This is the Right Time to Switch to Electric Vehicles

This is the Right Time to Switch to Electric Vehicles

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We all know that India is a developing country and every now and then we are experiencing the change around us.

Be it in technology, economy, or the standard of living. With every passing day, people are experiencing some new technologies which are also very intriguing at times.

And “Ever since the Electric vehicles have come in the market there has been a lot of debate about the various components of electric vehicles about their reliability, battery life, motor power, and many other factors. Know why this is the right time to switch to electric vehicles in this blog.

Key Takeaways

  • Know why electric vehicles are the future
  • Learn about Electric Vehicles.
  • Know about the benefits of Electric Vehicle 
  • Features of Electric Vehicles

why electric vehicles are the future?

The important thing is to understand the difference between electric vehicles and conventional vehicles.

Electric vehicles or EV two-wheelers are cost-effective in nature and they also reduce the risk of pollution to 0%, whereas conventional vehicles use petrol and diesel to propel which also increases the risk of pollution and every day we hear some news that due to increasing pollution the problem of global warming comes in.

So, it is high time we change our approach and look forward to switching towards EVs for mobility purposes.

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Why choose Electric Vehicles?

Nowadays Indian Government itself is putting efforts to make people aware of the benefits they might experience for using EV’s the various state government is offering incentives for the purchase and use of EVs and one might also experience some tax benefits on electric vehicles as the sales tax GST is less in compared to the conventional vehicles.

The Amazing part is there is no insurance and registration cost for Low-speed electric scooters and also, they won’t require any insurance as well neither they do require any driving license so people get to save a decent amount of money on insurance and registration cost.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles


The most important factor is the cost of the vehicle that you are going to purchase so you have to be very precise with your decision while purchasing because if you purchase a two-wheeler under power scooter then you might end up annoying yourself while riding so it’s better you make a purchase according to your need and understanding the cost of the EV’s that varies according to the range.

Range of riding

It is one of the important factors that play a huge role in the consumer’s mind because in the very first place a buyer always thinks about the reliability of the product that he is buying so a consumer should do thorough research about a range of the EV’s always remember that a low power scooter would always range between 50-55 km and high-speed two-wheeler would range between 70-75 km and if we talk about high range Electric motorcycle with high battery pack would deliver around  140-150 km in one go.

Battery life of the electronic vehicles

Battery is a very important part of EVs because the entire performance of the vehicles depends upon their battery life. So whenever we look to purchase an EV we should check its battery life. Because changing the battery of two-wheeler EV’s can be very costly. So it’s better to be wise with your decision rather than regret it later.

Charging Stations

The time you purchase the electric vehicles the manufacturers ultimately help you with the charging station at your Own place so you won’t find any difficulty in charging but that is still not enough there should be multiple charging stations. So it’s important to whichever brand vehicles you are buying you should first check that they have the facility of multiple charging stations around the place or not or else you will face a lot of problems so it’s better to have a check first.

EV’s Maintenance cost

It is really very easy and handy to maintain Electric vehicles as it is inexpensive and cost-effective compared to conventional vehicles. So before buying an electric vehicle people do not have to worry much about the cost and all as it is easy to maintain EVs.

Features of Electric Vehicles

1. Autopilot

The Auto Pilot mode is an interesting component of electric vehicles. Autopilot is a system of radars, cameras and sensors that work together to sense the environment around the car.

2. Electric Motors

Electric motors work to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy to allow the vehicles to generate the power which is required for the functioning of vehicles.

3. Power Inverter

It allows you to convert power from the batteries to AC power. This is further used to recharge the batteries. The inverters are also helpful in changing the speed.

4. Controller

Electric Controllers Determine the working of electric vehicles. It enables the transmission of electrical energy from the batteries to the electric motors that helps the vehicles to propel forward.


Today electric vehicles are more convenient than conventional ones and the eco-friendly component of EVs is one of the main factors why we should switch to electric vehicles.

It will also be a wise move to make seeing the cost efficiency of EVs and this move may turn out to be a boom for the upcoming generation.

So it would be better if we understand the need of the hour and look forward to adapting to the change that is coming our way by switching to the use of EVs. And recently Ambassador has also announced the launch of Ambassador Cars which can change the course of the game completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you switch to electric vehicles?

Switching to electric vehicles can help you save a lot of costs and also it is eco-friendly in nature.

What are the advantages of electric vehicles over conventional vehicles?

It is cost-effective, Maintenance cost is also pretty low in comparison to conventional vehicles.

What are conventional vehicles?

Conventional vehicles are the ones which use fuel and diesel to propel.

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