Is Photography a Hobby or Passion?

Is photography a hobby or passion

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Photography is a desirable hobby and a passion that creates the skill to impress the capability of capturing the world’s creatives. It may be a life event or nature, such as a picture of a baby, a wedding, animals, birds, plants and many more.

Whatever it may be, photography is amusing. In this blog, I will give a detailed description of these key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • Expressing photography as a hobby and passion.
  • Differences between Photography as a passion or a hobby.
  • Photography Courses Available Online.
  • Careers in photography.
  • Top Three Challenges in the Photography Industry.
  • Top Three Opportunities in the Photography Industry.

Is Photography a Hobby?

Yeah, you can say it is a hobby. But if considered a hobby, you may not enjoy the complete feel of a photographer. You will always be an intermediate, not an expert. You will be able to capture photos of a creative world with minimum skills to remember them shortly. Accepting photography as a hobby can relax your mind and put you across the border, i.e. challenge yourself to cross your own limitations.

If you have not started yet! Age does not matter for learning this new hobby called Photography.

Is Photography a Passion?

To be true to you, Photography becomes a hobby only when you have passion for it, i.e. enthusiasm and energy to capture a perfect shot. If you are passionate about this, now is the ideal time to learn about photography. 

As I said before, “Age doesn’t matter.” This can be a hobby or passion but how you inherit the power of photography depends on your interest. 

But at present, I think you are still confused if it’s a hobby or a passion, right?

Not to Worry, scroll on to know the difference between them.

Photography: Differences Between Hobby and Passion

ParametersHobby Passion
MeaningPerforming photography every day with other chores.Investing your life into photography as a core.
EnthusiasmClicking pictures just for fun.Investing all the enthusiasm and time towards photography.
Equipment A person who thinks it is a hobby Equipment is limited.

Example – Phone Camera.
A person who thinks it is a passion Advanced equipments.
Example – Photographers’ Cameras.
GoalsShort-term goals.Long-term goals.

Online Courses of Photography

Here are a few top online courses that will help you understand the insights of photography. 

1. Udemy

Study photography from actual specialists on the Udemy platform. These downloadable photography tutorial videos can teach you everything you need to know, whether you’re interested in taking photographs as a hobby or have plans to start your studio. 

To help you advance, Udemy has a vast selection of photography classes.

2. Verzeo

What makes Verzeo great is that you can access it conveniently online whenever you wish. 

The courses cover concepts like Aperture, Colour, Light & Design techniques, Capturing Motion in Photos, Composition, Lighting & Flash Photography and many more. You will also get a course completion certificate upon completing all the concepts and passing the test. 

3. Masterclass: Annie Leibovitz

This woman is promoted as the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone Pictures. For the past few decades, she has been capturing fantastic portrait pictures. Her course on photography is available for beginners, intermediate and professional level photographers. 

The courses that she provides are unique from other online curricula. This course is primarily organic.

Upon completion of the study, you will receive a certificate from Rolling Stone Pictures. 

Career as Photographer

A career in photography requires a creative, artistic and technical blend of skills. These are essential skills that are mandatory to get selected for a fresher as a photographer. As you upgrade to the intermediate level, you got to have perseverance and practice. With their skills, photographers should be able to narrate the story behind each picture. 

There is a tremendous boost and requirement for photographers in the media and advertisement industry.

As there is a massive requirement for photographers, one can start their career as,

Wedding Videographer/PhotographerRs 20K to 120K Per Day
Magazine or NewspaperRs 30K to 50K Per Month
Fashion PhotographerRs 40K to 55K Per Month
Wildlife PhotographerRs 45K to 60K Per Month

As you gain the required skills and substantial experience of a minimum of five years, you can apply for these potential career paths.

Art Photographer

Here, photographers capture a picture that bring up elicit emotion telling a deep story about it. These photographers does not work for a salary for any commercial, fashion or journalism industry. Art photographers’ works are valued for their artistic merit.

Journalistic Photographer 

Here, Photographers capture images related to scenic beauty, political interviews, natural disasters, and public interest for a regional newspaper. These photographers get a monthly salary.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists are there to promote the products and services of a company. Their main work is to modify the captured photos and insert more creative digital graphic designs in them.. Graphic artists can pull out a high pay for their services.

Creatives & Art Director

This is one of the highest photography jobs, where the photographer will be given the post as the director to support marketing campaigns and movie productions. Journalistics, graphic artists and art photographers frequently collaborate for brand advertisements. A creative & art director should be able to appreciate and understand other arts and project excellent leadership skills.

Here is the graph which explains the salary growth from fresher to professional level.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Photography Industry

In this digital era, the photography industry is projected to be the fastly evolving over the past decade. As there are fewer restrictions, it is now easy for freshers to enter the field of photography than it was eight to ten years ago. This also represents healthy market indicators for upcoming talented photographers who have been suppressing themselves by the fear of a single monopoly player.

So here are a few challenges and opportunities in the photographic industry that are to be known before entering this career.

Challenges in the Photography Industry

1. High Tech

These days,  easy access of everyone to high-tech camera phones with advanced picture clarity has shaken photographers. Having high-end technology in peoples’ hands has brought photographers a challenge.

Example – As per Godigits, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is similar to the latest DSLR camera.

2. High Taxes on Cameras

If a photographer travels worldwide to capture unforgettable moments, he needs to pay a certain sum of money for the equipment they are carrying. Due to this, the photographers were unwilling to take their own cameras, thereby decreasing the productive power of their travel photography.

3. Connection with Economic Growth and Demand

The photographic services are directly proportionate to economic growth. Consumers with more money tend to take photographic service assistance for luxury brands. This helps to build economic influence in society. 

Opportunities in Photography Industry

As there is growth in cities and towns, the opportunities keep increasing, which is a plus point for the photography industry.  

Developing cities are characterised by many events like competitions and public events requiring photography services. Thereby expansion like these helps the photography industry.

Here are some opportunities the world likes to provide for photographers:

1. Arts Council

The art councils provide grants for all kinds of artists worldwide. Photographers with prodigal talent have secured grants to fund their startups. These grants can range from eighty thousand rupees to eighty lakhs rupees depending on the expertise in photography. 

2. Funding for Photo-Journalists

Most companies worldwide provide financing to photographers in journalism. These grants by the company can provide funding for a particular project or both. Click here to learn more about this grant.


This was the brief information for you to make your photographic life meaningful. More than that, “Practise makes you perfect!”
After reading this blog, if you feel it’s the right time to start, join our certified photography course, which will help you become a professional photographer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is another word for a photographer?

Lensman, cameraperson, and paparazzi are synonyms for the word photographer.

What do you call pictures in a lot?

Polyptych/Photomontage – different pictures in one picture

Which type of photography is most demanded?

Regardless of the trends, black and white photographs are in the highest demand.

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