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The Covid-19 situation has put all of us into the dilemma of stepping out of our houses. These testing times and the numerous restrictions that make us handicap develop the urge to take the initiative for ourselves. With all of this in mind, thinking of starting to work from home could be one of the best ideas, and we are here to introduce the best jobs for creative people.

Don’t pick a job with ample vacation time. Pick one which you don’t need to escape from.

Have you ever thought about working from your comfort zone without having to worry about the expenses of a commercial space or paying massive loans?

Imagine how we could be our boss and control our working pattern without worrying about reporting a senior authority. If this sounds up your way, starting an online career is the right path. Finding careers for creative people now has become simpler due to the growth of the internet and jobs.  

Having the back of the internet makes it a lot easier to create your own business. If you have the determination, skill, and perseverance, you are ready to take it head-on.

Here are a few highlights of a successful online career. 

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most prerogative careers for creative people. It has recently become one of the most popular domains, being opted by people to earn money based on their creativity. An individual generally maintains it as a diary entry of his day, events, and other material like videos or graphics.

These days blogging is emerging as art blogging, fashion blogging, photo blogging, video blogging, vlogs, music blogging, etc. Microblogging is another blogging that is in the form of concise posts. Here are some options that you can consider if you have the knack for blogging.

Art Blogger

If art interests you and lots of colors together don’t make you go psychedelic, then this is one of the best jobs for creative people that you can start. Your art blog can be a diary of yourself. It can be a good source of money through your thoughts. 

Having an art blog can be extremely delightful for artists and non-artists, both personally and professionally. It can keep you sustained with a job at hand and get you an income through selling your creativity. The best part about having an art blog is that you can start earning money at a much younger age. 

Engaging with potential art fans and buyers comes with a long-term commitment and investment, but it can be worthwhile and pleasing while you are at it. 

Fashion Blogger

Fashion bloggers keenly follow and explore the fashion world. They try on fashion experiments and further recommend and share their experiences with people through pictures and videos. 

For being a fashion blogger, you must write regular blogs that accompany high eye-catching graphics and content based on the latest fashion trends. 

A fashion blogger should possess the necessary qualities: good communication skills, a sense of fashion and creativity, uniqueness in content, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and social media expertise

Photography Blogging

Photography blogging, one of the best jobs for creative people, allows you to post anything and everything. It comes with no strings attached. You just have to accompany it with the excellent post content. 

Many photographers feel that they do not have the knack for writing or are not good at writing. But ask yourself, do you write emails? Do you talk to your friends or family over text? If that’s the case, you are already creating ample amounts of content daily.

Photography blogging is another option that lets you portray your emotions towards a particular object through a lens. One of the best benefits of photo blogging is that it can help people think, reflect and distill their thoughts.

 So just pick up your camera and get clicking! 

Video Blogging

Video blogging is another form of blogging that you can do either by self-hosting or with a partner’s company. There are various platforms that you like YouTube and Vimeo that you can use to create your video blogs. 

Video blogging could help build a lot of jobs for creative people as can be based on anything from giving a movie review to making vlogs. The topic could be as simple as how does video blogging work.

The most important part of blogging is that it should connect with the viewers. If a viewer relates to your content, they may share it in the peer groups to help attract your page. 

Video blogging opens up job opportunities for people in various professional companies and creative media brands, and you can earn a tremendous amount of money. 

2. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consulting is a process of reaching out to people and engaging with customers through social media networking channels. This online job can demand your full-time attention within various brands or provide freelance marketing services.

In the growing and prospering social media market, social media users in terms of online shopping create a demand for social media consultants.

Social media consultancy demands planning, strategizing, and the crafting intellectual copy of every update based on its theme.

Social media consulting involves various creative aspects such as strategy and planning, content creation and posting, community building, analyzing social media metrics, copywriting, graphic designing, etc. Being a social media consultant can land you great companies in any field

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3. Baker

Becoming a baker is another most popular career option that is reaching heights due to the covid outbreak. The coronavirus has significantly impacted the baking business in the timespan of eight to nine months. Due to the lockdown, restaurant food items’ sales saw a drastic fall and home bakers started immersing themselves.

Sales in the bakery sector rose to 62.3% in the week ending March 15, 2020. The cookies and biscuit business also saw an increase of 44.3% in the food sector.

People opted for cooking and experimenting with the kitchen ingredients to overcome pandemic anxiety. This resulted in many people becoming home bakers and starting a business. Cakes, cookies, and pastries seemed to have become the most baked products at home. So if you feel you can maintain the quality of your yummy teacakes, home baking can bring you a tremendous amount of income.

4. Content manager

A content manager’s job is to oversee the content being presented by a website or a blog. A content manager is also responsible for creating, editing, posting, analyzing, and updating the content. 

The content manager is responsible for creating strategies for the website and social media pages to achieve business goals. Being a content manager requires creativity, leadership qualities, and writing and thinking skills to create good content. 

A content manager mostly works forty hours a week but sometimes is expected to do overtime when meeting deadlines.   

5. Handmade crafter

If you have creative juices flowing down your veins that encourage you to create new things, this might be the right job for you. Opting for this one can let you explore various creative products that you can make. Handmade products are a rich source of generating income. 

Many people opted for selling handmade craft products during the lockdown. Handmade crafts can be anything ranging from organic soaps to knitted crochet table runners. 

Instagram was trending with #crochetersofinstagram, having 5.7 million posts and counting since the lockdown.

In fact, for some inspiration, a 24-years-old boy from Rajasthan named Ayush Baid started a lifestyle brand called Ellementry. He got inspired by his father’s handicraft business and has reportedly made Rs 12 Cr last year.

You can try setting up an online shop through various websites or develop one of your own. Having an aesthetically pleasing setup attracts more people to your products. 

Final Words

We hope that this piece might act as a starting point for your online job hunt, and you can earn some money.

There is one fact that will not change; money does not come easy, and it drives in some efforts from your end. If you pick up to work on something that you would enjoy and won’t need a break from, that would be the best job. 

Being consistent and original is the key to any successful business. So if you think that you can create originality in your content and be regular with it, hit the right job for you and choose the one you would enjoy doing. If you are thinking about how much money you can earn online, try giving a shot to one of these and fill your pockets.

It never hurts to try sometimes, and you never know what big is in store for you!

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