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“Top Technology”, what do you understand by these words? Are you someone who likes to get their hands on new and trending technologies or are you the one who is passionate about latest developments in the IT industry?

Anyways, we got you covered in this blog.

You are probably one of those who is looking to start afresh in the tech industry or looking to add a new technical skill to open up new job opportunities. 

In this blog, you will learn about the Top 10 Emerging and Trending Technologies that will shape the world in the coming decade. 

Especially, in this ever-changing world, it is important to keep yourself updated on emerging and new technology trends in the software industry . You never know, your future could solely depend on one of the below-mentioned technologies.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something you must have definitely heard of. AI involves building software algorithms and deploying those algorithms to computers so that they can perform automated tasks and learn on their own.  

AI has picked up a lot of buzz in the market as AI has influenced and is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life.

According to a Gartner report, about 37% of organizations have implemented Artificial Intelligence in their systems in some form or the other over the last four years. This has seen a market penetration of about 250%. 

This clearly shows that AI is yet to see massive growth and will remain one of the leading technologies in the world. 

Just look around and think. You will realize that AI finds its applications everywhere. All the apps on your phone like Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon uses AI extensively and you probably did not even realize this.

Google Photos segregating photos based on people’s face is an AI based model, the “People You May Know” suggestions you get on Instagram is AI, Amazon’s “Customers also bought this” section is AI.

So, in short, AI is everywhere and it makes your life simpler without your knowledge. 

There are a lot of speculations when it comes to AI trained machines taking up employment opportunities. This has been proved wrong. 

According to reports, Artificial intelligence will create around 58 million new jobs by 2022. This is a huge number compared to the current number of jobs in AI. 

Some of the job skills required to become an artificial intelligence engineer are:

  1. Statistics and Modelling
  2. Analytical Skills
  3. Good knowledge of programming languages
  4. Machine Learning

The only difference is that the jobs will be required in the skilled sector and not the un-skilled sector which is also a plus point as they will improve the literacy levels of people around the world. 

2. Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which is used to train computer programs to carry tasks on their own. It is done by feeding them initial data sets. 

ML is that part of science that needs no human intervention when developed fully. Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing fields and it opens a wide range of opportunities and applications.

According to Forbes, the global Machine Learning market is forecasted to value $20.83B by 2024.

The main reason for this exponential increase in the global market is large because of its wide range of applications. 

ML also helped companies in reducing costs, generating quicker customer insights. They also helped in enhancing their customer experience. 

ML engineers are some of the most well-paid employees in the world. 

3. AR & VR

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual reality) are the emerging technologies that are being used to create immersive and realistic digital experiences.

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital objects onto real-world objects through smartphones screens and other digital displays. Similar to AI, Augmented Reality finds its applications in the day to day lives of people. 

For example, all the Social Media filters are a result of AR. They are used by various online shopping companies as they let their customers virtually try out their products. Lenskart is an example of this.  

On the other hand, Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the computer-generated 3-dimensional environment in which a person can interact using special devices like VR helmets. 

Over the past few years, certain big companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung have accelerated hiring for AR, VR professionals.

4. Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is a term that you must be coming across very often. Blockchain technology is the backbone of this currency. 

Blockchain is nothing but a digital ledger that is used to record transactions. It is secure because it is highly encrypted and decentralized.  Though the main application of Blockchain is in cryptocurrency, it is not limited to just cryptocurrency. 

Companies that provide financial services, transportation services and other delivery services are expected to start incorporating blockchain into their daily business operations. Several big players such as FedEx, IBM are already implementing blockchain in their systems.

Reports say that the global market size of blockchain will be worth $7.59 Billion by 2024. Huge Right!

This shows what the demand for Blockchain experts will be like. It is one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2021 and is definitely one of those technologies that will run the world in the next decade. 

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

You might have noticed that there is a sudden increase in the number of devices that can be controlled remotely through the internet. Well, this is the beauty of the Internet of Things.

IoT is the future and we are just at the beginning stages of it. According to SecurityToday, the IoT home market is expected to reach $ 53.45 billion by 2022. 

This increase in the market share of IoT will also bring a wave of new job openings. 

Some of the job skills required to become an IoT Engineer are as follows:

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big Data
  3. IT Security
  4. GPS Systems
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Sensors and its working

6. DevOps

DevOps is a combination of development and operations. It is used to create better products efficiently.

The simple working principle behind DevOps is that it streamlines the communication between those who build the product and those who are responsible for its functioning.

DevOps is a new technology and has started to become a major IT trend in the industry. This is mainly because it increases the productivity of IT and business teams.

The DevOps market is expected to grow to a total value of $10.31 Billions by 2023, which is massive for relatively new IT trend. 

This also means that this sector will see a huge surge in job openings in the coming years. 

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7. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is something that most companies have incorporated into their businesses for a long time now. 

But What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is nothing but storing and accessing data over the internet instead of using a computer’s hard drive. Similar to AI and ML this is one technology that we use without realizing that we are using it. 

For example, all the data stored in Google drive is actually storing everything on the cloud. This is one of the applications of cloud computing

Another example of cloud computing is that all the movies and series are available on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. All these are stored on their cloud platform. 

Looking at Cloud Computing from a career building point of view, it emerged as the best skill to learn in the 21st century with an average pay of Rs. 6 Lakhs p.a

8. Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have picked up a lot of pace in the past few years.

It is one of the growing technologies which is still at its early stages of adoption and development.

Ever since Elon Musk rolled out Tesla Motors, Electric Vehicles have picked up the pace and their demand is at an all-time high in the market. 

Especially with various initiatives being taken by governments around the world to save the earth and reduce pollution, Electric Vehicles are gaining more traction. There is a change in the purchasing behaviour of people and a lot prefer buying the Electric Vehicles

As more and more electric vehicles get on the road, there is a need for various EV charging stations and all this together will increase the need for skilled employees. This in turn will improve the employment opportunities as well. 

9. Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is yet another trending technology which is automating jobs. Similar to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, RPA allows users to automate repetitive tasks.

Companies use RPA mainly for form processing. Creating a manual database is a repetitive task for humans, but this can be done in a few seconds with RPA. 

According to Global News Wire, the Global Robotic Process Automation Market size is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2025.

This makes RPA an upcoming IT trend that is bound to open up many job opportunities along with bringing major changes to the business processes of many companies. 

10. Big Data

Big Data refers to a large dataset that cannot be processed using the traditional database software. 

Some examples of Big Data are Google’s Search Index, Facebook’s User Profiles, or Amazon’s product listings. 

Most companies rely on big data to gain detailed insights about their customers, product research and market research.

Big Data opens opportunities for jobs related to data analysis and business analysis as these job roles deal with analyzing huge chunks of data. 

No company exists without data, every business decision is data-driven. Considering all these facts, Big Data is bound to see huge job opportunities in the future.


Technologies are constantly emerging and evolving every minute. These 10 Trending Technologies mentioned above will form the backbone for every technological advancement in the future.

These technologies are the future and if you are looking at fields for career opportunities you must definitely try these technologies out. They are going to be a trend in the job market for a very long time. So you do not have to worry about other technologies taking over them. 

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