The Power of Discipline: Tips to Improve the Quality of your Life

The power of discipline: Tips to improve the quality of your life

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Discipline is one of the essential qualities that people should inculcate from the early years of their life.  

Discipline can be taught but not forced. The sense of purpose and responsibility should come from within. 

We cannot achieve our goals if we are lethargic and do not use our valuable time effectively. 

time management

If you are active on social media platforms you might have come across the video clip from the premise of the commencement speech delivered by Admiral William H McRaven from the University of Texas in 2014 where he said, “If you want to make a difference in the world, start by making your bed”.

This point made by him makes so much sense because you do not have to enroll in a Defence school or go through rigorous training to be disciplined. 

Small steps like waking up early, making your bed, keeping your things at their designated place even polishing your shoes will eventually help you set a daily routine.

Once your routine is set, it will eventually turn into a habit.

Teach them young

Group of kids playing
Group of Diverse Kids Playing at the Field Together

You might have often heard this saying, “Teach them young”. 

We must teach our children from a young age about the importance of moral values. Children are young and fragile. 

They tend to observe and absorb things that they encounter in their everyday lives. 

So, it becomes crucial that we start from the basics right from the beginning and set a daily routine. 

This will help them in the long run, as the power of discipline plays a significant role throughout our lifetime and helps us grow both personally and professionally. 

Importance, Power of discipline in a student’s life

Importance of discipline in student life

Most part of our life revolves around education. 

We are enrolled in school at the age of 3. After that, a large portion of our life goes into schooling, graduating, and career prospects.

 Therefore, it is essential that we have a sense of purpose, willingness, and enthusiasm to give the best in everything we do.

Student life is not easy, and there may be ups and downs and as we grow older, the intensity of the challenges we face increases along with our responsibilities. 

 Here is where the power of discipline plays a significant role. 

  1. Time Management

Discipline plays a significant role in helping us to manage time effectively and efficiently. 

Since our routine evolves into habits over a period of time, eventually, our body clock adapts to our habits. 

Therefore, as students, we should be self-aware of what we want to accomplish. 

It need not be a long-term goal. It could just be the tasks you want to accomplish today. 

Make a checklist of those tasks in your diary and mention the average time you would like to spend doing each task. 

Firstly, by doing this, you are giving a purpose to complete the mission.

 Secondly, this way, your entire day would be goal-oriented, and you can function up to your fullest potential by not wasting your time. 

  1. Helps you stay calm, composed and consistent

Another important aspect about the power of discipline is that it helps us to remain consistent.

 Consistency and hard work is the key to success.

 Discipline plays a significant role in creating consistency in our day-to-day activities as now we stick to our schedule and do the tasks accordingly. 

As a student, it is vital that we are consistent with our preparation for exams and meet our deadlines on time. Doing this will help us avoid last-minute panics and worry. This would ensure that we present quality work, preparation, and timely submissions.

This would have a positive impact on our results and success. 

  1. Art of prioritising work

Not only completing the work and meeting deadlines is important but also prioritising which task to do first based on the circumstances is also very crucial.

 If you know when to prioritize what work, it can help you both personally and professionally. 

When you know the art of prioritising work based on the importance and urgency of it. 

Then your mind will be focused on completing the tasks on time, and you won’t be wasting time meaninglessly. 

Basically, it helps you stay focused, and when you have the quality of discipline, it will be easier for you to make decisions like these. 

  1. Sense of responsibility and purpose

With the power of discipline comes a sense of responsibility and purpose. 

We will own up to the decisions and promises we make. 

This will help us in time management, decision-making skills and help us make a good relationship with all the stakeholders involved.

 This is because the higher the sense of responsibility and purpose we have, the trust factor of others upon us increases. This will help us in a significant way personally, academically, and professionally. 

  1. Healthy mind = healthy body
Importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body

 You must be familiar with the proverb,” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 

Especially as students, we have many assignments, exams, practicals, and deadlines to take care of. 

In such a scenario, if we are not disciplined enough to follow a proper schedule. 

We might even be risking our health and mental peace, which may negatively affect our output. 

Hence, if we are disciplined, follow a routine, and stick to a schedule that gives an excellent work-life balance. 

We will not get bored due to the monotony and will feel fresh. Moreover, a healthy mind and a healthy body will increase your productivity by many folds. 

Youngsters: The future of the Nation

Importance of teaching youngsters about discipline

Youngsters are the future of tomorrow. So, it’s crucial that they understand the importance of being disciplined from a very early age and inculcate moral values. 

One of the main powers of discipline is that it teaches us on how to manage our negative impulses. 

Which is extremely important because as children we go through a lot of different emotions during different phases of our growth period.

 During this time, having a disciplined routine will eventually lead to us having a better quality of life. 

What is discipline?

We each might have a different story about how our parents used to teach us discipline.

 Some might have used the reward system for good behavior, some might have punished you for not following what they said, and some might have just let you be the way you want.

 Having said that, discipline is not about how others control you. It’s all about the art of how you manage your mind and behavior. 

Being disciplined will not only help you at a personal level but also help society. 

Because discipline will naturally instill the quality of a good behavior and the ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong deeds. 

Therefore, it will set a foundation for being a good and responsible citizen. 

How to develop self-discipline?

How to develop self-discipline?

As mentioned previously, discipline can be taught but not be forced. At the end of the day, it all depends on your willingness to change your life for the better. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can develop the quality of self-discipline:

  1. Create a Strategy:

The first and foremost step to accomplish your goals is to create a strategy.

 This strategy will be your roadmap to success.

 When you create a plan, start slow by initially setting short-term goals. Secondly, make sure that you abide by the plan. 

Making the plan might sound easy, but sticking to it might take time.

 Therefore, it’s important that you stay honest with your strategy. 

  1. Stay away from unnecessary temptations:

Unnecessary temptations may pull us back from reaching our goals and functioning up to our fullest potential. This is only possible when you have good self-control. 

 It may be hard to work on your weaknesses initially, but taking baby steps will help you in the long run.

 For instance, if your weakness is spending a lot of time playing video games then gradually start reducing the amount of time you spend on it.

 Over a while, you will be able to notice the change in you.

  1. Monitor your progress:

Monitoring your progress will help you understand whether you are able to achieve your targets and if not, what are the factors that are pulling you down.

 This would help you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and help you work on them. 

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Wrapping Up:

Power of Discipline plays a vital role in everyone’s life. 

It teaches us how to control our minds and behavior. 

Especially for students, discipline plays a vital role in shaping their life as it gives them a sense of purpose, willingness and enthusiasm to function to their fullest potential. 

When a student is disciplined they work towards achieving their goals no matter what situation they are put in. 

Most importantly, discipline plays an important role in creating responsible citizens. 

As children today are the future of tomorrow, a good behavioural foundation will help them at a personal level and society as a whole. 

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