5 Upcoming trends that will shape the future of education

5 Upcoming Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Education

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The future is something that cannot be seen, and it is hard to predict though. We live in a world where things change rapidly every now and then and so as the education system of our country.

Today in this blog, we will talk about the upcoming trends that will shape the future of education!

Edutech Industries, in past years, has seen enormous growth. But have you ever thought about how has the Edutech industry grown so much? 

So if you don’t know, let me tell you that the evolution of technologies that have helped transform the entire education system is the root cause of its growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about upcoming technology trends in education
  • Know about the future of education
  • Get an insight into the future of education after covid

What will be the Future of Education?

With how education has transformed over the years, you can easily predict that the future of education is very bright.

Earlier education was restricted to schools, textbook lessons or offline lectures and tuitions. But now, the time has changed, and the style of teaching and learning has also evolved in recent years.

People nowadays rely more on video lectures which have given them a solution to escape the boring, ordinary teaching methods.

When we talk about the future of education, how can we forget to talk about the edutech companies like Byjus, Verzeo, Vedantu and Unacademy.

Who has completely transformed how education was seen and perceived by introducing interactive lectures with practical teaching methods and solutions.

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Future of Education after Covid

Ever since the lockdown happened, we all were locked in our homes, maintaining social distancing from the outer world.

But education found its way to eliminate the distance between students and teachers by giving them a solution to adapt digital teaching methods via apps like google meet, teams, and zoom, through which they can conduct classes online.

Even now, when things seem to have become normal, schools and colleges have reopened again, but people still prefer the online education mode as the best way of teaching. It saves their time and energy and gives them the comfort of staying at home and learn from there.

So it can be concluded that after covid, people’s focus has shifted toward virtual learning.

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5 Upcoming Trends and Technology that will Shape the Future of Education

Let’s look at some upcoming trends and technology that will shape the future of education:

  1. Rise of Virtual Learning
  2. Gamification of Learning
  3. Personalised Learning
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Nano Learning

1. Rise of Virtual Learning

Well! The pandemic actually accelerated the need for virtual learning across the globe. 

During the covid times, people mostly depended on online platforms for learning as there was no way out. But now, they seem to enjoy learning through virtual classes as it gives them the liberty to learn from anywhere anytime efficiently and effectively. Because of this, people are more likely to rely on virtual learning in the coming years as it will only evolve from here.

2. Gamification of Learning

If you would have come across the application platforms of Byjus and Unacademy. In that case, you might have witnessed that these application platforms have introduced the concept of gaming in learning by encouraging students to take up the challenge of solving puzzles and quizzes.

This can certainly increase their competitive skills and pushes them to do better each time they take up any challenge.

3. Personalised Learning

Personalised learning is thought to be the best way to deliver quality education to students. Some technological development in AI and Blockchain can enable you to customize the educational content and summarize it in a way that fulfils the requirements of every student by understanding their way of learning.

4. Artificial intelligence

One of the features of artificial intelligence is automatic grading that helps in analysing the performance by assessing their homework, assignments, and answer sheets and assigning them grades according to the basis of their performance by reducing the bulk of teachers as they can focus more on their teaching methods without bothering themselves on thinking much about other aspects. AI is an evolving trend that is constantly developing and is working toward making education sound more attractive to students.

5. Nano Learning

Nano learning is one of the best upcoming trends in the edutech industry.

With the use of Nano learning, the video and audio lectures can be classified into small two to five minutes of video lessons that may sound appealing to the students, which can drive their curiosity to get engaged with the content. It seamlessly aligns with society’s requirement for methods of passing on information and expertise.


Future trends like AI, LMS and gamification of learning will redefine the teaching methods by improving education standards to give students personalized learning experiences.

Let’s be honest with ourselves the traditional way of teaching has become outdated nowadays, and the need of the hour is the technology trends that will change the course of education like never before.

I hope this blog might have given you a brief idea about Upcoming trends that will shape the future of education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the role of education in the future?

Education plays a vital role in developing knowledge, skills and values that plays a key role in one’s personal growth and development.

2. Is technology the future of education?

Definitely, technology is the future of education as it will improve the way of teaching and learning by including some attractive features to keep the students engaged in learning.

3. What are the modern trends in education?

Some of the modern trends in education are

1. Rise of Virtual learning.
2. Artificial intelligence.
3. Augmented reality.

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