15 Amazing Python project ideas for beginners

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Python language is the most loved and used language today! There are many reasons for the same. A prominent one would be the fact that, with Python projects, you can do some of the coolest things!

You can create bots, automate the boring stuff, analyze huge chunks of data, develop interesting games, build mobile apps and websites. Think of anything and it would be possible with Python! That is how powerful the language is.

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So, as a beginner, it can be tedious to decide on what projects to work on. And which ones would be easy to start with and help boost your resume. This blog would help you out on this.

Get ready to get started on some of the coolest Python projects!

Key Takeaways

  • Get to know some of the popular Python libraries that are commonly used in different projects
  • A run-through on some amazing projects beginners can start working on and a brief how-to
  • Key ideas on some automation such as automation in trading that can help you make money without your efforts and automation for social media profiles management

15 Interesting python project ideas to get started 

1. Desktop Notifier App

This mini python project idea will throw some light on how notifications work. The desktop notifier apps run on your system and send you notifications at a set time. You can use libraries like notify2, requests, etc. to develop the program.

This can be quite handy when you work on tight deadlines. You can even use it to remind yourself to look away from the screen during online classes and work from home. It’s applications are truly vast.

2. Build a chatbot

These are automated messaging services that help users navigate websites and quickly find answers to their queries. You would have seen such chatbots on job portals, food delivery apps such as Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

Chatbots are only as advanced as the advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) you use in your apps. Most chatbots only have basic features because of this.

However, Python makes it easy to build advanced chatbots by combining the nltk with various machine learning libraries. You can even add speech-to-text functionality using the PyAudio and Speech Recognition libraries to give voice to your chatbot!

3. Python Website Blocker

When we surf the web , many unwanted websites keep opening up. This is one useful python project you can build to block certain websites from opening. This program is extremely useful for college and school students to avoid distraction. Mentioning this python project can help your resume look far more interesting than others.

4. Speed Typing Test

Have you played online typing which tested your speed and accuracy? You can create a similar program that tests your typing speed. The UI has to be appealing. For this, you can deploy libraries like Tkinter.

Then create a fun typing test that displays the user speed, accuracy, and words per minute as you type.

5. Plagiarism Checker

Content writing is one of the prolific online businesses. But there is no free tool as of now to check for plagiarism in documents. You can build your own plagiarism checker! You can use a Natural Language processing library with Google search API to search through Google pages for plagiarism.

6. Bulk File Rename Application

 If you are aspiring to get into the Machine Learning field with Python then adding this application that renames files in bulk would be a good one on your resume. 

This project is quite easy to implement. You can use Python functions like os.rename(src,dst) to rename the files and folders. As an add-on, you can add an image resize function during the program run.

This project is very helpful and much needed for people working on real-time Machine Learning projects.

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7. Web Crawler

A web crawler program script automatically surfs and stores the content of a specific webpage. It is one of the most useful python projects to get information updates on specific topics. You can use Python’s request or Scrapy module to create the crawler bot.

8. Music Player

You will create your music player app that can explore your file directories and look for music. This is one of the creative python projects if you can create an interactive interface regular users will use.

The app will have a neat interface which will allow users to go through music tracks, increase or decrease volume, and display song details. This project will mainly involve the fundamentals of Python programming, algorithm construction, and data processing.

9. Image Resize Application

This is a slightly complex project which needs you to be well-versed in Machine Learning. You would have to pre-process data, then perform resize images tasks because the program first learns and bulk processes the images

10. Alarm clock

This is one interesting python project idea. People all over the world use alarm and reminder applications. It is a simple Command Line Interface (CLI) Python application for an intermediate-level developer.

However, this project isn’t just a timer application. You can embed YouTube links in a text file and then build the program to read the file. By setting a timer, it should pick a random YouTube link from the file and play the YouTube video.

This is an amazing application to help you start a routine.

11. Reddit Bot

This is one amazing python project idea for beginners. Reddit is a great platform and people want to have maximum online presence. But with the flood of data, it has become quite difficult.

In this project, you will build a bot that monitors specific subreddits. And it automatically reports whenever the bot finds something relevant. 

This will save Redditors huge efforts and time in surfing for relevant posts.

12. Trade Cryptocurrency

Technology and the market move at a very fast pace today. This is especially true for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. These are risky businesses but with Python, risks can be managed easily.

If you want to be an efficient trader, you have to constantly check for what is happening and trends. You can do this by building a cryptocurrency trading bot with Python.

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Your bot will be active 24/7 and you can program it to act independently of you. So, you will always be ready to strike when prices are hot. You can incorporate machine learning algorithms to the best time to buy or sell. 

This is often a lucrative trade as the machine learns by itself and can fetch you big profits!

13. Social media bot

Billions of people all over the world use social media to stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers. They often share their opinions, stories, and ideas. But with so much content every day, it could be very overwhelming to manage all social media accounts.

Once again, you can make Python to automate this by using libraries, like Tweepy and InstaPy, to interface with social networking services directly. Otherwise you can write code for a bot that connects to an API, just like the ones provided by YouTube, Reddit, or Discord. you’ll even deploy your app using external integrations like Docker for an entire , end-to-end solution.

14. Analyze sentiment online

This project is very important for businesses as it helps in analysing customer feedback to make business decisions. Sentiment analysis which is often difficult can be easily done with Python.

It is also quite easy to keep tabs on online reputation.

In this project, you can use Natural Language Toolkit (nltk) and supervised learning algorithms to quickly detect the customer sentiment online. You can use it to check reviews, tweets, comments, and other feedback on products and brands.

15. Content Aggregator

The internet is crammed with websites and articles. It has become tough to search for something and surf through websites for relevant information.

For this use, you can create a content aggregator that automatically searches popular websites for relevant content. It, then, compiles all the content and lets the user choose which content they need. This can be your unbiased version of Google!


These are some of the projects you can start working on. Each of these projects would add a brownie point to your resume as these projects have applications in the real world. A lot of these projects can even bring amazing changes to your everyday life.

Python has many libraries that you can use when you are working on your projects. In this blog, you can find many libraries mentioned that can help you in your projects. These libraries are widely used in many projects. 

So, working on these projects would help you get a hang of the popularly used libraries. You can save these projects and upload them on GitHub so they can be handy when you are working on larger projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to work on a project?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete an easy project. Some slightly difficult projects such as trade cryptocurrency take about 4 months to complete.

Do you need to know in-depth Python programming and Machine Learning to get started?

No, a basic knowledge of Python and a good understanding of logic would be enough to get started on the projects. 

How do I learn to use the different libraries in Python?

You can check the official release pages of the libraries you are interested in. You will get to know the syntax and example block codes from there. You can also check for projects on GitHub that use the library.

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