Top 10 Coding Errors and How to fix them

Top 10 Coding Errors & How to Fix Them

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Experiencing a variety of errors in coding is a part of the development process. 

In Coding Semicolon, bracket, loop and even minute things matter a lot. These silly mistakes are especially found in the initial phase of coding.

In this blog, I would like to provide you with the top ten coding errors and how to fix those coding errors.

Key Takeaways

  1. Two Front-End development coding errors and how to solve them.
  2. Four Back-End development coding errors and how to solve them.
  3. Four errors that are common in cybersecurity and how to solve them.

Top 10 Coding Errors and How to solve them

1. Syntax Errors

In coding, there are certain rules to follow as the English grammar rules. People are able to communicate without proper grammar. But the computers don’t ignore these mistakes; they’re considered syntax errors.

These syntax errors in computers are caught by software program compilers. These errors must be fixed before the program is compiled, and only then will it run.

For example, the syntax error is “print ‘hello'”. If we accidentally miss one of the changes in this word while coding. This stops the program.

How to fix this coding error

The correct way of syntax for the program is to print( ‘ hello ‘ )

2. Inadequate Variable Names

After knowing about the syntax, it is necessary to know about the variable names also.

It is highly essential to know that variables are important in programming. It is recommended to utilise them as they are needed. change

For example, let’s say the wrong code variable is 

let x =0.9; // wrong way

How to fix this coding error

It is recommended to follow certain rules while writing these codes.

let interest rate = 0.9 // right way

3. Runtime Error

The above are two errors that happen before running the program, but this is the error that occurs while executing the program.

These are codes that run properly on your computer but on the webserver, these are completely different configurations.

Let’s say that the server changed the coding you have performed by just changing the name, or the name is removed.

The code would be – params[ :]. capitalise

These runtime errors are very annoying because it directly impacts the end-user. These are very common while working using code. 

How to fix this coding error

Before beginning to code, keep in mind to use a tool that can capture these errors. By this, you will be able to correct the program instantly.

After installing the tools, let’s say your error ” params[ :]. capitalize” will be corrected to ” params[ :first_name]. capitalize”

4. Arithmetic Error

These are some of the errors that happen while performing mathematical coding in a program.


Let me make it simple for you 

ages.max / ages.min could return an error if either ages.max or ages.min were zero.

How to fix Arithmetic error

Having regular functional tests that should always include case edges like zero or a negative number is a proper way to stop arithmetic errors.

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5. Resource Errors

When you run the program on the computer, it will search for a fixed amount of resources that are required to run the program.

Let’s say some of your code forces the computer to allocate more resources; this creates a resource error.

If you accidentally wrote a loop that would not exist then your resources would run out. The loop keeps on adding new elements to an array. Eventually, you run out of memory.

How to fix this coding error

Having a perfect reporting tool should solve this resource usage on the web servers. The reporting tool will flag this code that is consuming too many resources over time.

There are a lot of testing apps and services that you can depend on to test. By this, you can tune the testing to suit your program.

6. Interface Errors

This error is like expectations versus reality i.e how you thought the program output would be and how it was actually published. 

Let me make it even more simple for you, 90% of software follows standards. If the input of the program does not confirm the standards you will get interface errors.

For Example, APIs require a particular parameter, and these are not set. unless you make it correct, interface errors will look like errors on your side as well as the client’s side.

How to fix INterface coding error

Having clear documentation and catching the errors to revert to the client. You can request that your client provide you with proper information. 

Keep all relevant problems transparent. So, clients will come to know what they need to fix from their end.

Here are a few errors that are committed by java developers. Java is a savvy programming language and has been dominating all the programming tools around it. 

7. Ignoring the ‘break’ keyword in the switch case block

These are some of the errors which are not discovered until you run the program. Ignoring the break keyword can lead to devastating results. 

Let me explain to you through an example,

Let say you have forgotten to put a break between the cases then there is continuous flow till it reaches break.

public static void switchCasePrimer() {

     int caseIndex = 0;

     switch (caseIndex) {

         case 0:


         case 1:


         case 2:




How to fix this coding error

Once you insert ‘break’ after each of the cases then the program would run properly.

public static void switchCasePrimer() {

     int caseIndex = 0;

     switch (caseIndex) {

         case 0:



         case 1:



         case 2:






There is a tool called static analyser to stop this type of error!

8. Missing out on Exceptions

It is often embarrassing to miss out on exceptions unhandled. The perfect practice for java developers and beginners is to handle them cautiously. 

Exceptions happen on purpose, so find and address the issues that are causing these exceptions.

Example of error 

selfie = person.shootASelfie();

try {;

} catch (NullPointerException e) {

    // Maybe, invisible man. Who cares, anyway?


How to fix this coding error

Remember not to overlook this often, if it is very much necessary you can throw it and show an error in the dialogue box. 

When you write in the dialogue box, it should be explained why this error is unhandled.

Below is clear way to express this exception is to encode the message like this,

try { selfie.delete(); } catch (NullPointerException unimportant) {  }

9. Code to Collect the objects and remove them in another loop

Want to make use of hat and ear flaps? Here is what you can do, but to do that, you need to collect all hats that have to be removed.

For example, the code is 

List<IHat> hatsToRemove = new LinkedList<>();

for (IHat hat : hats) {

    if (hat.hasEarFlaps()) {




for (IHat hat : hatsToRemove) {



How to fix this coding error

To hats and ears use this method called an iterator.remove. So the code will be like,

Iterator<IHat> hatIterator = hats.iterator();

while (hatIterator.hasNext()) {

    IHat hat =;

    if (hat.hasEarFlaps()) {




This method is more precise and doesn’t need an additional collection to solve the error.

10. Breaking the Contracts

The code that is provided by the third-party vendor/standard library depends on the rules that should be obeyed to make things work.

For example – It could be equals or ()code contracts that when followed, works properly in a certain Java collection framework. But sometimes, these changes in application behaviour could slip into production release and cause a bunch of unexpected effects.

Some of the unexpected effects are UI behaviour, poor applications, wrong data reports, data loss and many more.

How to fix this coding error

These destructive bugs happen very often. As I have mentioned ()code and equals contract. It is used in collections that only depend on hashing and comparing objects like () Set and () Map.

The simple rule that contracts follow are

1. If 2 objects are equal, then their () code should be equal.

2. if 2 objects have the same () code, then they can be equal or not.


We are thankful for the technology that has been developed in the past years of coding. Coding often changes. Try not to push yourself too hard. We all make mistakes often. Don’t worry!

Coding errors are inevitable. Get more experience to solve them early. But know that you will never be perfect for sure.

I hope this blog was very useful in knowing the Top 10 coding errors & how to fix them.

If you are willing to code better, join us here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are 4 common types of coding errors?

Here are a few types of code errors that beginners perform – Runtime Error, Interface Error, Syntax Error and Arithmetic Error.

What are errors in programming?

Errors are problems or errors that occur in the system, making system behaviour abnormal, and experienced engineers may make these errors. System errors are also known as bugs or errors, and the process of removing these bugs is known as debugging

What is a breakpoint in code?

When the editor creates the code, he can add what is known as a breakpoint. A breakpoint is a point in the system where the code will stop working.

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