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Top 10 Game Development Languages

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Game Development is a career that has its popularity gaining momentum with each passing day. New game studios are being formed every now and then and new projects being announced every day. This inevitably calls for an increase in demand for Video Game Developers and Designers. Because of this demand, a large number of people are turning to this field to create a career. A field, that is overflowing with languages for Game Developers to choose from.

But one question that every such aspirant must answer before starting out is, “What language to learn?” and to answer that question, we present to you a list of the 10 most prevalent languages in the Game Development sector.


The aim of this blog is not to have you decide here and now, which language should you start learning immediately. 

The purpose of this blog is to give you an idea of the various languages available to Game Developers that you have an option to choose from for the purpose of beginning your journey. 

All of these have different uses, different areas of applications, different game engines to work with, different platforms, etc. What we aim to achieve is that you judge the language best suited for you based on your needs, requirement, role in mind, and your passion. So be the best judge of yourself and browse this list to find the right fit for you.



C++ Language for Game Developers

It is not surprising to see that the first name on this list is one of the fundamental languages that beginners are recommended to learn when they start out. C++ is a language that is very widely used in the video game industry. It is used for making games on various consoles and is one of the two main languages that are used in coexistence with the Unity game engine.

C++ game development is also used with the Unreal Engine that is one of the most popular engines in the industry. It follows the principle of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) because of which many studios ask for developers that are proficient in C++ and it opens up various doors for its coders, both in and out of the game industry.


Web Developers make games using JAVA. Languages for Game Developers.

Java is another language that works on the OOP principle. The unique thing about Java is that it runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) so it can run on almost any platform, provided that the platform can run JVM.

The primary platform for running games made by Java are android phones because of the large variety of options. Creating games in Java allows developers to skip testing every game on each device separately.


C# with unity for Game Developers

C# (pronounced C “sharp”) is a development language created by Microsoft. It was created to combine the advantages of both C++ and Java to create a language to develop cross-platform games.

C# is quite known in the industry because it is the default language used by the infamous Unity Engine that is used for developing several high-profile games in the industry. In fact, Unity was created keeping C# in mind which is why it has a lot of libraries specifically for this powerful combination. Since Unity is the go-to engine for almost half of the industry, C# is also demanded very much in the field.


JavaScript for Game Developers

The purpose of creating JavaScript was not to create games. But today, it is being used more and more every day in the field of Interactive Online Gaming. JavaScript is widely used in website development to handle all the processes behind a web page’s scenes.

It was built with both event-driven and object-oriented systems for web interaction making it an easy choice for the transition to game development which was becoming popular for online games with each passing day. The fact that flash player became obsolete, which was used to make online games before, and existing users of JavaScript with HTML and CSS paved the way for this giant to slowly rise to the top.


HTML5 for Game Developers

HTML5 is getting popular for the development of web-based games. It is one of the building blocks of the World Wide Web and is one of the fundamental languages used to create web pages. Its gaining popularity can be easily understood because it is one of the easiest markup languages to learn. Another reason for the popularity of this language is that it can be extensively used with JavaScript for interactivity.

HTML5 is also used for making a wide variety of mobile games due to its simplicity and wide range of features. It comes pre-installed in Windows OS, eliminating the need of downloading any extra software. In some cases, it can be used as an alternative to JavaScript itself.


While HTML5 is used for page structure, CSS3 is used in the web for visual display elements. CSS3 deals with the area of web development that pertains to how elements will look on a screen, on paper, in speech, or on other media. Known for being very simple and easy to learn, CSS3 is a great place to start for those who want to learn game and web development.

It is worth noting here that CSS alone cannot be used to make games. The main use of CSS is to make tags for the various things on a webpage. To create and run your web page or video game, you need to use CSS with JavaScript to incorporate interactivity.


Python is a language that is renowned as one of the most versatile languages in the industry. Along with versatility, it also boasts ease of usage and very straightforward language to code with. But while it has a lot of demand in the coding world, it isn’t the preferred language for game development.

The Pygame Framework, which is developed with Python as a base, is gaining more popularity every day because it makes developing games much easier and faster. Python’s future in the game development field is an issue for another day. But as of now, learning Python is the safest option when it comes to learning new languages because of the wide range of applications of the language.


Objective C is the leading language in the arena of iOS game development. It is developed keeping in mind the features and functionalities of C and adapting them to the iOS platform. It is also one of the languages that follow the principle of OOP resulting in much faster rendering times.

Objective C is mainly used with game engines like Core3D and Cocos2D. It is one of the best languages to start for someone who wishes to get into game development for iOS.


One of the game-changing languages in the industry is UnrealScript which was built around the highly renowned and extremely powerful Unreal Engine. It is able to support all front-running platforms like macOS, Linux Microsoft, Windows, SteamOS, PlayStation VR, and Android.

It creates some of the finest AAA games in the industry by following the principles of OOP and multiple inheritances. This language is a must for those who wish to use Unreal in their journey of being a game developer.


A multi-platform and lightweight language, Lua has been rising in fame and recognition in the industry. This can be owed to its simple language structure and syntax which provide a smooth experience to the user.

Multiple high-end game engines utilize Lua as their primary game design language, thus skyrocketing its demand. Some of those engines are CryEngine, Gideros Mobile, and Corona SDK.


That was our list of the top 10 game languages to opt for if you wish to get into the field of Game Development. Each one of these is used extensively in its respective domains. All of these will provide you with a solid base that will open a gateway into the Game Development industry.

Of course, each programmer is different and you should find the specific fit that is suitable for you. Introspect and find what your passion tells you. Do extensive research and read more into the subject. A good place to continue would be our blog on the guide to Game Development. Find the piece of the puzzle that you are missing. Use it take the first few steps to the final destination that you wish to reach. It is a fantasy world out there and your only limit, is your imagination.

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