6 Ways Technology Is Evolving Travel

6 Ways Technology is Evolving Travel

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In a number of ways, technology is evolving travel and the epidemic has compelled the tourism sector to use contactless technology such as digital room keys and virtual lobbies.

Most of these technical advances were prompted by initial pandemic demand for cashless transactions, food services, and other services. 

For instance, Mastercard witnessed the volume of contactless payments at food retailers rise twice as quickly as non-contactless payments between February – March 2022. 

However, the overall number of available restaurants just on Uber Eats food delivery service increased by more than 75% from 2019-2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology contributions to the industry may be categorized into three parts: Computer Vision, ChatBots or TravelBots, and Automation.
  • Travel & leisure organisations are progressively implementing this innovation to provide clients with a more personalised and cohesive experience.
  • AR and VR are employed to improve consumer experiences or for content marketing in Travel Industry.

Technology Trends Driving a Much-Needed Travel Sector

Travelling for the sportsmen at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing involved bots everywhere.

Automated machines made and dished noodles, pasta, and hamburgers, and they patrolled the halls taking people’s temperatures. The Olympic torch was even carried underwater. 

Even though you’re not an Olympian, your journeys nowadays are significantly more likely might entail new technologies. Here are some of the top travel technology evolutions in 2022.

1. Applications for Hotel Bookings – Selecting your Room

Most leading hotel businesses have long offered free applications with services like reservation and chat support, but several have lately received significant upgrades.

Some applications may also provide a map of the property and allow users to choose their specific room of preference, whether it be the quiet room farthest from the elevator or the one closest to the elevator for immediate access.

Develop your own application now!

2. Use of Smart Gadgets like Digital Keys

Certain apps function as a virtual front desk, allowing you to utilise your smartphone and wristwatch as digital keys. 

Virtual keys in Hyatt’s smartphone app, for example, employ Bluetooth connectivity to open your hotel suite using your mobile at over 600 hotels globally.

Hyatt made things much easier for Apple customers in December by being the first hotel company to offer house keys in Apple Wallet. To enter rooms at some Hyatt hotels, users no longer have to launch the Hyatt app; instead, simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Learn more: Evolution of IoT in Smart Gadgets

3. Emergence of Virtualised Queues

CLEAR is a privatised biometric screening firm that allows paid subscribers to avoid some security lines in congested venues such as stadiums and terminals.

In January, CLEAR purchased Why line, another startup that aimed to minimise wait times. 

Clear may be able to improve digital waits for procedures such as verifying vaccine status or entering airport lounges as a result of the takeover.

4. Food Delivery by Robots and Apps in Airport Terminals

When it comes to meal delivery, the waiting times in lengthy airport dining lines may be over. At Your Gate and other apps enable you to purchase, pay for, and pick up meals from participating airport cafes.

According to a test programme that began in September, robots roving about Los Angeles International Airport deliver meals right to your gate.

5. Rise of App-based Vehicle Rentals

The rental vehicle market may be harsh on visitors sometimes, yet peer-to-peer car-sharing possibilities are rising, giving consumers more options.

Getaround automobiles may be reserved by the hour, so there’s no need to meet with the operator to swap keys. An app is used to book or activate cars.

6. Delivery Applications to Take the Role of Room Service

Meal delivery applications have recently disrupted room service by making deliveries from across town, removing the need to spend $10 for a serving of room service cereal.

Hotels are gravitating toward outsourcing it to third-party organisations. In 2021, Hyatt, for instance, began a test venture with snack delivery startup GoPuff to bring packed plus hot meals to suites at certain Hyatt Place hotels.


Thanks to Artificial intelligence (AI), operations that would normally require human interaction and a significant amount of time to master new skills may now be automated, accelerating processes while enhancing reliability and productivity and lowering costs. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential to change the evolution of the travel and tourism sector, and businesses have begun to recognise this.

So, regardless you felt the Olympic bots were weird or amazing, technology is infiltrating travel in ways that almost all tourists find quite advantageous.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How might innovation be used to develop tourism?

In terms of practicality, technology advancements in tourism combine several merchants on a single platform as all-inclusive trip packages. As a result, travel portals and online travel platforms combine various services to provide consumers with all of the elements for their vacation.

2. What influence has technology had on business travel?

Business travellers also are witnessing a broader influence of technology on their business journeys. Aside from reserving, biometrics are allowing for easier airport experiences. Receipts may be scanned and incorporated into travel and expenditure applications using optical character recognition (OCR).

3. What are the most recent technological advancements in the tourism industry?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
These AR and VR innovations, as well as travel tech developments, offer incredible possibilities for bringing more interactive features into travellers’ smartphone search engine results.

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