Self-Awareness in Artificial Intelligence

Self-awareness in Artificial Intelligence

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Can AI robots function without human influence? Will there be self-awareness in artificial intelligence?

Though it is predicted that the advancements in AI and machine learning will soon result in machines and robots being self-aware, the question “Will AI ever become self-aware?” is still impossible to answer. 

Even if AI becomes self-aware, what can be its merits and demerits to humankind? 

Let us find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Meaning of self-awareness in artificial intelligence.
  • Possibility of AI becoming self-aware.
  • Few examples of semi-simulated AI.
  • The threats that self-aware AI can pose to humans.

What is Self-aware Artificial Intelligence?

Self-aware artificial intelligence is nothing but machines and robots performing and thinking like human beings. 

To be more specific, self-aware AI will be capable of functioning like the human brain. It will be possible for machines to think creatively and rationally, work without any human influence, react emotionally and take decisions for themselves. 

In short, if AI becomes self-aware, then machines and robots will work independently and will have sense, power, and understanding, just like humans. We can say self-aware robots will be somewhat like advanced humans with artificial consciousness.

Can artificial intelligence become self-aware?

Scientists and researchers have predicted that artificial intelligence can become self-aware. If this happens, then our children or grandchildren will be able to witness a totally different artificial intelligence-centric world. 

What do you think? Can artificial intelligence become self-aware?

Let’s be honest; it has not been possible to make AI robots self-aware after years of research. Then it is quite uncertain whether  AI will ever be able to be conscious. But in case it happens, then it will result in technological advancements improving human life, or will it destroy human life? 

We will get to the dark side of self-awareness in AI afterwards. First, let’s go through a few self-aware AI examples that can be a boom to human life. 

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Self-awareness AI examples

Although there is no such example of machines and robots that can be considered as fully self-aware. There are a few that can be considered stepping stones toward self-aware AI. 

A group of students from Columbia university made a robotic arm that was able to semi-simulate itself. Other such examples include a semi-sentient tesla bot developed by Elon Musk’s team, GPT 3, etc.

While machine learning and artificial intelligence technology are advancing, we can soon witness a totally self-aware AI machine and robot. 

It will be a boost to medical technologies too, as an artificial chip can be inserted into the human brain in case of brain dead, and hence so many lives can be saved. 

But what is the guarantee that it will be an asset to mankind? What if it gets worse for human survival? 

Let us look into the dark side of self-awareness in artificial intelligence.

Dark Side of Self-Awareness in AI 

You must have watched the movies – Terminator, Robot, Robot 2.0, and Ra.One. So, let us understand the dark side of artificial conscious AI through the virtual movie world.

For instance, in the movie Robot, when the AI robot ‘Chitti’ was made self-aware by the scientist, it gained consciousness, emotions, and the ability to take his own decisions, feelings, sensing and thinking power. 

Now, when it turned into an advanced AI human, it started overruling the scientist by disobeying his orders. The same is the case in Ra.One; the bot Ra.One made through a virtual reality game, started destroying the real world. 

When AI becomes self-aware in reality, it might happen that it starts overpowering humans by disobeying orders. The self-aware AI robots will demand human rights and legislation. 

These AI machines will take over the job roles of humans, making humans unemployed. If we think of the worse scenario, these self-aware robots will take over our world and might even kill us! 


It will take much time for AI to become self-aware, and no doubt self-awareness in AI will bring various technological advancements. It will also bring threats and fear to humankind. 

To overcome the threats, the only solution is to befriend self-aware AI robots and machines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence makes machines perform by predicting results based on previously inserted information and data sets. 

What are the types of artificial intelligence?

There are 4 types of artificial intelligence:

Reactive artificial intelligence
Limited memory artificial intelligence
Theory of mind artificial intelligence
Self-aware artificial intelligence

Who invented artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence was invented by John McCarthy.

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