How Can Online Internships For College Students Be Useful

Online Internships For College Students

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Why should I do an online internship to get a job? “I have completed my studies and achieved a good score!” Yes, we understand why most college students make this statement. It’s totally logical, but if we take another point of view, where companies are hiring graduates like you, how will they filter you from the rest?

I won’t bore you with statistics to answer this question, but let us take an example to make you understand why it is important to do Online Internships For College Students.

You are among 100 students with the same score, which implies that you are now competing with 100 students for a job role. But what if you completed an online internship for 3 or 6 months? 

You have now stood out among those 100 students and reduced your competition. The first preference of any company among these 100 students will be you, simply because you have the relevant experience and training that no other student has gained.

Key Takeaways

  • Scope of Online Internships For College Students
  • Benefits of Online Internship
  • What to consider when selecting an online mentorship program
  • How to grab an online internship as a college student

What is an Online Internship?

It is a program where a trainee working in an organization can gain work experience from a remote location and satisfy the requirements for qualifying as an employee.

Currently, the scope of an online internship is way more than offline internships. The opportunities and benefits that college students receive are immense.

Scope of an online internship

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted to working from home. So, the latest internships that you receive will mostly be work from home. 

Many websites offer online internships to college students. You can check out this blog to know more. 

Benefits of Online Internships for College Students?

There are innumerable benefits of an online internship; some of them include:

1. Your Job Search Area Increases

Relocation is not a concern for you. Nothing holds you back from searching for jobs all over the world. Also, it doesn’t restrict you from searching for jobs near your home. Take part in worldwide internship offers while sitting at home. You can expand your wings as much as possible through virtual internships.

2. You cut out the expenses

Many companies will not compensate your expenses as an intern. So, virtual internships help you cut relocation, travelling, food and many more of your expenses.

3. Increases Your Worthiness

Yes, just like Thor, you must prove your worthiness to achieve employment, and an online internship is currently the best way for you. Seeing a professional experience in your resume gives the recruiter a reason to trust you more than the other candidates applying for the job role.

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How to Choose a Good Internship Program?

Here are some things you should consider while choosing an online internship program:

  • Choose a field that you want to pursue.
  • Research the industry requirements that the field demands.
  • Shortlist some online mentorship programs that are available to you in that field.
  • Do a background check on the programs you have shortlisted and choose the best one among them.
  • Specifically, ask what skills you will learn in the program.
  • Check whether the online learning platform offers you an internship with live projects.

Many of you, while reading this, are thinking, “Why is pay not on the list?” To be honest, you shouldn’t consider pay as a criterion for internships. Just take it as a learning experience, which you are getting for free. Every industry is different, so do not stress about your pay. But, if you get paid, then brownie points to you.

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How to get online internships as a college student?

There are many platforms that provide you with online internships in different streams to help learn essential skills that you may lack. Some of them are:


Internshala is India’s biggest platform for offering online internships to college students. They offer a variety of courses but have tremendous competition as they have a huge batch strength. You can filter your choices by whether you want to work in a particular city or opt for an online internship as well.


Verzeo offers you an online mentorship program where you will learn from the best coaches. It is online learning & online training program where you will also get a Course Completion Certificate from Verzeo and a Co-branded Certificate from your chosen domain.

Basically, this program fulfils all the requirements you will need to excel in your career. 

From online training to receiving industry-based projects and certificates.

This program has got you covered! 

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On stuMagz, you can find multiple opportunities for technical and non-technical jobs. But, you have to filter the virtual internships as they provide you with both online and offline internships.


University/College will not teach you everything, especially in the practical aspect.

So, to enhance your experience, you must work as an intern and gain the practical knowledge required to fill the gap in your CV.

I won’t tell you to join a particular platform. It would be best if you make your own decision about what best suits you.

The amount of learning is huge, so grab everything that comes your way.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What skills can you gain from the internship?

The Skills that you acquire from internships are:
1. Business Communication
2. Time Management & Multi-Tasking
3. Problem-Solving
4. It Increases your technical skills

Do internships lead to jobs?

Yes, it will definitely lead you to jobs. Just think of it as a test drive that the company wants to take before buying the vehicle. So, do your best and grow as much as possible in your internship period.

Should you do an internship during or after college?

The answer to this is up to you because every college, stream and industry is different. If you don’t have too much pressure in college, you can go for an internship during college, but if that’s not the case. Then focus on your college first and do an internship after.

How do you succeed in virtual internships?

1. Set your goals
2. Learn and cherish every experience you receive
3. Focus on your communication skills and try to improve them.
4. Keep asking for feedback and know your weak points
5. Stay motivated and keep grinding.

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