ReactJS and AngularJS: Which one to choose in 2022

React and Angular Js

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Compare AngularJS and ReactJS in terms of Code Quality, Maintainability of Code, and Performance to find out which one suits your needs better.


Do you know from which Web Development category ReactJS and AngularJS arrived? 

But, before that let us give you a little description of Web Development and its 3 types.

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Web Development is work associated with making a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or Intranet (Private Network). 

It commonly includes Web Engineering, Web Designing, Web Content Development, Client Liaisoning and E-Commerce Development.

Web Development is further divided into 3 types: 

This diagram will help you understand these types better. 

Types of Web Development
Types of Web Development

From the above diagram, you will know where React and Angular originated from.

Let us give you a brief of AngularJS and ReactJS.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a javascript Front-End web framework for developing solitary page applications. 

It is mainly maintained by Google and businesses/corporations.

Angular is an umbrella term for all the versions of Angular released after AngularJS.

Angular is a complete tool kit used by BMW, Forbes and Xbox to develop their applications.

What is ReactJS?

React JS is an open-source Front-End Development application used to develop user interfaces. 

It can be used as a base in building solitary pages or mobile applications.

Difference between ReactJS and AngularJS

BasisReact JSAngular JS
AuthorJordan WalkeMiško Hevery
TypeOpen Source JS LibraryJavascript Framework
Coding SpeedNormalSlow
Initial Release Year20102013
Binding1 Way Data Binding2 Way Data Binding
Main DeveloperFacebook CommunityGoogle
Latest VersionV 17.0.2Angular 10
DOM (Document Object Module)Work with Regular DOMWork with virtual DOM
Rendering SideServer Side & Client-SideClient-Side
LanguageJavascript, HTMLJSX, XML
Learning CurveLow Learning CurveHigh Learning Curve

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Advantages of AngularJS

  • It provides the capability to create Solitary Page Applications in an exceptionally spotless and viable manner.
  • It provides a rich and responsive experience to the user through data binding capabilities by HTML.
  • Angular JS is Unit testable and provides reusable components.
  • The developers can achieve functionality with minimal coding.

Disadvantages using AngularJS

  • AngularJS is unsafe –  The Javascript framework and application written in AngularJS is not secure.
  • If the user disables the Javascript only the basic page will be displayed.

Advantages of ReactJS

  • Smooth Learning Curve

ReactJS has a good learning process because beginner’s developers have an opportunity of learning ReactJS with Tutorials and Online Courses. 

E-learning platforms like Verzeo, Coursera and many more all provide courses on ReactJS. 

Any developer from a Javascript background can learn ReactJS and conveniently can create a website in a few days.

  • Large Community

JavaScript Engineers will be updating their skills in terms of upcoming technology on a day-to-day basis.

Github is a huge platform wherein you can ask any type of problem and get a solution. React has more than 177K stars on Github and around 12 million npm downloads.

  • Reusable Components

ReactJS is made up of different components and each has its own logic and controls. You can reuse the code and can recreate applications where you can develop & maintain tools.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

  • The high pace of Development

The high pace of development has an advantage and disadvantages both. 

In case of disadvantage, since the environment continuously changing so fast, some of the developers do not feel comfortable relearning the new ways of doing things regularly. 

It may be hard for them to adopt all these changes with all the continuous updates. They need to be always updated with their skills and learn new ways of doing things.

  • Poor Documentation

React technologies and software get updated now and then. 

The developers will not have an opportunity to document the developments in ReactJS. 

To overcome this disadvantage the developers are trying to publish a written document on the upcoming software.

Comparison between Real DOM and Virtual DOM of ReactJS and AngularJS

If you landed here, then you have an idea that React uses Virtual DOM for better performance.

In this section, I will be explaining what Dom is? And an example that explains Virtual DOM.

According to “DOM ( Document Object Model) is a platform and language-neutral interface that allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of a document.”

The Virtual DOM is a lightweight deliberation of the DOM. You can consider it as a duplicate of the DOM, that can be refreshed without influencing the real DOM. 

It has generally similar properties as the real DOM object, yet can’t be kept in touch with the screen like the genuine DOM. 

The virtual DOM acquires its speed and proficiency because of its lightweight.

Diffing is a calculation between the current version of Virtual DOM and the previous version of Virtual DOM also called Browser DOM.

Virtual dom

AngularJS doesn’t have a Virtual DOM nor a Real DOM

ReactJS vs AngularJS: which one to choose.


Till now you probably comprehended that both of these software’s have specific upsides and downsides. 

Now, let us look at their performances.

Virtual DOM guarantees superior execution and can viably deal with enormous datasets.

‘Brief delivering’ is the best component of ReactJS. 

This innovation joins specific techniques for enhancing and speeding up the updated interaction. 

AngularJS slacks in execution if there is an occurrence of dynamic applications.

Nonetheless, considering a significant point that AngularJS has quit updating itself represents an incredible danger to the landscape of UI.

Code Quality

AngularJS developers use AngularCLI (Command Line Interface – type of terminology under Angular). It has got amazing integrations like Angular Core, Angular Material and more.

Angular code quality is a bit difficult while creating website/mobile applications.

For example, to explain in simple terms – if you present a certain set of codes in the program, it will be produced using its own different Code.

In ReactJS, the code quality will be clear in terms of components and elements which provide highlights.

Here the maintenance of the ReactJS code will be easy. 

For example- If you have one Element/Component, you can use it as many times as you like. 

In ReactJS there are no certain rules and regulations to follow.

Hence, in ReactJS the code quality is High

 Maintainability of Code

Angular is generally known for building solitary-page applications. 

The explanation is, solitary-page applications are having complex designs and a few programming modules. 

Because of this, it frequently ends up putting program documents in various records.

Keeping up with such complex designs and as yet keeping it a rich application.

AngularJS suggests the optimal structure for complex survivability and the ability to manage complex naming conventions. 

Angular style guide as a rule where SPAs (Solitary/Single Page Application) request a full-evidence standard act of dealing with a code.

According to W3C, is the highest visited website in the world. 

Angular permitted National and local weather Radar to get speedy climate refreshes information for the gadgets.

It incorporates gadgets with UI components and reuses them for the better viability of code. 

We’ve frequently seen designers managing genuine viability issues with regards to building a rich website for customers.

But, consolidating HTML and Javascript is troublesome because of less modularization. 

The best part is Angular tackles these issues by building viable Javascript. 

It furnishes HTML augmentation to manage such issues, and it turns out as alleviation for designers and a considerable amount of saving engineers’ time.

Is React better than Angular? 

Angular is full of javascript frameworks which include programming components, record size and many more.

Be that as it may, in contrast with React, Angular has negative bulginess, intricacy and weighty style of advancement characteristics. 

It is suggested for more modest advancement projects and referred to as having a lofty expectation to learn and adapt. 

To fuel things, AngularJS is at this point not under the dynamic turn of events. 

AngularJS has been assembled all together in TypeScript and requires bunches of code which makes it somewhat confounded. 

Despite what might be expected, React is very “straightforward” and its unique direction is centred around controlling the view. 

Basically, it permits the engineer to choose precisely what they need, yet additionally, it benefits the capacity to utilize an enormous third party package.


Hence, in the end, we should arrive at a certain point where we can select only one Javascript, right?

If you want to build a small website/starting business can try ReactJS which has a small learning curve. 

If you want to build an Enterprise application with huge development, then you can choose AngularJS as it has a large learning curve.

ReactJS has a simpler way to get the job done. Since it has nothing much to do with the HTML, but has the simplest way to reuse the UI components.

While Angular is distant from everyone else and is capable of taking care of numerous things all alone, it might appear to be interesting in that way. 

Be that as it may, the advantages anticipate the more expanded idea and overweigh the time contributed.

Let us know if you are a beginner. We would let you develop in ReactJS or AngularJS on our Front-End Development Certification Program. 

Whew! Seems like I covered a lot. I hope that this blog has given you extra knowledge on ReactJS as well as AngularJS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use AngularJS and ReactJS together?

One item can be worked with Angular, another with React. These items, despite the fact that they are worked by various groups utilizing various stacks, regularly share Components and utilities.

Is JavaScript a ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library, generally used to foster programs that are continually reviving information on its UI. This innovation wipes out the need of reloading the entire screen and furthermore tries not to handle each and every line of code

Which company uses ReactJS?

Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, BBC and Reddit – these are important companies that use ReactJS in order to increase their user base.

Are AngularJS and ReactJS the same?

No, they are not. AngularJS is a Model View Controller and ReactJS is an Open-source Framework. Angular runs on regular DOM and React runs on Virtual DOM

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