Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

Positive and Negative effects of technology

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Knowledge brings logical understanding to a person, but the application of it helps complete the work.

The definition of technology is – the practical application of knowledge to complete a task. In the past few years or so, the growth of technologies has been tremendous. Therefore, it’s important to know the positive and negative effects of technology.

Technology has become an integral part of a person’s life. Better quality of work can be provided with the use of technology. Importance of technology in our life has increased. Furthermore, with the growth in the IT sector, the probability of a new app that can replace a certain work keeps increasing. 

Nowadays, theoretically, we have apps and devices that can replace the job of a receptionist. Neglect of human preference in the service provided can very well lead to this becoming a reality. Technology refers to these things in general; a device, applications, software, and hardware.

Growth of technology in various sectors

Any new scientific innovation is a technological growth. For example, new fertilizers created in the farming field, software apps on the internet, innovation in robotics, etc. 2021 has been a year for new emerging technologies and innovation. To survive in the market, businesses are eager to adopt one or the other technology which they were reluctant to use previously.

Key takeaways

  • Technology has become a lifeline for a person. It is impossible to keep technology out of any work nowadays. Therefore, it’s important to know long term effects of technology.
  • Use of Technology in Education, Medical and Business sectors. Virtual learning, Online booking services, Data storage efficiency in medical.
  • Positive effects of Technology. Less expense, better efficiency, communication channels, increase in networks, etc.
  • Negative effects of Technology. Social isolation, job loss, adverse health effects, scams, etc.

Importance of Technology

Before we get into the long term effects of technology or the negative and positive effects of technology, it is critical to discuss why technology is important in our daily life.

There is no lie in saying that the contribution of technology in our daily life is significant. Just one hour of a power outage, stoppage of essential services, and cellular blackout can leave you clueless. People won’t be able to do any work.

Various devices connected digitally through technology

For example, take the sales job which today heavily depends on digital marketing and telecommunication. In the past, you would see a salesperson going door to door for product sales but not in the present era. Now, companies do all the work digitally. And people are the one who approach businesses for products.

Technology is a lifeline for humans, without which surviving is not possible. Covid pandemic proves its importance even more. The importance of technology in staying connected, working from home, and the importance of medical facilities has been very evident in these challenging times. 

The other vital aspects that technology provides are improving security, widening communication, information & knowledge gain, and last but not the least for entertainment purposes.

As such, learning positive and negative effects of technology has become essential. Also it would be beneficial to analyse the effects of technology on society in various sectors.

Effect of Technology on Education Sector

With the Covid pandemic situation, the importance of technology has become more relevant. Today, it is possible to hold classes in lockdown only because of technologies like the internet, computer, zoom & similar software apps.

Before the pandemic, EdTech companies were the ones that were making use of technologies to their full potential. These companies offered both the options of learning online as well as physical classes. They made use of LMS portals which I guess weren’t widely used by schools or colleges previously. 

Online learning with help of technology. Effect of Technology on Education.

The use of technology will only grow now, even after the pandemic is over. There are no longer any geographical barriers because of technology. People can get tutored by foreign experts/faculties from the comfort of their homes. 

Also, with so much information available on the internet that too for free, it has become possible for people to afford to learn many things. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development, people will start to accept these technologies. Above all, with people getting adapted to virtual learning, this sure is a step in a new way of teaching. 

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Impact of Technology on Business

For the business sector, let’s talk from the perspective of Marketing. If previously, the reach of a business was limited to a locality or region, now, its reach is expanded literally worldwide because of technology.

Companies can increase their profits exponentially with the correct use of social media platforms and marketing techniques. Today there is no need for companies to organize costly foreign trips to collaborate with foreign companies or parent companies. These can just be conducted over the internet and thus reduce expenses


Businessmen using tablet to analyse data. Impact of Technology on Business.

Even in businesses like delivery services, online booking, transportation, technology is far integrated into them. Nowadays, online booking is preferred over physical booking, as you can book from the comfort of your home, and there is no need for standing in line or waiting for hours. 

Businesses feel that there is no need for infrastructure, as people can now work from home. This way, businesses can cut back on many expenses while continuing the same level of work from home. Reduction in costs is a huge plus point of technology integration for businesses.

Importance of technology in health care

Researching effects of technology on health has grown tremendously. It is possible to save lives only because of continuous research and development in the medical field. This has been proved over the past with each and every medicine being developed for any disease. 

With technology, it is possible to store information about a person’s medical history in an organized manner. Which can be searched again at a later point in time with a single click of a button. Because of this, time is not wasted when a patient in critical condition comes in for a cure.

Then there are MRI scans, X-Ray scanners, and other medical devices that can provide us with info about injuries that are not visible to naked eyes. Knowing this increases the chances of person getting proper treatment.

In addition to above Artificial organs, Robotic surgery, Inhalers are some more examples of technology integration in the medical field. This way, information technology helps a lot in the medical field. 

Impact of Technology on Our Health

It’s no secret that technology has helped us in unimaginable ways & is continuing to do so with constant advancements for the betterment of Mankind.

There’s a saying, “Human body is made up of cells, which progress with the progress around them, but over-progression of cells leads to cancer”.

Progress is good and Mankind is obsessed with making progress. However, it comes with various problems both physical and mental.

The fact that the entire generation is stuck to its screens resulting in higher rates of depression, less physical activity and less ability to focus are true testaments to these problems.

Excess of everything is harmful and the same is true with technology, so step back sometimes from all the screens around you and relax for a while.

Negatives effects of technology

Nothing comes with 100% benefits, and similar is the case for technology adoption. Some of the negative effects or technologies disadvantages are as follows.

  1. Job loss (downsizing) is one of the main concerns with AI integration in businesses.
  2. Adverse effects to health such as the harmful effect of digital screens on eyes.
  3. Decrease in physical interaction with meeting over call and social media platforms.
  4. More ways for distraction with people multitasking, less efficiency.
  5. Crime/Scam with internet or messaging app technologies
  6. Increase in pollution due to transportation or electronic waste
  7. Loss of privacy because of social platforms is another big issue.
  8. Physical inactivity will become a major concern with technologies making life easy.

Positives effects of technology

Positives effects of technology

Well, enough with the negative effects  because I myself think the positive effects strongly outweigh the negative ones. Let us see some technologies advantages and positive effects now:

  1. One of the biggest positive effects is easier communication, and communicating with technology is proving helpful in times of mandatory social distancing laws.
  2. Advertising for people has become easier, also companies benefit a lot from digital marketing.
  3. Medical research has helped save a lot of lives.
  4. Robotics – Innovations and development in this field will help work in adverse environments.
  5. Calculation and storage of data are more accurate and precise.
  6. Information access available to all at affordable prices.
  7. Technology helps in eliminating any geographical boundaries.
  8. Reduction in expenses, less time-consuming, better efficiency, increased productivity are some more advantages.

Due to technology integration, there is also a concern for jobs being replaced by robots. Find out more about 9 Alarming Jobs Robots Will Replace In The Future. With all these negative and positive effects of technology, people have to learn to use the technology properly and not become completely reliant on it.


Technology being an integral part of our lives, it is important to learn to adapt with it. Technology is definitely a two-sided sword, and therefore we need to accept the positives and reduce the negatives as much as possible.

Though India is constantly working towards making the country technologically advanced and improving the quality of life of Indian citizens, there are several missing technologies in the country. For proper growth of country these need to be implemented in each respective fields.

The growth of technology in the past few years has been tremendous. For example, think of internet penetration in everyday tasks. It is literally impossible to do a job without using technology in one way or the other. As such, complete elimination of the use of technology is neither practical nor possible.

Technological advancements may save lives, and because of this reason alone, it is worth integrating technology. It has become easier for companies or startups to do work at less expenses. People will just have to upskill themselves and learn to coexist with innovations in technology.

Improve your life with technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of technology in Medical sector?

With the computerized saving of data, things are done faster, and this helps reduce time and increase the probability of curing or saving a life.

What are the top or latest technologies in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT, AR, and VR are some emerging techs in 2021.

Is technology a boon or bane?

There is no clear-cut answer for this. It may be a boon for one person, while the same tech for some may be a bane. For example- companies integrate technology to increase productivity while at the same time might downsize employee numbers.

What are the effects of technology?

It has both positive and negative effect. Some of them are increasing satisfaction, better communication channels, eliminating geographical boundaries and some negatives are obesity, health issues, sleep problems, etc.

Is technology making us lazy?

Arguably this may be true. As the whole point of technology is to make a job easy, less efforts will be required from a person and this ultimately will lead to humans becoming lazy.

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