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top 10 tech courses

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Why top 10 tech courses? In a world filled with people looking to upgrade their skills, online education has begun to take upon itself a pivotal role. 

Courses are filling the internet to the brim with people teaching anything and everything. That begs the question, which will be the best technical course that will help me to widen my horizon and increase my scope for jobs in the future?

To answer your question about the best technical course after 12th you can take up, I bring you a list of the online tech courses that have the biggest scope in the constantly developing world of the future and whose courses can be found online for anyone to learn.

Key Takeaways

The following is the list of technical courses after 12th which has been compiled keeping in mind the latest trends and developments in various fields around the world.

The purpose of this technical course list is to help you choose a field of your interest that can help you to fit in the world of tomorrow.

There is no particular order of ranking of the topics. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence by computers is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). To put it another way, it is the process by which computers show elements of human intelligence such as understanding, reasoning, and self-correction.

AI has developed at an incredible pace since its inception.

It has become a part of many fields such as private companies, public organizations, education, the arts, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and the military. Artificial intelligence’s future is uncertain.

However, based on the pace at which AI has progressed, it is clear that in the future AI will dominate every aspect of our lives.

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? It is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. It aids in the creation of self-learning automated systems.

The machine then improves its success by learning from its mistakes without the need for human intervention. This aids the systems in making data-driven decisions. 

Machine Learning is used in the finance and investment sector. It is also spreading through a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, information technology, media and entertainment, gaming, and the automobile industry. 

Since the scope of Machine Learning is so broad, there are a number of fields where researchers are working to revolutionise the world in the future. Some of those are transportation, robotics, and quantum computing.


Simply put, you can contact cybersecurity experts if you want to protect your online data from cyber-attacks. The aim of cybersecurity is to assist you in securing and restoring your networks, computers, and programmes from cyber-attacks of any sort.

With increased internet visibility, not only company data but also personal data is at risk of being exploited. 

Cyber-attacks are a threat to businesses, states, and individuals alike. Essentially, anyone who uses the internet is at risk.

This has increased the need for cybersecurity specialists who are familiar with and skilled in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

In terms of skill sets and employment, the field of cybersecurity has greatly expanded.


The DevOps lifecycle management automates the tasks like plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, and monitor. 

DevOps professionals can be used by several companies that develop apps and applications. In 2021 and beyond, such specialists will be in high demand across the industry. 

Software tester, Software developer, Security Engineer, Integration specialist, DevOps Engineer, DevOps Architect, and Automation Engineer are some of the lucrative jobs in the industry in 2021.

To take advantage of DevOps’ high growth, high demand, and future trends, one must be professional, experienced, competent, and educated in the field. Obtaining a DevOps certification after graduation is critical and the first step toward obtaining a DevOps position in the near future.


AR/VR course is one of the best IT courses which you can pursue in the 21st century.

Computer-generated data or imagery can be superimposed on actual objects in real-time using augmented reality (AR) technology.

It gives users the knowledge they need to complete real-world tasks. Displays, sensors, and integrated electronic components all play a role in AR.

Virtual reality (VR) allows users to interact with objects that are similar to those found in the physical world in a completely interactive virtual environment.

Gesture recognition, cameras, and integrated electronic components are all used in VR technology.

AR/VR is finding its true potential every day in a plethora of fields such as Consumer Goods and Entertainment, Aerospace and Defense, Commercial, and Medical.

This ensures that the field has huge scopes in the future and demands engineers who are experts at this wonderful piece of technology.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the method of storing, managing, and processing data using a remote server or a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Cloud computing is used by someone who uses the Internet or its software.

Cloud Computing is an essential piece of Information Technology (IT) that has made people’s lives easier and simpler.

For example, we use images and videos to upload, share, and store our most precious moments in life. It’s only possible because of cloud computing. Cloud storage also enables us to access data at any time and from any place.

Cloud computing benefits any business in a variety of ways. Cloud Computing makes it easier to access information, offers virtual storage space, and solves backup problems.

It also protects against unauthorized access to data and data loss. 

It enables businesses to save a significant amount of money on data storage, software licences, servers, and hardware by reducing their reliance on third-party providers and infrastructure.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The utility of hybrid vehicles appears to be slowly being recognised around the world, and rapid progress has been made in this area in recent years. 

Companies all over the world are innovating to build solutions that serve the critical function of transportation while still keeping the environment in mind, from more effective battery packs to more reliable engines to better hybridization. 

Many countries have begun to provide charging stations and lower taxes on electric vehicles to cover their higher initial cost and encourage people to go green.

The need of tomorrow is a continuous supply of engineers who can develop and assemble such vehicles for a greener and cleaner world.


Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange in the form of digital assets that conduct financial transactions using cryptographic functions. 

Blockchain technology is used by cryptocurrencies to achieve decentralisation, accountability, and immutability. 

A few factors stand out as reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies. But, at the same time, we must exercise extreme caution when investing in the correct currency via legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the financial world, innovation always pays off, and blockchain-based technology is advanced and creative.

These cryptocurrencies are very appealing to every kind of investor because of their low fees and instant transactions.

A fully encrypted transaction is the best quality that allows for safe peer-to-peer transactions. 

In the current scenario, I cannot guarantee or forecast the future growth of cryptocurrency. 

But I am certain of one thing: Decentralisation is a technological transition in the making, and cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionise the financial environment.

Selenium Testing

Selenium is an open-source system for automating experiments on multiple platforms and browsers.

Selenium Test Scripts can be written in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and others.

Since many businesses consider web applications to be the next big thing, test automation market trends are increasingly growing, with widespread demand for Selenium Testing. 

Selenium resources are used by several top organisations around the world for test automation.

It will assist you in landing a better and more lucrative spot in your career if you are willing to delve deep into test automation and develop advanced level experience in it.

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing? Well, it is the only and most reliable means of marketing in today’s internet world, and it is widely regarded as the most favoured space for marketing communications and related interactions.

Marketing’s future is far beyond conventional marketing, and it is now mostly focused on the Digital Sphere.

Where conventional marketing methods struggle, the reach of Digital Marketing offers some of the most effective marketing techniques.

The greatest task of Digital Marketing towards industrialists is to inspire them and optimise their start-ups as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

In 2021, the future of Digital Marketing will be more comprehensive. Without a doubt, there is a lot of room for growth in the field of Digital Marketing.


The Earth is filled with humans who are constantly looking for ways to advance our glorious civilisation. It comes down to us, the hardworking inventors of tomorrow, to find our niche of which we can be masters and bring imagination and innovation to an otherwise colourless world of ours. 

I implore you to go through the above list of the top 10 tech courses as many times as you need, for the future is nothing but a blank canvas to be painted by the world-changing brush of our talents. 

These online tech courses will help you get an edge over the others. You can choose the best technical course according to your own interest and capabilities.

We are the future, which is filled with nothing but opportunities. And it falls upon us to make the fictitious tomorrow, a reality today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are these skills necessary?

If you want to be a part of the future, then yes, they are. These skills can help you in the upcoming generation of advanced technology.

Do we need to learn all of these skills?

Not at all. It depends on the basis of your interest or in what field you want to make your career.

Will these make my common qualifications useless?

No, these skills will add more value to those qualifications and will help in diversifying your resume. Plus it will also be beneficial for you if you want to switch careers in the future.

Which technical course is in demand?

Data Science course is the in-demand course as of 2021. It is the most enrolled course in India as well as abroad.

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