20 Brilliant IoT Project Ideas for Beginners [2022]

20 brilliant iot project ideas for beginners

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We live in a revolutionary age of advanced technology and rapid digital changes. We are familiar with the dominion of Artificial Intelligence. Believe it or not, we can control things ranging from a small watch to an enormous aeroplane via machine without any human interference.

IoT is a predominant technology in this vast and modernized world. It will make our lives convenient and straightforward.

In 2019, 5.8 billion devices were connected to IoT. And it was predicted that there would be 41.6 IoT-connected devices by 2025.

Let’s look at some of the IoT project ideas for beginners which will give you a better understanding of what IoT devices are.

Key Takeaway

  • Internet of Things refers to devices that are connected via the internet, which usually are not supported by the internet.
  • Home Automation System, Smart Gas Leakage Detector, Smart Garage Door, and Smart Cradle System are some of the projects which can be very beneficial in your household work.
  • Weather Reporting System, Air Pollution Monitoring System, and Flood Detection System are some of the projects which can be helpful in the problems related to the environment.
  • Smart Parking System, Smart Traffic Management System, and  Street Light Monitoring System projects can be used for the better management of Traffic and road safety.

what is Internet of Things: An Overview

IoT refers to billions of devices connected through the Internet, collecting and exchanging data. Sensors, software, and other technologies are installed in all the machines.

A fan can work just by using a smart device, which is an IoT device. But a PC or a smartphone is not an IoT device. Usually, the device that is not supported by the Internet is an IoT device. 

Some of the examples of IoT devices are Smart Mobiles, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart fire alarms, smart door locks, smart bicycles etc.

Now that we know what is the internet of things, let us discover some of the projects which you can develop using IoT.

20 Brilliant IoT projects ideas

 1. Weather Reporting System

The IoT-based weather report system is one of the best projects to work on for absolute beginners in the field of IoT. The weather forecast gives an approximate idea of the temperature of every country.

With this, you can find the weather of any specific place and don’t have to rely on weather forecasting agencies anymore.

It uses temperature, humidity, and rain sensors to monitor and report weather conditions statistics online via wifi connection. You can set limits and alerts for particular conditions. The system will notify you whenever the weather conditions cross the set limits values.

The system helps collect data in extreme environments like a volcano, minefield, polar zone, etc.

2. Air Pollution Monitoring System

Today the air’s quality is inferior. Air pollution is increasing rapidly, affecting human health and causing lots of diseases.

IoT based Air Pollution Monitoring System is used to monitor air quality over a web server using the Internet. It shows the air quality in PPM on the LCD and the web page so that the system can easily monitor air pollution. It also saves data logs for future use.

When the air quality degrades beyond a certain level, the system triggers an alarm. The system uses MQ135 and MQ6 sensors for monitoring Air Quality as it detects the most harmful gases and can measure their amount accurately. 

3. Flood Detection System

Floods are common natural calamities that occur in many countries every year—causing a lot of damage. The early flood detection system is a great real-life application of IoT, which can prevent the enormous loss of life, property, and valuable assets. 

This system is built to monitor and detect different natural factors like temperature, humidity, water level, etc., to predict a flood. It allows us to take necessary measures to minimize the damage, which a flood can cause. 

4. Home Automation Systems

This is perhaps the most talked-about project on IoT, a touch-based human-automation system

The system automates the function of household appliances, which are connected over the IoT network. 

It gives users the power to control and manage household appliances just via a smartphone from any location in the world. 

The system contains a wifi connection, an AVR family microcontroller, inbuilt touch sensing input pins. It is believed that the global market for home automation has reached $40 billion by the end of 2020, according to the last survey.

5. Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot

The gas pipelines are an essential part of households and industry sectors. Any leakage can cause fire accidents, toxicity in the air, and disaster in industry sectors that work with chemicals.

This IoT controlled smart bot includes a gas sensor to detect any gas leaks in a building. All you have to do is insert the bot into a pipe, and it will monitor the condition of the line as it moves forward.

If the bot detects any leak, it will transmit the leakage’s location via an interface GPS sensor over the IoT network.

It is one of the best IoT projects for chemical engineering students.

6. Liquid Level Monitoring System 

Many industrial sectors use large volumes of fluids in their day-to-day operations.

Liquid Level Monitoring System can be used to monitor a particular liquid’s level and prevent it from overflowing. It can also track the usage of specific chemicals and detect leaks in pipelines.

Ultrasonic, Conductive, and float sensors are some of the few sensors for a monitoring system.

7. Smart Garage Door

It’s annoying when you have to reach somewhere in a hurry, but first, you have to open the garage, take out your car, and close the door.

Smart Garage Door is the best project you can work on. You can operate your garage door via your smartphone integrated with an IoT network. It also cancels the problem of carrying bulky keychains. 

The system features laser and voice commands and smart notifications for monitoring purposes.

8. Facial Recognition Bot 

Next up on the list of IoT project ideas for beginners is the facial recognition bot.

Facial Recognition Bot is one of the coolest projects based on IoT. The project involves building a smart AI bot geared with facial recognition capabilities.

The bot can recognize the faces of different people or a single person and also their unique voice. The system can perform features like face detection, personal identification, and emotion recognition.

This mix easily features advanced recognitions for a sturdy security system. This system also features a camera that you can use to preview live streams by face recognition.

9. Smart Cradle System

In today’s generation, there are many couples where both are working. It has been the most crucial cause behind women leaving work to take care of their children. The whole new concept of the Smart Cradle System will make a life for many people more comfortable.

Via smart cradles, parents can check an eye on their infants and monitor them from afar. It includes a cry detecting mechanism and live-video surveillance, and a user interface. It is equipped with multiple sensors to check and monitor the humidity and temperature of the bed.

The system also includes a health algorithm that feeds on the sensor data to continually check the infant’s health condition and alert the parents if it senses anything unusual in their health stats.

10. Smart Agriculture System

It is predicted that by 2050, the population will grow to 9.6 billion, for which agriculture must rise to meet the demands.  

As the name suggests, this project focuses on developing a smart agricultural system that can perform and even monitor a host of farming tasks.

The system monitors crops with the help of sensors and automates irrigation systems.

It helps you to schedule the system to irrigate a chunk of land automatically or spray fertilizers on the crops, or farmers can monitor crops from anywhere on the Earth via their smartphone.

Using this, farmers can focus more on manual-intensive agricultural tasks.

11. Smart Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clock is one of the most interesting IoT-based projects to work on. These alarm clocks not only wake you up but can convert you into a fully functioning device capable of performing many different tasks.

Voice command, initiating a video chat, text-to-speech synthesizer, automatic display brightness adjustment, and audio amplifier volume control are some of the essential features of this smart alarm clock.

There are three options to wake you up; playing local mp3 files, playing tunes from the radio station, and playing the latest news updates as podcasts.

12. Smart Parking System

There is so much traffic on the roads, finding a parking space is not short of a challenge. We have a solution to all parking problems.

The IoT-based smart parking system is designed to avoid unnecessary roaming searching for an appropriate parking area. 

When you are in the parking space, the system using an IR sensor monitors the whole area at the run time, giving the driver an image of the entire parking area, and the user can see any free spaces and drive straight to it. 

The system can even open a car gate if there is enough slot in the parking area.

13. Smart Traffic Management System

The population is increasing, causing an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads and seeing the traffic every day; Smart Traffic Management System is the perfect solution for traffic management.

The system can effectively manage traffic on roads and offer free pathways to emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks. It can also identify and monitor traffic violators even at night.

In an emergency, the emergency vehicle can connect to the system, find signals and pathways where the traffic flow can be controlled dynamically.

14. Streetlight Monitoring System

According to the data, streetlights consume 19% of world energy consumption. Most street lights are on during daylight and remain on when there is no one on the streets.

The streetlight monitoring system can efficiently monitor and optimize the energy consumption of streetlights.

These lights are fitted with LDR sensors to monitor the movement of humans or vehicles in the street. It uses an efficient way to save energy; when the sensor catches any activity on the road, it signals the microcontroller, turning on the street light. Similarly, when there’s no movement, the microcontroller switches the lights off.

15. Health Monitoring System

Today people are so busy that it’s hard to go to the doctors for routine checkups. Many people neglect their health, not realizing what effect it can have on them. They don’t have so much time to waste on regular checkups. 

A Health monitoring system is a solution to this, the most valuable project based on IoT. The system allows the user to keep track of their body vitals. The system monitors it to the user and also sends the data to a qualified doctor. If the patient’s vitals are not okay, it immediately alerts the doctor to provide an immediate solution.

Now people don’t have to worry about going to the doctor for routine checkups, and you can do it by yourself at your home.

16. Wheelchair Fall Detection

Sometimes, because of old age or an accident, people have to use a wheelchair. But many people fall from those wheelchairs due to various reasons. 

To help them, you can work on the wheelchair fall detection project. While you are using a wheelchair, any jerk will be counted as a fall from the wheelchair that will trigger the alarm.

Sometimes the alarm triggers without anyone falling. You can stop the alarm within seconds.

17. Night Patrol Robot

It is well-established that most of the crimes take place at night.

Night Patrol Robot is the solution to it. The robot uses a night vision camera to perform a 360-degree scan of a predefined path and detect alarming sounds.

If it detects human faces and movements, it triggers an alarm to alert the user. The robot can capture an intruder’s image and send the data to the user. The robot can function in a self-sufficient manner without requiring you to hire security guards to protect your home.

18. Mining Worker Safety Helmet

Work in mine is considered one of the most dangerous places to work. They work under extremely hazardous and unsafe conditions.

The mining worker safety helmet uses a microcontroller-based circuit to track the mining site’s environment and evaluate its safety. The helmet is equipped with an RF-based tracking system that transmits the data over the IoT network. An ATmega microcontroller-based RF tracker circuit receives the data that is sent by the helmet nodes. According to this, the system maps workers’ current location in real-time as they move through the mining site.

The helmet also includes a panic (emergency) button. If you press this button, an emergency sign will show up over the IoT web interface. This will alert the management to take the necessary steps for ensuring the workers’ safety.

19. Smart Energy Grid

We are in the 21st century and still energy grids are not optimized. Whenever the electricity grid of a given region fails, the entire area suffers a blackout. This project works to rectify this issue by creating a smart electricity grid.

The grid uses an ATmega family controller to monitor and control the system activities and communicate over the Internet via the IoTGecko web page. The primary task is to facilitate the transmission line’s re-connection to an active grid if a particular grid fails.

When an energy grid faces a fault, the system switches to another energy grid’s transmission lines,  maintaining an uninterrupted electricity supply to the specific region whose energy grid failed. The system uses two bulbs to indicate valid and invalid users. It can also monitor energy consumption and detect incidents of electricity theft.

20. Smart Baggage Tracker

Bags are an integral part of our life, be it a luggage bag, school bag, or laptop bag.

And 1% of the bags can be lost during travelling, and there is a significant rise in these cases.

Using this system, you can track the bag’s location with the help of coordinates sent to the users’ phones. Also, it can tell the weight of the bag that can be very helpful while travelling by flight.

Smart baggage trackers can innovatively help in the tourism sector. Tourists need to use a tracker on their travel bags.


As we have read above, about the different and exciting types of IoT project ideas one can take up. 

In this world of dynamic changes and development, IoT is evolving at a rapid pace.  You can take up any of the ideas given above, or you can come up with something new and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. These are the devices that are connected through the internet to collect and exchange data.

What are some of the examples of IoT devices?

Amazon Echo, Google Home, Smart Watches, Fitbit, Tesla Cars are some of the examples of IoT devices.

Is a smartphone an IoT device?

No, a smartphone is not an IoT device because its target audience is human users. The basic function of an IoT device is to gather data from remote devices or control that remote data.
Controlling your air conditioner with the help of your smartphone is an example of an IoT device.

What is the main difference between a smart device and an IoT device?

Basically, a smart device is supported by the internet and an IoT device is connected via the internet to perform a specific task.

What benefit will I get working on these IoT projects?

Working on these IoT projects will help in a better understanding of the field of IoT. IoT is a subject that you cannot master just by reading its theory.

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