Is Verzeo fake or real? – Debunking myths about Verzeo

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Verzeo is an Edutech company that has tapped into the world of online education in the year 2018. And like any other startup, Verzeo, too, has stories about its challenges and achievements saved in its memoir. Is Verzeo fake or real, is the new challenge onboard.

Today, let’s explore how the company is sailing through the odds over time and creating a new notion, which is: To err is human to learn is Verzeo. 

Many negative reviews are hovering around the company’s name. Notions like “Stay away from companies like Verzeo, Verzeo’s internships are fraud, scams, fake, they are tricksters,” and similar phrases have flooded all over the internet.

It is normal for a budding company to make mistakes. Verzeo too did. But, it has also worked on improving its loophole while building its empire. Albert Einstein rightly said, Mistakes lead to wisdom, wisdom leads to success, and Verzeo followed it. 

So, the company is working on the mistakes it has committed unintentionally in its learning phase. Today, we will be addressing those issues that doubt the authenticity of this online educational platform.

This is a known truth to all that no company comes with absolute perfection, yet it is human nature to find faults and criticize the efforts of others. 

Let’s talk about the odds…

Talking about the first negative review, we have this question, asked by many, that is: Is Verzeo fake or real? This question challenges the legitimacy of the company. 

Is Verzeo fake or real?

As you can see in the picture above, the questions listed directly point out the authenticity of the then-budding company. If you think logically, initially, it is a bit difficult for any startup to set a recognizable foot in the industry, it needs some time to make a remarkable place in the market and the hearts of its audience. 

To prove time is the greatest weapon of all, Verzeo has become notable in the professional domain with time. We present you with the sites that prove the authenticity of the company. 

These sites are trustable and notable among professionals. Aspiring candidates follow these sites to extract details about the companies they show interest in.  

Let me give you an example. When you are sceptical about or have insufficient knowledge about any organization, or any professional, which website do you check to clarify all your queries or connect with a resourceful source? I can hear you say, LinkedIn. That is the go-to website that every job or internship seeker keeps handy in the present day. 

So, the parameter of fake, real, the kind of company it is, everything you can gauge in this platform.


Apart from LinkedIn, you can also check Verzeo’s authenticity on these websites. Verzeo is officially registered here.


Indiefolio is one such online market network that has found potential in Verzeo and recommended the company to its wider audience.


Companies like Zaubacorp, responsible for providing commercial information to prospective candidates, also validate Verzeo as a company of uttermost standards.

Now, comes the second negative review that questions the Quality of Verzeo’s certification programs. 

Is it good to do Verzeo internship?

Quora is one platform that is most trusted by audiences to seek opinions, advice, answers that hover their minds with curiosity. As you can see in the picture above, students have put forth a lot of concerns regarding the certification programs that verzeo offers. Questions like, Is it good to do a Verzeo internship?, Are Verzeo certificates useful? indicate that people doubt the quality of the certifications that the company is offering. 

The company is onboarding more than 53020+ students and has tied up with 4120+ colleges across the country that have trusted Verzeo for their educational needs. Now, questioning the trust value of more than 4000 colleges with the future of their students will be witless. 

Enough said? 

No, not yet. 

Is Verzeo certificate useful?

Let us explore a few images that prove how students felt about completing their internship courses at Verzeo. 

Students happily boasting about their internship journey by posting their internship completion certificates on LinkedIn, gives us a push towards doing better and serving better to the students’ community.

This piece of paper worth millions of rupees in the right place has now become a topic of discussion for many.

Certificate by the company

Not only internship certificates, but the company also provides certification of appreciation to enthusiastic workers. This boost their morale, which helps the workers to believe in their potential and work harder on their existing skills.

Verzeo Certificate

Employees who start their professional journey from Verzeo, and work tooth and nail in learning a new craft, are appreciated for their efforts, dedication and their willingness to learn something new.

Verzeo certificate

And, finally, this is the certification for successful completion of a course that a student receives after giving his/her heart and soul into a particular subject. Apart from a student’s hard work, trainers too put in efforts in using their expertise to give their students a worthwhile learning experience.

There are innumerable examples similar to the ones displayed above. After any form of recognition, interns, trainees, employees have gladly posted their achievements and thanked the company for its valuable contributions in setting a concrete foundation in their upcoming endeavours.

Verzeo’s Glassdoor reviews

Now, moving on to another platform that has graced Verzeo with a golden feather. Negative Glassdoor reviews worked as lessons for the company. Each review worked as a stepping stone, and that is how the company wrote its own destiny.

Few interns tried spinning ill names about the company. Fresh graduates or interns pursuing graduates have many expectations, which is justified. Learning the best and growing exponentially is everyone’s dream. Still, only a few would want to work for it, and with work, I mean, working extra hard. Walking an extra mile is not everyone’s cup of tea, but complaining and criticizing sells like brownie cakes. 

If you want to gain a lot in a small time frame, your employers will expect great sacrifices from you, which you should give in.  

I agree, there might be times when you think your efforts are pushed to extreme limits, and that is frustrating. You might want to quit the job or nag about it, but that is not what corporate culture expects from you. 

If you have such kind of an attitude, just ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Were you forced to take up this job?
  2. Were you misled or misinformed? 
  3. Do you always find faults in the work you do? 

And the last one, 

  1. What is your ideal expectation of work-life? 

So, enough talking about the negative reviews. We should never forget to consider the brighter side of criticism. Criticisms help us grow. Verzeo took the negative criticisms on a positive note and worked towards it to achieve a position where now onlookers are noticing the hard work the workers have put in.

The image above shows the huge transition the company has undergone where now they are left with a few objections. So, might we say, a difficult yet worthy journey.

Why is Verzeo tagged fake?

Don’t you think, Verzeo is following the corporate norm? A small piece of advice to the budding corporates will be not to compare college life with corporate culture. Being resistant to corporate schedules might hinder the productive side of your personality. 

Abusing Verzeo, with words like “Scamming students to make money,” and advising the prospecting interns to not spend money on Verzeo’s internship certificate, uncover the unprofessional side of a student. No way the student can call himself/herself industry-ready.  

People are reviewing to stay away from such companies. These reviews show the frustration of an intern. Why? Probably, (s)he couldn’t survive the intense training provided to them. 

In the picture, under the “Advice to Management” section, one of the pieces of advice is “keep your team members happy,” which, in my opinion, is vague advice. There are 50 teams in Verzeo. To witness arguments amongst team members is normal. This completely depends on the situation.

Verzeo is famous for having frequent team outings, be it a casual dinner or a 2-days tour, or weekly clubbings, Verzeo has always made sure that their employees get sufficient time to ease their 9+ hours of work pressure. This differs from team to team. 

Is Verzeo really fake?

As already mentioned, Verzeo no doubt has many loopholes as every company has, and this blog intends to educate you all regarding the measures the company has taken to keep up with your expectations. So, Verzeo suggests, stay motivated during a time of failure. This is what the company believes, and this is how it is growing.

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