here you can modify/play on your page and make necessary changes to improve.

If you are interested in getting an in-depth understanding of how to modify your website. Then, you should definitely check out this video!

Finally, You’ve reached the last step to finish your website!

Step – 4 – Finishing up your website.

Go to ‘My home’ and set up your website. After you’ve finished site setup in the end you can launch your website.

home page of wordpress

I hope that you understood all the steps, if not comment down below because I am down to that.

Code Free Software Tools for Web Development

 If you feel that this WordPress is not for you, then I would like to suggest the Top 3 alternative Code- Free Software tools for Web Development.

  1. Adobe XD – In this platform, you can build Mobile Apps, Voice Interfaces, Games, and Create UI/UX design.
  1. Squarespace – In this you have a free trial for only 14 days, but they offer Domains, Website Builders, Online Stores and Marketing Tools.
  1. Wix –  Wix has many templates that you can choose and select to create the website of your choice. But once you choose you cannot change.

Wrapping Up: Some additional advice to become a web developer

Now that you have got knowledge about developing a website without coding. If you want to create a Developer Functional Website, now is the time to learn coding in Web Development!.

In this blog, I have mentioned 3 types of Web Development.

Verzeo will help you build a professional career in Web Development and all this will happen at your own flexible time and flexible space.

For Front-End Web Development we have:

  1. React JS
  2. Angular JS

For Back-End Web Development we have:

  1. MongoDB using Node. J S
  2. Mango Django
  3. My SQL with Spring Boot.

You can also opt for the Full Stack Web Development Certification Program.

I hope this blog gave you a satisfactory answer to the question “How to do Web Development without coding” and recommendations have helped you find something that suits your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Web Developers use Coding?

Yes, Web Developers do use coding to provide interactive creativity to the user and can also build websites without coding but you will not be able to be that creative while using software tools like WordPress, Wix and many more.

Is web development still in demand in 2022?

As there are a number of businesses growing through Offline or Online mode. The demand for Web Developers and Web Designers will also rise higher. A career in Web Development will provide a great opportunity for your professional life.

How can I create a website and earn money?

Some of the great ways we can suggest for you to earn money are to write a blog, Google Adsense, write and sell an EBook and many more.

What types of websites are in demand?

Some of the popular types of websites that are in demand – E-commerce Websites/Informational/Business Directories.

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