You must possess these 6 Creative skills for Artificial Intelligence!

6 creative Skills pre-requisite to start your Artificial Intelligence Journey

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AI is the talk of the town. Everyone wants to master this domain, but are confused regarding where to start from. So presenting you with 6 creative skills for Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made it to our list of the most exciting courses to get started in 2021. With the demand in these fields, the popularity of these domains is growing exponentially.

And with the exponential growth, these 6 creative skills to start your artificial intelligence journey are also growing.

Consider AI as the more significant domain, with Machine Learning as just a subset of it. 

Though AI and ML are fields that don’t have many applications in our country, yet, their impact and demand are still expected to grow with time. And for that, it will require skilled personnel to fill in the workforce. Now the question is, is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related?

AI is the root behind making Tesla one of the best electric vehicle manufacturing companies globally and Elon Musk the richest man in the world.

Also, you can make investments in the field of AI which can pay off in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial Intelligence is a technology to perform tasks that require human intelligence. 
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and statistics is a must to learn AI.
  • Knowledge of programming languages and the ability to write algorithms are required for learning AI.
  • You should have an understanding of Machine Learning and Analytical skills.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? Does Artificial Intelligence come under computer science?

Artificial Intelligence is based around the science of understanding human behaviour and mimicking it to ease the human race’s workload. 

It attempts to build a machine that works on logic and reasoning rather than pre-defined routines or methods.

Speed recognition, reasoning, planning, learning, email spam blockers, plagiarism detection, and an auto-pilot system on an airplane are some of the basic functions of an Artificial Intelligence system.

Prerequisites to learn Artificial Intelligence

The history of AI goes back to 1955, and since then, its impact is growing. In recent years, it has taken some significant steps towards making an impact on everybody’s life.

Today, we live in a world where people prefer a robot boss rather than a human one.

Though it is performing and easing so many lives, AI is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is like a scientific experiment mimicking the human brain. It requires some basic knowledge to understand Artificial Intelligence well:

  1. Good knowledge of Mathematics
  2. Basic Knowledge of Statistics and modeling
  3. Good command on programming languages 
  4. Analytical Skills 
  5. Ability to write algorithms
  6. Knowledge of Machine Learning

1.Good knowledge of Mathematics

Many people ask why we study Mathematics in School when there is no requirement for it after school. If you’re included in the list as well, now you have an answer. It is the most essential requirement for understanding AI. 

For understanding AI, you should know statistics, programming languages, Machine Learning, and algorithms. And for all of these, Mathematics is the most important subject.

Differential and integral calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, matrix, tensor calculus, complex numbers, statistics are some of the topics of Mathematics you should have the expertise in for understanding AI.

2. Basic Knowledge of Statistics and Modeling

You must have heard that Statistics and Machine Learning are synonyms. Well, not exactly! 

Statistics is the study of data mathematically, finding variables. The statistics model builds data representations by crunching numbers, then analyzing the relationship between data or finding insights. 

On the other hand, Machine Learning involves finding variables, understanding patterns, and catering for prediction. It is based on Statistics.

If you have a good knowledge of Mathematics, that’s great! You have already covered the Statistics proportion. If not, you should work on Statistics for starting Artificial Intelligence.

3. Good Command on programming languages

For making an Artificial Intelligence system, you have to write bundles of codes or algorithms. For that, you can use any programming language. Programming languages required for AI system:

  1. Python- It is the best programming language when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Its unparalleled community support and pre-built library speed up AI development. Go through the Best books to learn Python from.
  1. Java- It is the best when it comes to an object-oriented programming language. It is highly portable, user-friendly, easy to debug, a wealth of libraries, and runs leisurely across different platforms without any additional recompilation.
  1. Julia- When the AI project demands high-performance numerical computing and analysis, Julia is the best programming language. It is designed explicitly to focus on numerical computing.
  1. Haskell- It is used in research projects because it supports fixed domain-specific languages.
  1. Lisp- Since the early days of AI, Lisp has been the heart of it. When the projects are heavy on ML, developers have always turned to Lisp. It is famous for its easy dynamic creation of new objects.

Now, you know why a good knowledge of programming languages is required for AI?

4. Analytical Skills

Analytical Skills mean an individual’s ability to identify the problems, collect relevant information, and develop a logical solution. We can say, analytical skills and AI serve the same purpose.

What are the types of Analytical Skills? There are five types of Analytical Skills:




4.Critical Thinking

5.Data Analysis 

5. Ability to write Algorithms

What are Computer algorithms? The computer can learn quickly if given proper instructions, and a bundle of instructions written to perform a specific task. These are known as Computer Algorithms. 

Whenever you want the computer to perform any work, you feed in some instructions; those instructions are just some predefined computer language algorithms. So, when you create an AI project, you have to write step-by-step instructions or algorithms. 

Algorithms are simple Mathematics. For writing algorithms, you require a good knowledge of the subject.

6. Knowledge of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a process of analyzing data, recognizing the pattern, and making decisions with minimal human interference. It automatically learns from the data.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are both different. It is a subset of AI that teaches machines how to learn. It is required in AI so that the project automatically learns from the data. 

Do you know how to write Machine Learning algorithms? To get the best from Machine Learning, you must know about how to write algorithms. Machine learning covers the knowledge of statistics and algorithms that are required for AI. 

Conclusion: 6 creative skills for artificial intelligence!

The popularity and importance of Artificial Intelligence are rapidly growing day by day. 

In the New education policy 2020, the government has stressed the need for programming languages as a must for AI. 

Besides programming languages, good knowledge about Mathematics, Algorithms, Analytical skills, and statistics is also required. These skills will not only help in AI but in many other fields simultaneously.

Keeping in mind the importance of AI and solving the problem for the people who want to achieve advancement in the field of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Artificial Intelligence comes under which branch of engineering?

Artificial Intelligence comes under the domain of Computer Science.

2. Does artificial intelligence have a scope?

In today’s world, people prefer a robot boss rather than a human one and it can be only done through the use of Artificial Intelligence. And of course, it got a huge scope in the future.

3. Why knowledge of Mathematics is required to learn AI?

Linear Algebra, Calculus and Probability are the main topics that you need to ace to get the hang of AI.

4. Is Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning related?

Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, which enables machines to learn from past data and experiences. 

5.  Is it must to be from a science background to learn AI?

No, there are no such requirements to learn AI. You should have good knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Programming Languages, Analytical Skills, Algorithms, and Machine Learning to learn AI.

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