What are the prerequisites to learn DevOps?

pre-requisites to learn devops

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The DevOps is one such approach that can deliver expanded business values and responsiveness through prompt and high-quality service delivery. It is a big deal in the IT industry now. Knowing the prerequisites to learn DevOps will help us modernize our software efficiently.

Technology is a wave that has dominated the lives of many. Like other work disciplines, businesses too are reliant on technology that helps them grow regularly.

The biggest task of a business owner is to ensure the smooth functioning of his business enterprise. To achieve this, you need to update your systems and software from time to time.

Now, you must be thinking what are the prerequisites to learn DevOps to meet the evolving technological conditions.

the prerequisites to learn devops

Where do we use DevOps?

Before I jump into the prerequisites to learn DevOps, let me give you all an example that we all know.

We all know the notion, “Netflix and chill.” Whenever we crave for me-time, Netflix is our go-to escape. 

Nobody can overlook the success story of Netflix adopting DevOps. More than 100 million users go in for Netflix for a quality streaming ride. The workflow of Netflix is curated by developers who create software with the help of a few sets of tools. The DevOps teams generate the application’s environment workflows that ease Netflix’s content deployment and consumption by the customers. Managing its position as a business leader by taking care of its customers requires awareness of quality, flexibility, and speed, which is not a joke.

In today’s technological era, DevOps is the most demanding discipline.

As Patrick Debois once said, “DevOps branches are good for diversity. Adapt DevOps to your context, or you might not survive.” So when it comes to survival, you should not be taking any chances. 

You might have come across a lot of information regarding DevOps, but you can’t be sure if the information is trustworthy. In this blog, the information you get will help you step into the world of DevOps prerequisites. 

First, let’s start with the overview.

Why DevOps?

1. DevOps maximizes work Efficiency with Automation

This work discipline brings diverse teams together, leading to fundamental developments that promote the unit’s productivity.

When you automatize using DevOps, your development and operations teams regulate better. It makes the outcome of your processes reliable, which reduces the number of softwares you use.

DevOps maximizes work Efficiency with Automation

2. To Improve the Speed and Stability of Software Development and Deployment 

Organizations that deploy DevOps prerequisites achieve the critical operational necessity of securing their products or services. 

It’s always convenient to have two different teams working together. Development team building and testing in the operations team working on outputs is a superhit combo. 

DevOps prerequisites empower minute switches that are to be delivered to a production-based environment. This, as a result, ensures if a code is being deployed to the production process.

Speed and Stability for using DevOps Automation

3. Optimizes your Business

It makes the organizations optimize their core system. It makes the systems more adaptive to meet business needs.

We all know, the only thing which is constant in life is change. It is applicable in the world of innovation too. DevOps prerequisites delivers new methods that make businesses more attainable. This approach values time along with improving the quality of products and business productivity.

DevOps offers new methods making businesses more easy to reach.

DevOps Engineers – The techies who have taken over the world

The beings who drive the IT revolution and focus on service delivery understand the lifecycle of Software Development.

The prerequisites to be a DevOps engineer are to read, learn and deploy new ideas regularly. 

Here, engineers work with IT staff and developers to supervise the code that is released. They are the developers who deploy and are interested in network operations. 

Scripting and coding are their passion, which they use to improve test and deployment in the development arena.

The prerequisites to learn DevOps

Expert in Scripting

You should be proficient in Git and its workflows. 

To survive in the Software Development industry, you have to regularly learn new skills and stay updated to compete in the evolving tech world. DevOps engineers must do coding from scratch. This makes DevOps Scripting languages a must-learn for DevOps engineers. The Scripting Languages that DevOps engineers should know are – JavaScript, Python, Bash Scripting, C Language, Ruby


First and foremost, a DevOps engineer must know most of the coding ability, not necessarily be a ‘coding guru’ but a coding skilled. You being a developer got to create and modify codes regularly.

DevOps is one of the most popular branches now dominating the IT field. So, supplementing the right coding skills can be a blessing for the future. You needn’t learn all the languages, but having a functional skill set is essential.

DevOps engineers should also have sufficient experience working on Deployment Tools like – Docker, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Nagios, etc. 

Deployment tools in the DevOps toolchain are mostly the integration tools that optimize codes, enable automation, and keep the systems working fast.

Cloud Platform

To adhere to knowledge in Cloud Platform is more than gaining experience from a book. It has come a long way. In today’s scenario, nobody thinks of opting for cloud computing or not; instead, think about which platform to learn. 

It is advisable to have a hands-on understanding of at least one cloud platform (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP). Mastering these platforms will help you to translate knowledge into real-world outcomes.

Experience in CI/CD

Have expertise in generating Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery. 

  • Continuous Integration is a software engineering practice that occurs before you develop a testing code. Delivery is to deliver something to the enclosed environment or the pre-production environment. 
  • Continuous Delivery happens when your code is ever ready to be published, but it’s not pushed to production unless you permit it to do so. Continuous Delivery modifies the software based on user feedback, variations at the market, and changing business strategies with stable and low-risk records. 

Logical Attitude

DevOps Engineers need to make multiple decisions for smooth functioning in the team. They have basically filled the gap between developers & IT operations, communication, and collaboration. These engineers need to carry a logical attitude throughout.

They need to project atmosphere and energy during meetings and other communication channels.

Soft skills

In the IT sector, soft skills play a significant role in getting permeable with DevOps methodology. Most companies favor a unique way of using DevOps prerequisites methodologies to work with utmost enthusiasm and produce quality deliveries to meet client’s expectations. This is one highly recommended skill a DevOps engineer should possess to survive in the industry.


A DevOps Engineer is accountable for proper carrying out of quality assurance and the related testing procedures at all levels of procedure. Having a  sound knowledge of testing tools is the requirement to get started as a DevOps.


A DevOps Engineer is expected to be zealous about the work he is doing. This is one of the important perquisites of DevOps that should never be overlooked.

Excellent Collaboration and Communication Skills

This is the most essential quality of a DevOps Engineer is Communication and Collaboration.

A DevOps Engineer is a bridge between the development team and IT operations.

Communication skills help to avoid misapprehension enabling a high-performance environment for teams to function. 

Your future in DevOps

Scholars say that DevOps will bring more prominent focus to optimize the practice of cloud technologies. 

Cloud services’ main plan is to provide DevOps automation with a standard platform for testing, deployment, and production notes for the companies deploying this discipline. 

The DevOps will bring more prominent focus to optimize the practice of cloud technologies.


Our technological future will give us many innovations, but we must realize that DevOps prerequisites are everything concerning the organization’s mission. DevOps-related purposes and expectations will develop with time.

Surveys state that job portals like indeed.com have witnessed a 75% of rising in the listing of jobs related to DevOps, and organizations adopting DevOps have experienced rapid growth in their performance as compared to their rival companies.  

Top tier tech companies like Accenture, Facebook, Barclays etc are always looking out for excellent DevOps engineers, thus making them the highest paid IT professionals. 

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