Top 11 In Demand certification courses to learn

in demand certification courses to learn

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One thing is for certain, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire landscape of jobs and opportunities.

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge rise in jobs in the digital and IT sectors.

Companies have realised that there’s no need for employees to be physically present in an office.

Most of the in demand certification courses I mention below will give you a chance at getting a high salary work from home job.

Now, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get straight to it.

Key Takeaways

  • Get insights on the highest paying work from home jobs and choose one of the best certification courses in line with your career goals.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the Top IT courses in demand.
  • Learn about the jobs, their applications and future opportunities in those domains.

Top 11 In demand certification courses to learn in 2023

Most of these top certification courses would require you to have an IT background, or even if you don’t know anything, you can always learn from scratch.

The IT sector is expected to grow an astonishing 15.5% and add 4.5 lakh more jobs.

This is the list of the best in demand certification courses I would recommend since getting a high salary job in the IT sector is becoming extremely competitive.

Because you will need an edge over your peers so that you can secure your dream job.

  1. Web Development
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Content Writing
  5. UI/UX
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Business Analytics
  10. Data Science
  11. Machine Learning

Professionals in these domains will be highly sought after and will secure high salary jobs.

Furthermore, I have provided a brief synopsis of each of them and their applications.

Who doesn’t want a high salary job? Live a luxurious life, fulfilling your dreams and provide the best for your family.

Don’t worry, these are the best in-demand IT certification courses that may help you land your dream job.

The best part is you could easily land a high salary Work from Home job, in any of these fields.

1. Web Development

Web Development can be broken into Front and Back End Web Development.

They work hand in hand like pillars of an arch, which allows the website to work seamlessly and are one of the most in-demand IT courses.

Front End, like the name suggests, deals with the front face of the website, basically the side available to the user.

Back End deals with servers, databases and applications to deliver the information to the user.

Web Developer’s Average Salary

Learn More: Web Development Certification Course Online

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing deals with promoting a business, using different techniques and strategies.

They use creative strategies like SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which helps you rank your online presence.

They’re responsible for the Ads you see online, on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ever wondered why every business nowadays has a Social Media presence? 

Well, these marketers create awareness and build a connection with their audience.

Digital Marketer’s Average Salary

Learn More: Digital Marketing Certification Course Online

3. UI/UX Design

UI/UX Designers have to think from the User’s point of view while designing a website.

This involves research about the target audience, like you would design a website differently for an old man compared to a teenager.

They plan the framework of the website and also think about the easiest possible way for the user to navigate through the website.

UX stands for User Experience, they are responsible for enhancing user experience.

UI stands for User Interface, they have to make the User Interface interactive and appealing to the user since every user is a potential customer.

UI/UX Designer’s Average Salary

Learn More: UI/UX Design Certification Course Online

4. Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet of Things deals with “Making Dumb things Smart”.

Didn’t get what I was trying to say? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of Smart TV, Smart Phones, Smart Fridges and so on.

What’s the difference between a smart “thing” and a dumb “thing”?

I hope you guessed it right, the Internet. Being connected to the internet and by our various advances in Artificial Intelligence.

Things can now do things themselves, like changing the temperature of the room based on the temperature outside.

IoT is a booming industry with applications in both household and corporate spaces.

IoT Average Salary

5. Artificial Intelligence

Hey Siri, What is Artificial Intelligence? 

I’m sure you can listen to the definition by asking  Alexa or Google assistant too.

They all use Artificial Intelligence to work, in simple terms, it’s about machines doing tasks that would require human intelligence.

It is responsible for the growth of Robotics, Big Data and even IoT

Due to such wide applications and endless possibilities, Artificial Intelligence will play a huge part in the future and will have promising career opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Average Salary

Learn More: Artificial Intelligence Certification course Online

6. Cybersecurity

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term Hacking.

Hacking is done by individuals to gather information for malicious purposes.

Every company with an online presence is at risk of having its data stolen, this is where cybersecurity comes into place.

Cybersecurity has various applications, from multinational companies to government agencies.

Ethical hacking and continuously improving the current security measures are done by cybersecurity professionals to prevent any possible data breaches.

Cybersecurity Average Salary

Learn More: Cybersecurity Certification Course Online

7. Machine Learning

Do you know how we talked about Artificial Intelligence, Siri, and Alexa?

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which allows the Software to learn new things without Human Intervention.

It has applications like voice recognition, and face recognition and all the virtual assistants that you know of are all based on Machine Learning. 

With a wide spectrum of applications and continuous advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning will have promising job opportunities in the coming future.

Machine Learning Average Salary

Learn More: Machine Learning Certification Course Online

8. Business Analytics

How do companies make decisions? Do they flip a coin or throw darts on a board?

Well as fun as those two would be, I can assure you that they don’t do either.

Instead, they hire Business Analysts who look at historical data of the company and make a calculated prediction for the future.

They make decisions based on this and help companies.

Business Analysts are sought after individuals in sectors such as Finance, Agriculture and even Human Resources.

Business Analytics Average Salary

Learn More: Business Analytics Certification Course Online

9. Data Science

Ever wondered how Search Engines work?

They analyze a lot of data that is already available and then give you results based on your needs.

Data Scientists collect and analyze valuable data to find trends and patterns.

Data Science has applications like Internet browsing, fraud detection and even image recognition.

If you didn’t know, Data Science is referred to as the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.

Data Science Average Salary

Learn More: Data Science Certification Course Online

10. Content Writing

Well, guess what? You caught me.

Yes, I am a Content Writer, and our job includes well as you can see writing blogs, researching and providing you with the best of our knowledge.

We are also responsible for the catchy lines and the amazing content you see on social media of companies.

We work closely with the digital marketing team, and share our insights with them.

We have a lot of applications such as writing content for Websites, Blogs, Articles and even  Ads. 

Content Writer Average Salary

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11. Cloud Computing

Lucky for you, this cloud doesn’t rain.

Well, Cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet in this regard.

Cloud Computing deals with the design, security, support and management of cloud services.

Sounds like a lot of work. Well, Cloud Engineers are in the top 15 highest paid jobs in the world.

After all, they’re responsible for Cloud Services like Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

It has applications like data storage, data backup, and disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing Average Salary

Learn More: Cloud Computing Certification Course Online


Oh well, this is the part of the Content Writer’s job where I need to summarize everything and convey my point of view.

Basically, in the end, what matters is what you wish to do, even if it doesn’t appear on this list.

Verzeo is an E-Learning platform that can help you with multiple top in demand certification courses in every domain you may choose to go for.

An unreal study shows that 85% of people hate their jobs.

Lastly, if you’ve come this far, I’d just like to wish you all the best and hope you become a part of the 15!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Machine Learning Data Science?

Machine Learning fits in the description of Data Science, Data Science is a very vast field and Machine Learning is a part of Data Science.

Is Content Writer a good job?

With the growing demand for Digital Marketing, Content Writers and in more demand than ever since they’re the ones that provide content to the Digital Marketing teams.

Is UI UX the same?

UI and UX are independent terms, UI is responsible for the User Interface, UX for User Experience, they are both User-oriented ways of designing a website.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future?

Artificial Intelligence has helped industries like IoT and many others. Artificial Intelligence is impacting every industry and individual.

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