9 Alarming Jobs Robots will Replace in the Future

9 jobs that Robots will probably replace in the Future

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Jobs are the lifeline of humans to survive. It is something that gives meaning to a person’s life. With the growth and innovations in the technology sector, there are many jobs that robots will probably replace.

In the past few years, technology integration in businesses has been growing exponentially. And the Covid pandemic has given the final push to the companies that were resisting the use of technology.

As such, there is also a concern about there being jobs robots will replace.

Robots replacing humans role at work place. Jobs robots will replace

The growth in the technological advancements is around 60%, calculated as of January 2021. For companies with a new way of working, i.e., work from home and to survive in the market, technology integration is no longer an alternative. It has become vital for them to adopt the technology.

In businesses integration of technology at various steps.

Also, with many competitors present in the market, companies need to be the best in every field to gain most of the customer global market share. That is in Digital Marketing, Production, Sales, Market Research, Customer Service, etc., and one way to do this is by adopting the latest technologies in 2021.

Also, at present look at some of the missing technologies in India, one of which is robot delivering packages.

Key Takeaways

With technology growth and its integration in businesses human roles are under threat. There has been almost 60% growth in technology in 2021.

To increase profits companies need to stay up-to-date with the trending technologies like internet, Cloud Tech, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Jobs replaced by Artificial intelligence are: Customer service, Retail service, Data Analyst, etc.

Expectations from businesses 

At present, people expect far better services. Businesses have no choice but to automate the process. And hence there is rise in jobs that robots will probably replace. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Robot Process Automation has seen a rise in their use.

And with this, jobs like Customer Service, Ticket booking, Communication jobs, Labour jobs in the Mechanical field, etc., are at a high risk of being replaced. Before we get into details about Jobs that robots will probably replace, let’s discuss the techs that are very much in demand.  

And here we go, Artificial Intelligence and Robots (Robot Process Automation).

So let’s look at what is Robot Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the programming language used in machines to make them mimic how humans work. AI has made life so convenient that nowadays most things can be done with the click of a button. Most of the computer software’s have AI in them and thus jobs replaced by AI is a big concern.

Read some more impacts of AI in this particular blog, Artificial Intelligence’s future potential is bright, and it will usher in a revolution in the way we communicate with the world.

Online chatbots, recommendations on sites, Google Maps are some examples of the use of AI.

Robots (RPA) – RPA is a process to build a bot to act as humans. Use of Robots & humanoid robotics field is another technology that is vastly used in the industries.

Any machine that can work automatically without the help of humans to perform an action is referred to as a Robot. Jobs lost to automation is a possibility in many fields with constant innovations.

There is a misconception that only machines which look like humans are considered as robots. This is not a necessary condition. For example, the iRobot Braava jet 240 is a house-cleaning robot whose shape is similar to a box. It has a jet spray function and also you can set prefixed paths for it to follow. It is a convenient device for daily cleaning purposes.

Jobs robots have taken over

Following are few of the many jobs at risk of automation:

Customer service Job

What is customer service? It is a job in which staff of a company solves the problems of customer. Customer service as a career is under a lot of threat due to digital innovations like bots.

This role is the most viable job role that will be replaced by robots. For example, even at present, on phone calls to customer service centers, our first interaction is with AI, i.e., the recorded messages. On online platforms, chatbots are enough to answer the basic questions of a customer.

working illustration of Customer service employee

Customer service jobs work from home are becoming quite the trend due to the Covid pandemic.

Receptionist Job

Due to the Covid pandemic, people prefer even less contact with others. And with digital support available, it is possible to register online. And what this indirectly mean is replacement of receptionist jobs by bots.

With the use of digital technology, self check-ins are possible nowadays. This eliminates the need for assistance from receptionists for admission processes. This will be both good and bad as you can avoid irritable long lines, rude staff. On the other hand, people not good with technology may suffer.

Working illustration of receptionist.

For example, nowadays, at airports, you can find self-check-in kiosks or, even better, do online web check-in, which eliminates the need to do the same at the ticket counter.

Labour Worker Jobs

In industries, with every company searching for ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency & production, the obvious step is to integrate the latest technology. And this will result in downsizing. The labour worker jobs is the first role to be affected by technology integration.

Different job roles in society. Professional workers.

With robots, a higher level of consistency can be achieved and also, the best part is that they don’t require rest as much as humans do. For example, in assembly line jobs, automatic machines can give better efficiency as they can do the work of many workers at a time. 

Online Proofreading Job

For now, it is not expected for AI to come up with new imaginative ways of content writing. But on the other hand, proofreading an already existing document completely using AI software is plausible.

The present software can give suggestions on what is wrong and correct, but the final decision still remains in human hands. Even online proofreading jobs will be eliminated.

For example, the use of Grammarly is widely done by people for editing and grammatical checks. It can give suggestions and all, but ultimately it is people who correct the document. One more example is the Ubersuggest extension which is used for keyword search.

A person proofreading a document.

As long as AI are not able to grasp the entirety of contents meaning, the proofreading jobs are safe. Once they are capable, then there will be no longer need for proofreading services.

Retail Job

With the help of digital services portal, it has become convenient for people to do online shopping. People now can buy things from the comfort of their homes with online services like Flipkart and Amazon. Also, the online payment option eliminates the need for a middle man to make payments. As such, the role of salespeople is diminishing with all data readily present on websites.

Salesroom illustration or retail marketing

Also, with AI, it is possible to track the shopping patterns of a person. This is a valuable data source for companies. Businesses can not only produce as per the demand, but they can even chart out plans for the future. The analysis will prove to be a cost-effective step and avoid over-storage in retail shops.

In the future, it is probable that there won’t be a need for retail shops, and only storehouses will be enough for a business to run.

Drivers Job

With innovations in the automobile industry, self-driving cars are no longer a dream. There are many self driving car companies paving the way for implementation of this tech. The technology is still developing but in future, using self driving cars on rent will be a trend than using personal cars.

But, this tech will eliminate the need for drivers. One of the issues with human drivers is accidents due to human judgement error. By using AI in cars, this issue will be eliminated as AI are capable of making calculative decisions in a matter of microseconds

Self Driving autonomous vehicles

The one significant issue in not implementing this technology is that it is not convenient to be used in crowded places. This is one of the disadvantages. If interested you can learn here about how does self driving cars work.

Medical & Military sectors

The Medical and Military sectors see the use of robots more. As some cases involve life and death decisions, the question of not using technology to protect the human role becomes obsolete. 

During surgery, more accuracy and precision of work are expected to save lives, and there is no question that robots provide better efficiency than humans. With robots and remote working possible, work can be carried out in a contaminated environment.

Developing vaccines would require work to be done on viruses. Here human contact can be reduced for staff safety. You already know how important vaccines are, such as Pfizer vaccines, vaccines of polio and the most recent Covid Vaccine.

Use of drone for surveillance.

In the military, surveillance using drones reduces the risk of a soldier’s life in an enemy’s territory. Use of artillery robots will give better results as compared to a single individual. Also , remote use of drones and robots will help humans explore places that are hard to reach.

Security Job

For security purposes, the use of CCTV is a growing trend. The job this will replace is that of a security personnel’s. Where there was a need for a number of people to take care of a big facility, now with the use of this tech, one person alone can survey the whole facility from one room. 

Guard service man sitting control panel watching surveillance camera videos

This technology brings a whole new level of safety assurance. Also, with data recorded and stored, it becomes easier to detect flaws or prove thefts. Nowadays, Electronic locks & fingerprint scanner locks are available. So with this technology limit on access to areas to only authorized personnel is possible.

Even if this tech doesn’t completely replace the role, it will still downsize the workforce.

Market Researcher Job

Market research has become easy with the use of digital technologies like Google forms, Feedback, Rating systems, etc. Also, it is no longer a pain to find patterns or trends in a huge amount of data. With AI, companies can analyze shopping patterns in a region for their use. This way companies will be able to cater to people’s needs in a better way.

Group analysts working on market research

With analytics tools like a Search engine, Filters, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, etc., it has become easier to find desired results in a matter of a few seconds. Role of software engineers may be increasing but at the same time the role of an Analytic Data Engineer is shrinking.

Concluding: 9 jobs robots will replace in the future

Technology like Robotics and AI bring a lot of benefits with them. A person can take a small business to new heights in a short period with its use. Technology also opens up new paths for businesses to follow. Companies can expand their scope of work.

Also, with technology, humans can do things that were no more than a dream just a few years back. So, a technology ban is not really an option. Technology replacing human jobs cannot be stopped, rather it is important to figure out how to coexist.

But all said and done people will require human workforce at some point in time for all the above-mentioned fields. Robots don’t necessarily mean better efficiency in jobs. Using robots for mass production will lead to loss of uniqueness in manufacturing industry.

Robots can not come up with creative ways to do things. People will miss humans’ ability to come up with new ideas the most. Also, if the machine shutdowns frequently, repair of such highly complex machines could cost a lot.

In a situation of system failure, no immediate available labour could mean billions of losses for a company. Therefore, complete replacement i.e., Jobs that robots will probably replace, even if possible, shouldn’t be done. For humans using technology or the human workforce both have their own merits and demerits.

Complete replacement will lead to an increase in unemployment and ultimately to the dysfunctioning of society and the world.

We must find ways to maintain the balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which jobs will be in demand in 2025?

Medical and Health service managers, Software developers, AI & ML specialists, etc.

What jobs AI can replace in the future?

Customer service, Salesperson roles, Data analyst and Labour jobs are some jobs under the threat of being replaced by robots.

What are the jobs that pay well?

Software Engineer, Cyber Security professionals and Data scientists are some jobs that pay well. Average Salary around 5-10 lakhs.

What Jobs Will robots not replace?

Some of the robot proof jobs that wont be replaced at least in near future are child care, chef, HR jobs, and Scientists.

What jobs will never go away?

Travel agent and guide, AI specialist, software engineers, IT service providers are some jobs that will exist for long times.

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