Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

top 10 programming languages

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Are you one of those who is scanning the web to find out which programming language is in demand and is most suitable to learn?

Or the one who wants to upskill and have relevant knowledge of in-demand computer programming language which can be used to learn and discover other fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Or the one who wants to learn a new coding language to remain updated and not get beaten by your peers simply because they have knowledge & expertise on the most used and in-demand language.

Either way, if you are searching for answers to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place.

I am going to list some of the top 10 programming languages which you can learn to start a new career or give a boost to an already existing one.

Come along and let’s dive deep into this topic.

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List of Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Here are some of the top 10 best programming languages which you can learn in 2022 to upskill yourself:


Python is the most learned, in-demand, and most used programming language in recent years. Be it Machine Learning, Data Science, or AI; Python is used everywhere now. It’s versatile and easy to learn and comes with a great community to support you.

Let’s have a look at some of its advantages over other languages which makes it the number 1 language to learn in 2021.


1. Productivity: Python is an easy language to learn and is used for building complex multi-protocol network applications.

2. Easily Accessible Data Structures: Python comes with a vast set of comprehensive libraries, toolkits, dictionaries, and data structures. It comes with high-level data typing making it easier for the code to become short and feasible.

3. Open Source Language: Now, Python has an Open Source license, which makes it freely usable for software developers in the industry.


1. Python’s Speed: Python is slower than a lot of languages such as C and C++. The reason behind this is that an interpreter and not a compiler executes it. Therefore it is run line by line, which takes more time.

2. Runtime Errors: Python programmers issue a lot of errors while programming because its design has several issues taking more time for testing.

3. An elementary language: Now, you must be wondering how that’s a problem. But a python programmer can get so accustomed to the simplicity that you might find Java, C++ and all the other languages too hard and complicated.


It’s Silver Jubilee celebrations this year for Java, completing 25 years since the day it was launched, and its popularity does not seem to stop.

Java is the most popular coding language when it comes to developing android apps as it offers various libraries which can be used to add additional functionalities to the app.

Java developer, Java Architect, Web developer, Data Administrator and a lot more opportunities come your way when you choose Java as your career option. A recent report from SoftwareHunt mentions that  97% of enterprise desktops and 3 billion mobile phones are currently running Java.


1. Flexibility: Java can function efficiently across multiple platforms including desktops, embedded, mobiles, supporting Multimedia, Multithreading and Networks. Java class libraries also enable cross-platform development.

2. Predictable and Neutral: It is a very predictable, secure and stable language for programmers. It is available on all of the processors available

3. Object-oriented language, more secure


1. Memory space: Java needs significant memory space, which makes it slower too. It provides no backup facility.

2. Higher cost: As it has memory and processing requirements, it costs more than other programmes.


JavaScript, also known as JS, is in accordance with the ECMAScript specification. It is designed in a way to create network-related applications. It is open as well as a cross-network.

Any individual possessing the knowledge of JavaScript can take up plenty of lucrative career options such as a Mobile App Developer, UX designer, Cyber Security engineer and many more opportunities to go. So if you envision yourself in any of these fields, JavaScript is the language to learn and excel.


1. Speed: JavaScript is known for its speed, as it can run directly on the client-side browser. It’s fast because it isn’t baffled by the network calls to the backend server.

2. Used popularly: Javascript is used everywhere because of their use in creating mobile applications and Websites. JavaScript is undergoing a constant growth pattern.

3. Interoperability: JavaScript is very flexible. It can be used with many languages across multiple devices, making it easier to work with.


1. Browser Support: JavaScript might get interpreted differently by different browsers which creates a lot of difficulty for the programmer. But nowadays, it will work fine if you’ve tested in some of the major browsers.

2. Client-Side Security: As the language is used on the client-side, malicious exploitation could be done by bugs and other encroachments.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Javascript Programming Language

4. C#

C# was developed by keeping simplicity, readability and advancement in the programming world in mind. C# combines the capabilities of multiple programming languages like C, C++ and Java.

C# is prominent in banking, enterprises, finance and backend development software. Learning C# is an essential part of becoming backend developers and Full-Stack experts.


1. Object-oriented language: C# is an object-oriented language. Therefore, it is beneficial to both the developer and the user. You can add algorithms and develop datasets quickly with reusable codes.

2. Strong memory game: C# has a robust memory backup, which avoids any type of memory leaks that usually happens with other programming languages.


1. C# has a poor cross-platform UI

2. Less Flexible: The fact that it depends on the Net framework makes it less flexible. Also, it’s dependence on .NET makes it Windows-centric and not suitable for multiple platforms.

Advantages & Disadvantages of C# Programming Language

5. C++

C++ was one of the earliest Object-oriented programming languages invented. Bjarne Stroustrup created it as an advanced and extended version of C.

Game development, drivers, client-server applications, system/application software, and embedded firmware utilize C++ as their programming.

It is the first programming language that students learn when they start learning to code.


1. Speed: C++ is the preferred choice when it comes to speed.

2. Library support: C++ Standard Template Library (STL) helps you to program by providing standard libraries in advance.


1. Can’t support garbage collection or Dynamic Memory Allocation.

2. C++ is not secure because of the different functions it has, including pointers, global variables etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of C++ Programming Language

6. PHP

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language mostly used in managing backend frameworks for handling data in Web Development.

If you possess the knowledge of PHP, you can work for web design firms, software companies, and other kinds of businesses.

PHP developers’ work includes modular programming, object-oriented programming, Application design, implementation, and server-side maintenance for data and operations management.

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1. Simple language: The syntax and command functions used are flexible, making it one of the easiest scripting languages to learn and implement.

2. Speed: PHP is one of the fastest languages as one can load it even with slow internet. It won’t face any problems with speed and connects the databases with the website immediately once the connection is established.


1. Unwanted codes are present when it comes to PHP.

2. It is not suitable for a high application as it does not have an efficient modular system that would suit the required functioning.

Advantages & Disadvantages of PHP Programming Language


Shell scripting program runs on Unix shell, a command-line interpreter. Operations that are performed by Shell are file manipulation, program execution, and printing text.

Though there is unlimited demand in the market for shell script programmers, there is a visible skill gap among programmers with respect to shell programming.


1. Easy to work with: It is very easy to work with a Shell script as it makes file selection, interacting with bugs and other specific tasks very simple.

2. Portability: A shell script is run on Unix, therefore making it very easy to execute it in any Unix like OS without any modifications made.


1. Even a small error could change the whole command, which could end up pretty bad with loads of errors.

2. Shell is slow in execution speed in comparison with other programming languages.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SHELLProgramming Language

8. GO

Go is a simple, open-source language, similar to C but with modifications. It is reliable and efficient software. It is used in Machine Learning, Big Data, and Audio/Video editing. It’s said that it could be the future of server language.


1. It’s easy to learn as it resembles C in a lot of ways and is open source by nature

2. The simple language and syntax enable faster programming, which developers love.


1. It’s a very new language which means that it is still in the development stages.

2. Some runtime errors are to be corrected and require a few more years to develop.

Advantages & Disadvantages of GO Programming Language


Ruby is a high-level language that is used mostly for web development. It was developed in the 1990s and is very similar to Python. It is useful in data analysis and prototyping. It is a common belief that if you learn Ruby, you will be able to make sophisticated applications in no time.


1. Ruby focuses on Web Development. It is very simple in usage and does not even require a lot of code lines.

2. It is an open-source language that makes the modification of code easier for the developer.


1. Errors are tough to debug as most of them are encountered at runtime

2. Ruby does not have many resources available in comparison to the other languages.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Ruby on Rails Programming Language

10. RUST

Rust is an efficient and reliable software similar in characteristics to C++ but also provides memory safety using garbage collection.

It was voted as the most desired programming language in a 2021 survey done by Stackflow developers, chosen by 79.1% of coders.

Owing to increasing popularity, Rust is expected to take over C++ in the future and is also currently on the most wanted developers list.


1. Memory safety: A unique property of Rust called Type safety gives you mental flexibility. It does not have dangling pointers or any other type of memory error.

2. Most developers desire to code using RUST as it contains a huge developer community to learn and get resources.


Rust can be dysfunctional at times because of its slow speed, complex programming and slow compiling time too.

Advantages & Disadvantages of RUST Programming Language

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This concludes our coverage of the Top 10 programming languages that you can learn in 2020. Any programming language that you take up is sure to help you gain excellent coding capabilities and is required in the industry.

Whatever language it may be, you have to ensure constant practice until you get a good command of the language you wish to learn, and then you are on your way to becoming the next big tech enforcer. Happy Coding!

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