7 Latest Types of Robots used In various fields in 2022

Latest types of robots used in various fields

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The 21st century is utilising the science of robots more than we realise. 

There are various types of robots integrated into human life, which we misunderstand as standard machinery. 

So what makes robotics different from machinery? 

The answer is the capability of making decisions and self-governing functions

And here are the 7 Latest types of robots used in various fields and sectors.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Example of 7 latest robots
  • Basic information about the latest robots in various fields
  • Use and application of robots 

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7 Latest Types of Robots used in Various Fields

  1. Vyommitra 
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. NuTonomy
  4. RoboThespian
  5. Delta Robots 
  6. AMR 
  7. Gladiator

1. Vyommitra

Meet Vyommitra, the first half-humanoid Indian robot developed and unveiled by ISRO in January 2020 to accompany astronauts on the Gyanganga mission. 

Robots that are aesthetically similar looking to humans are called Humanoid Robots

Vyommitra name’s literal meaning is ‘space friend’. It is a Robonaut. Rononauts are supposed to perform more dexterous activities than simple machine labour-type robots. 

Vyommitra will assist the crew by stimulating human-like functions in experiments in microgravity in low orbit space. 

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2. Mitsubishi

After all, sci-fi movies and anime were not as fiction as we thought. 

The cafe X startup opened this robot cafe in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Mitsubishi is a robotic arm that takes an order and serves coffee to customers.  

Meet the robotics arm barista Mitsubishi: a cobot robot.

Cobot, or collaborative robots, work with humans. They are designed to share a workspace with humans, that is why they are called collaborative robots

Mitsubishi is just one example of a cobot robot; FANUC cobots, Universal Robots UR10, and the Omron TM series are a few other examples.

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 3. NuTonomy

Welcome to the era of the self-driving car, and guess what? Tesla isn’t the only option.  

And just in case you live under a rock, let me enlighten you about self-driving robots. These are automatic robotic cars that no longer need humans to drive. 

NuTonomy is an example of an autonomous vehicle robot.

There are various other robotic cars out there, such as WiTricity, ABB, Waymo, AutoX, etc. 

The USA has filed the highest robotics self-driving car patents- 135828

4. RoboThespian

Dear Leonardo DiCaprio, you have a Robo competition. 

This fellow ‘RoboThespian’ is an entertainment actor robot.

Entertainment robots are not made for any productive utility; they are mere means to entertain humans. It includes toy robots, humanoid entertainment robots, and commercial & non-commercial art robots

It is a human-look-alike robot that can speak more than 30+ languages. It can perform any script given, in both male and female voices. 

Check out the performance of this talented actor.

5. Delta Robots 

Delta robots are upside-down triangle-shaped industrial robots. 

Industrial robots are used mostly for manufacturing or automating  certain parts of processes which could be dangerous for human health and life

Delta robots are widely used for manufacturing purposes across all sorts of industries, like food & packaging, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, adhesive dispensing, cosmetics, etc. 

Delta robot’s impeccable speed makes it the number one manufacturing choice.  

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6. AMR

Automatic mobile robots are independent robots that learn from their environment and make decisions in near real-time.  

These robots are replacements for automated guided vehicles; the key difference between both is that AMR robots do not need supervision. It is well equipped with artificial intelligence, navigation, and sensors, which enables it to make decisions in near real-time. 

Healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehouse, logistics, and hospitality- all industries are replacing AGV with AMR

7. Gladiator

The artificial soldier is a marine robot. 

Military robots are automatic or remotely controlled robots designed primarily for military use; search & rescue, transport & logistics, attack, defence, etc

This unmanned vehicle is an advanced robot that USA marine use in combat to reduce risk and neutralise threats.  


We have discussed robots in the military to Robonauts in space. One thing in common: functionality benefits serving across industries. 

But you did notice that robots have started replacing jobs, i.e., with self-driving cars and more driver jobs. 

If it is replacing jobs, it is creating more opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, software development and many more. 
Don’t get left behind in the league; join it by enrolling in Verzeo’s robotics program, designed to get the best out of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the latest humanoid robot?

Beomni 1.0 and Ameca Robot humanoid robots were unveiled in 2022.

2. Can you buy a humanoid robot?

Yes, humanoid robots already exist; Sophia was 1st humanoid launched in 2016. 

3. Which country created Sophia?

Hanson Robotics from Hong Kong created her; later, she received citizenship from Saudi Arabia.  

4. Do robots run on electricity?

Robots need the energy to function just like any other machine. Robots take power from electricity.  

5. What are the 5 different types of robots?

Here is the list of 5 types of robots 
1. AMR
2. Articulated robots 
3. Cobots
4. Humanoid
5. Hybrid

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