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Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2022

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With the start of 2020, we saw a drastic shift in businesses adopting new emerging technologies. It is almost like no company can survive without integrating Technologies. This is because if competitors were to use the latest technology and provide better services, companies would obviously lose market share. Therefore, to stay up-to-date, read about the Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2023.

The main reason for the growth of technology integration is the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, to stay relevant in the market, companies had to change their working strategies and integrate new technologies.

Companies and customers rely too much on the internet for doing business. For example, you can see the integration of AI at every step, like digital devices, social platforms and search engines.

Key Takeaways

  • With the Covid pandemic persisting, there has been a growth in the integration of technologies in every field.
  • Some of the latest technologies are 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, AR & VR, and 3D-Printing.
  • Most of these below techs can collaborate with the usage of the internet for their development and expansion. Investment in these technologies may be beneficial.


It has become critical for everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and news to benefit the maximum. So keeping in mind various technologies services, let’s have a look at “What are the Emerging Technologies In 2023”


I decided to keep this first, as due to the Covid pandemic, every business will have to adopt Hyperautomation to sustain itself in these difficult times. In short, it is end-to-end automation using the latest technologies.

Hyperautomation refers to integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Robotic Process Automation into existing businesses to make them more accurate, more efficient, obtain greater productivity, reduce risks and more.

Most companies did adopt automation but not at every stage. This may be due to monetary conditions, low efficiency when compared to labour efficiency in quality and quantity, and government-mandated labour laws.

This technology takes automation to the next level by automating a previously manually done process using the above techs and creating bots for repetitive jobs.

Benefits: Cost Reduction, Accelerated Complex Jobs, Time Reductions, Improved Efficiency and Accuracy.

Edge Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence plays a critical role in this pandemic, with every business and person opting for an online connection with others.

If servers that store data are far away from where the data is collected or analyzed, there might be a time lag error due to long distances. Edge AI is the solution to this problem.

Edge Artificial Intelligence refers to storing data on local servers, all the processes involved will take place on a nearby server. Due to this method, the time required for signals to travel back and forth will be less. The quantity of data in local servers will be less than in the central server. Thus reducing the computing pressure on devices.

As opposed to previous methods, this tech will help reduce time and cost, reduce reliance on external bodies and increase security. Adopting this tech will indirectly help improve customer satisfaction, which will lead to loyal customer gain.

Edge Cloud Computing which is an evolved form of cloud computing, works on the above-mentioned similar principle. You may also have experienced AI while playing games like chess or online RPG games.

To know more about AI: Best Artificial Intelligence Books To Read.


Everyone is familiar with internet terms 2G, 3G, and 4G. These are the short forms for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generation of Broadband Cellular Network Technology. With each generation providing faster speeds compared to the previous. 5G is the Next-Gen.

It is pretty clear that a business, company, technology and many other platforms cannot work efficiently without an internet connection. In the past year, the importance of the internet in daily life has become very clear.

For example, Its Integration in Education (Online Classes), Video Conferences, Online Shopping and Delivery Systems. For all these to work efficiently, they need the internet. This is where 5G’s tech will play an important role. Compatible 5G mobile phones will be the demand of the future.

The present demand is for a seamless, uninterrupted network connection, with work from home a possible future. 5G’s features like 100 times faster speed, low latency and better efficiency will make it the most preferred technology.


Blockchain Technology is a Data/Record-Keeping Tech. In this, whenever new data comes, it stores them into new blocks and then chains them together with the rest of the blocks. This way, each data has its unique address. Whenever new information is added or edited in a particular block, its address gets updated. And this way, the address stays unique.

There is a misconception that blockchain technologies are all about cryptocurrency, but cryptocurrency is just a small part of the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that doesn’t have any physical body whatsoever. All the currency data is stored online, and trading and transaction with this currency are also done online. But of course, there are ways of converting them to cash. 

Other platforms that use this technology are banks, payment gateways, supply and logistics monitoring, etc.

The amount of transparency and security it offers is the reason for people adopting it. No single person holds too much power. For example, if a purchase is made in bitcoin, it is recorded into a ledger and is visible to everyone. The most common use of blockchain so far is as a ledger.

Cybersecurity Mesh

Data leaks are the worst way to lose clients in a business. With remote working as the new normal, data security is companies’ topmost concerns.

There are a lot of lifehacks people use, like two people using the same channel by sharing usernames and passwords. Companies cannot do anything to avoid this. But at least security walls can be put in place so that, at the very least, no one hacks and uses data for free.

This is where Cybersecurity Mesh helps, as it refers to an approach in which security measures are applied on an individual level.

A person can access data from anywhere. Therefore, companies need to set new rules for how much data to make visible. With Cybersecurity Mesh technology, it is possible to create a security wall around a particular data rather than affect the entire organization’s data.

This will ensure that only the right person has access to the right data without affecting others. No time will be wasted if the step of constant need of request for permission is eliminated. And this ultimately increases productivity and efficiency.

Quantum Computing

In Quantum Technologies, it uses Quantum Phenomena such as Superposition and Entanglement to perform calculations. Probability Calculations are taken into consideration when Quantum Computing is done and not just 1’s or 0’s as done in computing.

It performs all the operations based on all the factors present and considers probabilistic events. It differs from classical computing since it takes in many variables while giving an output.

Some recent applications of this can be seen in predicting the pandemic outcomes and the number of vaccines to be developed. This forecast helped in stopping the spread of panic.

Since its result is probabilistic in nature but based on known factors, the other fields it can be used in are banking, healthcare, logistics, etc. Simulation for any new idea through Quantum Computing helps reduce the waste of resources, time and costs.

Until now, this tech has not reached a level of providing good efficiency. Also, according to some, it will take a little more time before this technology is widely adopted.

Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

IoB is a method in which analysis of data is done to get valuable inferences from it. This helps in improving one’s own business in many ways. Since it is a method to find out patterns (behaviour) of a person, companies can customize the product according to a particular individual. This will help improve customer experience and probably convert them into repeat customers.

In IoB, digital data is recorded from every possible digital history to make predictions about the person’s behaviour.

Location Tracking and Facial Recognition are some standard tools of IoB. By knowing the location patterns of a person or group of people, cab companies can decide on the number of cabs to be placed in a location. This will help them maximize resource utilization and ultimately increase revenue.

Another example is Ads on the website. We can chart the behaviour of a person by looking at his/her internet history. Like what sites the person visited, what are the person’s interests, likes, etc. Knowing this, companies can decide on which ad to put on the website. Companies generate leads in this way.

Improving User Experience, Search Experience Optimization, and Design Promotion methods for a product are possible because of IoB.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are trending technologies to specifically in gaming businesses.

“What is Virtual reality?”

Virtual Reality refers to the creation of a world with the help of computer software and technologies. In this, a fake but with an authentic feel of a virtual world is created for the user’s experience. This is the total immersion of an individual with the use of headphones and digital headgear. Other applications include Education, Military Training through Simulations, 3D movies, etc.

Now let’s look at “What is Augmented Reality?”

Augmented Reality refers to adding a digital layer to an existing live image. To understand easily, take the example of Snapchat, there are many features to add digital expressions to faces, and change the background and live feed. The most recent worldwide successful example is the Pokémon Go game.

With the current scenario, both have been useful in the education sector with online learning. There is still a wide range of applications of AR/VR technology.

Smart Vehicles

This is one thing that will likely become a trend in less populated regions with less human interaction preferred presently.

Companies are upgrading their vehicles with the latest technologies. Self-driving cars are the talk of the time in the car industry with constant innovations and integration of some of the above technologies, such as AI, AR, and IoB.

Lidar (Sensors in cars to detect surroundings), Electric Vehicles to counter pollution, GPS technology to use Google Maps, and Electronic Braking Systems are some more examples of tools in smart vehicles. The best example of tech you use daily is proximity sensors that detect distance while parking. With this present, there is no need to look back or getting out to see whether you can park.

Smart vehicles can integrate other technologies, and hence a lot of improvisions are possible.

3D Printing

This is a process in which a design of the desired product is made in a computer using various software available, and then a 3D model is produced in the attached machine. Different materials are used and combined layer by layer by automatic machine to form the final product.

First, it was only used to make desired models of the finished product, but now with enough improvement, things that are hard to produce with hands manually can be created accurately. The price of 3D printing will cost around $3 to thousands of dollars.

With automation, this tech is the only option in current tough times to maintain productivity. 3D Printing can give better efficiency in Mechanical, Civil and Electronic fields.


These are some of the emerging technologies in 2023. Being aware of these is essential with technology’s benefits and usefulness increasing day by day. Most of these techs can collaborate with the usage of the internet for their development and expansion.

Apart from the above, a few more techs are Machine learning, Total Experience, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and many more. Also, above technologies were mostly related to innovations in digital field. But apart from these, there have been huge strides in surgical technologies, technologies in manufacturing, technologies in medicine and many other fields.

It is up to humans to make good use of technological advantages and improve human lives and care for the the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the New Technologies in 2023?

Some of the Emerging Technologies are 5G, Blockchain, Edge Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

What is the Latest Technology in Computer Science?

Artificial Intelligence and Edge Cloud Computing are the Most In-Demand Technologies in 2023 due to their benefits of working from home.

What will be the next big thing in 5 years?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are showing progressive growth with their implementation in other fields, especially in the medical sector.

What Jobs are being replaced by Technology?

Proofreading, Customer service, Data Analyst, Retail jobs are most probable to be replaced.

Which is the Highest-paid job in the world?

Neurosurgeons and Software Developers are the fields with the highest salaries.

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