Scope of Web Development in 2023

Scope of web development

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If you are born before the 90s, then you may remember how it all began.  

It started in the 90s when‌ the internet came into the picture, and the influx of the world wide web connected all of us online. 

Since then, the scope of web development has evolved drastically from what we could have comprehended 30 years back. 

In 2023, you can no longer write simple algorithms and expect to do well with a plain text-stuffed website; your website’s interface needs to be according to UI design, and it must provide users with a meaningful experience with the products and services. 

The website should be mobile-friendly, and many more web trends must be followed.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn What is Web Development.
  • Know What is Future Scope of Web Development in 2023.
  • Get to Know What are 3 Types of Web Development. 

What is Web Development? 

Web development is the work of constructing a website and its architecture on the internet.

A website is a virtual location, identity or web address of a company for its users. 

For Example: The blog you are reading right now is published on the website of Verzeo.  

So how does this website come into existence? 

There is a lot of coding that takes place behind the scenes to finish one website and launch it on the internet. This process of building websites is called Web Development.   

Future Scope of Web Development in 2023

The future of web development demands the inclusion of web development trends like Progressive Web Apps, Motion UI, AI Chatbots, Voice Search Optimization, Push Notification, and many more.

We are living in those times of the internet where a user leaves a webpage within 10 to 20 seconds. and mobile users have surpassed desktop usage for browsing. 

In this light, there are many factors a web developer needs to consider while designing and developing a future-ready website.  

The following web trends are the future of web development:

  • Progressive Web Apps outrank both Native apps and Web apps in terms of capabilities and reach. Also no need to create separate apps for iOS, Android and other operating systems. 

So when you are creating a website, it is better to develop a website that functions across devices and operating systems and do not end up in a loop of creating and maintaining many web applications. 

That’s where PWA’s are helpful, it functions across devices and operating systems.  

  • AIpowered chatbots are almost mandatory new buttons on the right side of websites. 

Chatbots are not the only AI technology that a website needs to integrate; advancement in voice speech optimization and more deep learning through ML can be expected in upcoming times.

  • Motion UI enhances the user experience on the website by adding attractive vector designs, giving an immersive user experience. This is one of the important trends in web development that makes websites more engaging.  
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Many businesses are making virtual reality an essential trending part of their website. Web developers should have skills to develop and integrate VR into web applications.

For Example: The websites of Lenskart and Ikea have the option to their products virtually.

  • Push Notification: Your application should have a push notification feature for notifications. Do not let your customers forget you. 

Push notifications is an important part of web development, as it enables companies to directly communicate with customers. They are replacing normal communication channels like email and messaging. And it can be easily integrated with blogs or websites as well. 

  • 360-degree Videos are the new famous features in the websites. It requires sufficient knowledge and expertise in Virtual Reality

The features of 360- degree video make the illusion of an object being in real world, and transform the user’s experience on your website.  

  • IoT’s in terms of websites, it makes the website more interactive by connecting objects with the website through real-time networking. IoT will change the frontend interface and user interaction. 

Types of Web Development?

Types of Web Development

Majorly there are 3 types of web development:

Front-end development:  

Front-end developers are responsible for creating that part where users interact with the website: The front end. These developers design and create website content appearance using HTML, Javascript, CSS, DOM, jQuery etc. 

Roles and responsibilities  

  • Developing the frontend of websites.
  • Translating designs and UI into functional prototypes. 
  • Write codes and troubleshoot bugs. 
  • Collaborate with the backend developers and UI team. 
  • Stay updated with the latest trends in the domain.

Back-end development: The developer that handles the behind the scene of the website

The Developer who takes care of the behind the scenes of a website, unlike front-end developers; back-end developers create, maintain, test, and debug the entire back-end side of a website.

These developers use HTML,  PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and Net, for programming and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL.   

Role and responsibilities of Back-End Developer

  • Responsible for building the back end of the website and its maintenance.
  • API development.
  • Server software creation and management.
  • Write high-quality codes. 
  • Work with the front-end development team to integrate the user-facing side of the web application. 
  • Responsible for data management and security. 
  • Debug and troubleshoot applications.

Full stack development: The developer that takes care of everything. 

A full-stack developer can do both the back-end and front-end development of an application. 

Full-stack developers are experts in front-end and back-end programming languages, the framework, server, network, and hosting environments of the network.    

Roles and responsibilities of Full Stack Developer

  • Development of front-end and designing back-end of the applications.    
  • Design and development of APIs.
  • Creating databases and cloud computing. 
  • Cross-browser checking and testing.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting applications for the front-end and back-end side.
  • Requires both general level expertise and specialised knowledge. 


Standford’s research concluded that 75% of users judge the credibility of a business based on its website and its design, which is why web development should be such that it meets users’ needs.  

Web development isn’t going anywhere; as time progresses, it is only evolving.

From reading blogs to playing your favourite games, everything is the result of web development. 

Thus, web development is worth learning and is an interesting stream of career because it combines technical and analytical skills. 

Verzeo offers you 2-month Internship Program in Full Stack Development to get you started in the world of web development. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is web development a good career in 2023?

Yes, web development is one of the highest paying tech related job, and has a very promising career in long run.

Which language is the future of web development?

Python, Java, JavaScript, C/C++ and PHP are most popular languages in recent times.

What qualifications does a web developer need?

Programming languages like HTML/CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, C/C++ and PHP, other than that UI/UX designing, testing, bugging, responsive web design skill, etc.

Will AI replace web developers?

Not in near future! It might automate some part of process, but it can not replace human developer and coding skills.

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