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Mind reading computers

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Mind Reading Computers and Devices. What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Probably some super cool computers which read your mind when you are working on them and do all the work for you right?

Let us find out what Mind-Reading Computers are, how they work, and let’s discover some cool facts about them. 

Mind Reading Computers: The Start 

Mind Reading Computers were created in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The group of engineers along with psychiatrists defined these mind-reading machines as PCs as machines that actualize computational models of mind-reading to induce mental conditions of individuals from their facial signs.

Their main objective was to improve human-computer communication through empathic reactions and to improve the efficiency of the user. 

They also focused on empowering applications to start communications with the user based on their interests.

They used an advanced camcorder which helped the mind-reading computer in examining an individual’s outward appearances continuously. This also kept track of the individual’s basic mental state and detected various emotions of the users like sadness, anxiety, happiness etc. 

The AI model which was used in the supercomputers started analyzing the face, face movements, and various facial expressions initially. It was later developed to understand head movements.

The AI model was then later trained on the development, shape, and shading aspects to distinguish motions like a grin when eyebrows are being raised,  frowning and all the other facial expressions that require movement of facial muscles. 

They were continuously developed and were made so smart that a mixture of emotions could be understood by the computer.

Let me give you an example. A mix of a head gesture, a grin, and eyebrows raised might mean that the person was intrigued by what was displayed on the computer. 

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Logic Behind Mind-Reading Computers 

We know that, as humans, we express our psychological state which includes the various feelings we feel in a day, our contemplations, and wants very regularly. 

Now think about how all these are expressed, they are usually expressed through our appearances, tone of our voice, and our hand or body gestures.  

Our state of mind shapes the choices that we make, impacts the way we speak with others, and influences the way we portray ourselves.

The ability to assign mental states to what the person is feeling and foresee the future activities of the person is called brain perusing. 

Currently, there are many existing Human-PC interfaces but they all neglect the user’s psychological states and their future action. 

The existing Computer advances often disappoint the users as they cannot start any form of connection with the user. 

With the exponential increase of technological advancements and the invention of portable and wearable gadgets, people around the world are demanding machines that will understand their psychological state and react accordingly. 

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Why Mind Reading? 

The mind-reading computers and algorithms present data about the users psychological state very effectively. 

Imagine a future where we are surrounded with cell phones, vehicles and other gadgets that guess our thoughts, understand us better and respond to our ever changing mood. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The world is progressing towards the same. 10 years from now there will be optimum usage of innovation in our everyday lives. 

People across the globe are working towards vehicles that will identify the drivers mental states and predict future actions.

This system will understand if the driver is sad, happy, angry, sleepy, intoxicated, or distracted and can tell if he is fit for driving or not.

The body postures and gestures are also included along with the facial expressions and head movements to accurately know the mental state of the driver.  Almost like a talking car! Cool right?

Researchers are now working towards making the computers predictions more accurately by training them with additional sources of information. For example, they use body actions and emojis to improve their performance. 

These face-reading technologies are being used in the online shopping sector and by other e-shopping platforms. 

How does a mind reading computer work?

The mind-reading really includes estimating the volume and oxygen level of the blood of the user. 

The user usually wears a headband that sends light into the tissues of the head where it is consumed by the blood-filled tissues. 

The headband at that point quantifies how much light was not retained which will let the computer measure the metabolic requests that the user’s mind is making.

People wearing these headbands were made to perform different errands. This is one of the methods they used to collect data and update the intelligence of the computers. 

Advantages of mind reading computer

Mind Reading Computer have several advantages and helped in the development of the globe as a whole in the last few years. 

Their  working can  be categorized in the following three steps: 

  1. Electrodes of the Mind Reading Computers are implanted in the brain 
  2. There is technology which will transfer the electric signals from the brain to the computer and the computer translates these signals. 
  3. The thoughts of the person appear as words on the screen. 

Let us see how these Mind-Reading Computers have contributed to the globe. With Mind-Reading Computers: 

  1. Paralyzed people are being given voice and movement. 
  2. Coma patients can communicate and understand what is happening in their brain. 
  3. Police and the Military are able to read the enemies’ brains and understand them better. 
  4. Employers can understand their employees better. 
  5. Truth can be found out easily during a crime

A lot of people are often scared that their embarrassing thoughts will be read and are scared that their reputation will go down. 

Disadvantages of mind reading computer

Like everything else, though Mind Reading Devices have various applications and advantages, they have their own challenges.

Some of the major disadvantages of Mind Reading Devices are: 

  1. They have high chances of breaching the privacy of the person. 
  2. If it goes into the wrong hands, it can lead to the destruction of the world.
  3. They are not completely accurate and cannot be relied upon 100%. They have an accuracy lesser than that. 

Fun fact, you all know about the Stephen Hawking Chair right? It was built completely on mind-reading devices! 


Mind Reading Computers and Devices have a great future ahead. They are finding applications in various industries. 

Various researchers say that there is no limit for their growth. It is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. This is one field that has a perfect blend of engineers, scientists and doctors. 

These technologies include neuroscience and neuroscience is regarded as one of the most complex studies. 

Studies say that 20 years from now, the world we will witness will be completely different from what it is today. The technological advancements will be massive. Let us get ready for the same! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mind reading computer?

Mind reading is a human psychological term that means to find out the perception or thoughts of any person through their facial expressions or body language.

Is there any Mind Reading Computer?

Well, for the past few years, many gigantic companies like Intel are researching on this topic. Finally, they have been working on such technology ‘Mind Reading Computer,’ which can evaluate human emotions, thoughts, and expressions.

Is there technology that can read minds?

Brain reading technologies are rapidly being developed in a number of neuroscience fields. These technologies can record, process, and decode neural signals. This has been described as ‘mind reading technology’ in some instances, especially in popular media.

The future of mind reading computer?

The mind reading computer, genuinely, can read people’s minds and can react to different emotions or commands. Researchers believe that, in the future, mind reading computer can be applied to many disciplines in the real world and can improve the quality of HCI. This exploratory research provides comprehensive insights into the background, models and implementation of this model.

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