Top 15 HR Interview Questions and Answers

Top 15 HR Interview Questions & Answers

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The interview is the first stage of the selection process for all of us, whether it’s you, me, or anyone in the world who is looking for a job. 

Every candidate before an interview feels some sort of anxiety-like how the interview will go and what type of questions the interviewer will ask them during the Interview. So Today, we will Talk about the Top 15 HR Interview Questions and Answers.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the valuable tips for HR interview
  • Learn about basic Hr interview questions
  • Get an Idea about the questions that are asked during a technical round of the interview of an HR.

Top 15 HR Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself?

This is always the first question that an interviewer asks you at the beginning of your interview. The main reason for asking this question is to know the candidate well personally, and they expect you to tell them something exciting and enthusiastic about you. This question gives you an opportunity to create an impact on the interviewer on the first go.

2. What are Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

This question can be tricky, and you have to tackle it smartly. The best way to answer this question is to tell the interviewer about the skills that you are best at, and you have to explain your strengths clearly without any pause because it is expected from you to know your strong points. While answering your weaknesses, you have to be more careful because if you randomly answer anything, that can go against you. 

3. Why Should We Hire You?

While answering this question, you have to convince the interviewer that you are the best person for this job you possess all the skills and knowledge that are required for this job role. It is also the most asked question for HR interviews.

4. Why do You Think You Qualify For a Human Resource XYZ Position?

The purpose of this question is the interviewer wants to know your approach to the Human resource xyz position and how you will deal with the candidates and employees within the organization. While answering this question, you need to mention the previous experience that you have that will improve your chances of qualifying for this position. These are also the Technical HR interview questions that are asked during a technical round of interviews.

5. Where do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years From Now?

The main reason behind asking this question is to test how ambitious the employee is. This question also tests your determination as well it is also one of the most important hr interview questions that are generally asked at the time of the interview.

6. What is Your Biggest Professional Achievement?

To answer this question, you need to highlight all the work you have done in your previous company and all the projects and campaigns you have worked on, and how was the response and feedback you received for your work.

7. What do You Know About the Job Profile You Have Applied For?

In this question, you just need to describe the job description well, and that will be sufficient for the interviewer to understand whether you will fit in the role or not.

8. What are Your Expectations from the Company?

To answer this question, a candidate must highlight certain things, such as how well he understands the hierarchy of the company. also, he should put some light on the feedback he has seen about the company, and also, you can say that what you expect is a better environment to work and you feel that in this company, you will get a healthy working environment to work.

9. What are the Reasons for Leaving Your Previous Job?

The answer to this question is pretty simple you can simply say that you were looking for a more challenging role and also better opportunities for career growth.

10. Have You Handled Any Pressure Situations?

Describe the situation when you had a lot of workloads but still, managed to deliver without panicking. That will be enough for the interviewer.

11. What, According to You, are the Qualities That an HR Must have?

Knowledge, Intuition, Versatility, Flexibility, Focus and, above all, human touch in everything you do.

12. Why Did You Choose HR as Your Career?

Do not give any common answer. Try to relate the roles and responsibilities of an Hr to your interest. That will be the most effective way to answer this question.

13. What do You Mean by Management?

Management basically means managing people to achieve the goals of the organization.

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14. Do You Have Any Questions?

To answer this question, you can simply ask them what do you want out of me as an HR.

15. What is Your Salary Expectation?

First do your research on the salary range that is going on in the market for the respective position that you have applied for and ask the interviewer about their company standards what they are offering for this position and then tell your expectation accordingly keeping in mind the standard of the company.


Before going for an interview, try to do your research about the company, and the role that you are applying for that will be helpful for you during an interview and also try to prepare yourself for the most asked questions during an interview. While reading this blog, you will get some HR interview Tips that might help.

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