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Best 3 Online Music Analysis | Learn Music Analysis

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Learning to analyse music is hard. I know. I’ve been there. Before analysing anything, you have to understand various concepts, which all seem unrelated. 

It’s hard to know what you are studying next. Most people get overwhelmed and let it go before it gets started because it brings frustration and confusion. If you have a strong determination, read this blog to learn more about music analysis and the best 3 online music analysis courses.

But first, do you know the meaning of Music Analysis?

So, here is the answer!

Key Takeaways

  • What is Music Analysis?
  • How to do Music Analysis?
  • Can I learn Music Analysis online
  • Best online music analysis courses

What is Music Analysis?

It is the study of the music of other cultures and songs without written notes. This whole thing called music analysis was first only started for western classical music. I have explained it in a layman’s language, but if you are in the process of understanding, there is still more you should know about music analysis.

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Music Analysis has precisely two techniques for analysing any music/songs.


It is the process of breaking down the music into smaller bits and analysing the combination of the music content bits. 


This technique is used by music composers who provide the time to understand the interaction between musical pieces. If you have already completed a music analysis course, I urge you to look into this blog!

Now let me tell you if music is easy to understand & learn.

But, let me tell you from my perception, you have to invest 80% hard work and 20% in smartness. You might have observed that one concept – Anything you want to make easily, isn’t actually easy.

Here it goes!

Music is easy to learn?

Nope, It is challenging to learn. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want to know the language Kannada/any language. Usually, language has many letters, writing styles and many more. Is it not?

But once you start learning with a strong determination and high patience. One day, trust me, you will be happy and develop the capability to stay calm, of course after a few years of learning music will make it feel very easy indeed!

As you have a few memos about music, let me provide a structured way to understand music analysis.

How to do Music Analysis?

Let’s say you’re consciously expressing the elements that constitute a melody seeing what material type of the song is amazing by examining and dissecting your favourite tunes.

Soon, you’ll notice patterns that you should save for future reference with your melodic idea library. Here are four pointers to get you started analysing music if you’ve never done it.

  • Importance of active listening
  • Identifying drum patterns
  • Visualise your drum patterns
  • Understand the melody

After this pandemic, you might have thought it is possible to learn music analysis online. 

Can I learn music analysis online?

Online Course

One of the most effective ways to learn about music is through online courses. Courses can be delivered in various formats, including text-heavy, drawings and diagrams, step-by-step instructions, or even a semester-long course taught by an academic institution.

Many online courses are available to teach you about the fundamentals of music, such as theory, specific instruments, how to analyse music, how to play your favourite songs, and more. Courses are a terrific way to go if you’re just getting started and could use some basic information. You may follow recent articles and tutorials that will enable you to achieve your progress.


YouTube videos are a terrific way to learn to play music since you can watch them whenever you want and get the same cinematic experience as a real instructor. 

YouTube instructional videos are excellent because you can learn while watching a natural person play the instrument you’re interested in. Specifically with equipment like the piano, guitar, or violin, observing someone else play the keys, strings, or frets you require can significantly help you improve with your own instrument. This is especially true if you’re learning to play certain songs with your instrument using YouTube tutorials.

Online Teachers

Special educators can be costly, and they are also inconvenient because you must leave your home once a week to meet them at the music company or academy where they work or at their home. However, thanks to the Internet, many skilled instructors are deciding to teach their students via live video.

Once you’ve found the proper teacher, you can set up classes at a convenient time for both of you, switch on your webcam, and receive your lesson via live-streamed video. This is a fantastic approach to learning since you can ask questions as they arise and receive immediate feedback on your performance from a professional in the business. Furthermore, having the same teacher for several months allows you to measure your development because they will keep working with you over time, assisting you in the areas where you have the most difficulty.

As you got the answer on how you can learn online music analysis. Now let’s move on to the three best online courses available for this field of learning.

Best 3 online music analysis course

Music Matters

The grades 1–5 courses provide a fantastic foundation for any musician, whether they plan to take the syllabus deliberately in order. Each grade is offered separately or as a bundle for a discounted price. You’ll also have lifetime access to them, and you’ll be able to view them from anywhere, thanks to the fantastic platform that allows you to keep track of your progress.

In this institution, a mentor & musician called “Gareth” goes over each issue thoroughly, with written lessons, and then plays the piano so you can hear the ideas in action.


Best online music analysis course - Verzeo

For those who want a more structured learning setting, I recommend checking out Verzeo’s music analysis classes. This course begins and, like the others, will provide you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music, including instruction on the pitch, scales, modes, and chords, as well as rhythmic, form, and harmonious function.

You can pay a modest charge and receive a completion certificate when you pass.

Shaw Academy

Following that, we have a fantastic course from Shaw Academy. What makes this one unique is that you may try it out absolutely risk-free for four weeks (but hurry, as this is a limited-time offer).

It covers all the fundamentals and guides you into your first phases in music analysis with lessons on pitch, rhythm, notation, and scales before moving on to ear training, chords, and composition.


Anyway, that concludes our look at the best online music analysis courses; I hope the blog has given you some inspiration. Whatever option you choose, the most vital point is that you finish it. Many people begin learning music theory with the greatest of intentions but rapidly lose interest and stop putting in the effort. Paying for a course can be an intelligent way to commit to it because you’ve just saved a modest amount of money and are much more likely to complete it.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll be pleased to assist you in the appropriate direction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of music analysis?

The purpose is to figure out what it is about the patterns throughout the music which contribute to the music’s style, period, and mood. Some musicians see musical analysis as a dull theoretical exercise with little practical use.

2. What is music form analysis?

The structure of a composition, its themes, and the relationships between them are all aspects of musical form. Music, both famous and classical, employs a wide range of forms.

3. What are the musical elements of analysis?

The music, the tempo, the rhythm, the harmonies, the growth, and the texture are the seven key aspects of music. Although timbre is a sound characteristic, it is effective to include it in this group.

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