8 Intriguing Interview Questions for MBA aspirants with Answers

MBA interview questions with answers

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree focused on teaching business-related disciplines. Teachings in this degree will involve learnings in Business and Organisations Management. This blog will be focused on MBA Interview Questions.

In society, this degree helps in developing new leaders and entrepreneurs. From the student’s perspective, this degree helps in taking their career to new heights.

A person will be able to reach the CEO or Senior Manager’s position earlier compared to the alternative options.

In this program, you will learn in fields like Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Strategic Management. These are just major fields, and each lot themselves contain a large number of subjects.

These subjects are typically referred to as electives, and you have the option of choosing which ones to take.

Key takeaways

First thing is to stay calm throughout the interview. Only with a calm mind will you be able to answer appropriately and not make silly mistakes.

Mock interviews and preparing for the interview is a necessary condition to increase your chances of giving a better interview.

Interviewers are here to judge you not only based on academic achievements but also overall behaviour in the interview.

Exams for MBA 

In India, there are many MBA exams that you must attempt or can attempt to apply for this degree in a management. MBA interview prep is important for good score.

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One of the exams, i.e., Common Admission Test (CAT), is mainly given to get admissions in IIM colleges. 

GMAT and GRE are one of the preferred MBA exams for abroad admission.

SNAP for symbiosis colleges, and IIFT, NMAT, CET, XAT, CMAT are some more for various other colleges. It is important to prepare in advance to excel in competitive exams.

MBA Degree. Interview questions for MBA aspirants with answers.

There are almost 6500 MBA colleges in India. But if you desire to do an MBA from a well-known college providing good quality of material and prospects, then doing it from an IIM should be your goal. As for Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) colleges, there are only 20.

There are, on average, over 2 lakh applicants for MBA degree exams per year. So, with such tough competition to get into a reputed college, hard work and preparation are essential. Interviews are the last step that lies between you and your admission to one of the management colleges.

If you are an MBA aspirant, read through this blog to get some insights and tips on MBA Interview questions.

MBA Interview Questions

1. Tell me something about yourself?

This question is a no-brainer and will be asked nine out of ten times in an interview and not only in MBA interviews. This is basically to start the process of the interview and get the first impression of the student.

Profile of a person

For the answer, it would be recommended to give new information and not that is already present on the resume. The interviewers have to take interviews of usually over hundreds of applicants. They may or may not have gone through each and every person’s resume.

So, you can reiterate resume points, but if the interviewer has already gone through your resume, then your answer will just earn you negative points. Hence it’s highly recommended to talk about new information about yourself, also if possible more of recent achievements. 

Instead, talk about hobbies, extracurricular activities, recent achievements, and something about you that circulate around the job description or requirement. Be prepared with a story flow for this answer, as this sets the environment for the rest of the interview.

2. Tell me about your hobbies?

This MBA interview question is either asked at the start itself to make you feel comfortable or at some random point in the interview. This is a general question with the intentions of finding more about the candidate apart from the academic or work areas.

Tell me about your hobbies. Various hobbies and skills of a person.

You can answer with hobbies that let you de-stress yourself. Something that you do to get away from the daily life of doing the same things. Just make sure that you have some basic knowledge about the said hobby. 

Practice for how to answer tell me about your hobbies question. It might feel easy to answer this but coming up with college/job aligning hobby is tough.

For example, if you are picking reading as a hobby, you should mention at least more than 3-4 books. Knowing and talking about just one book won’t be considered a hobby. If you pick traveling, then you should be able to name the places you visited, etc.

3. Ethical or weird question

Most of the time to check your decision-making skills, the interviewer may ask you ethical dilemma questions or tricky MBA interview questions and answers. Its important to learn how to answer these ethical dilemma interview questions, as most times there is no right or wrong answer.

Here it will be best to ask for further information regarding the question.

Ethical question dilemma

Stay calm and answer with total confidence. Don’t show any hesitation, as they will be judging your natural ability to make logical decisions. Not only that, for whatever answer you provide, make sure to follow up with your reasoning for the same.

Try and read some guesstimate questions. This will tell you how exactly your approach should be to break down the question.

4. Why did you choose our college/institute?

Make sure that whichever college you are applying for, you know the basic information about the same. Also, before the interview, make sure to visit the college’s website and research about them. Try to learn about their faculties and courses provided. It should not happen that you are speaking about a field that this college doesn’t even provide.

If you are interested in the role they are providing (“role,” some colleges don’t have all the disciplines), then try to connect how this role will be the next step in your career. Mention to them how their college attracted you more because of their resources and reputation.

University or college

Talk more about the role and why you will be a fit candidate for the same. Also, talk about what value you will be adding to the college. To this question, you can connect the answers to questions like why we should choose you among the other candidates. 

Try making yourself stand out as much as possible.

Make sure that the notion of putting their college above others comes out naturally in your answer.

5. Why do you want to pursue an MBA degree?

It is a conception that most people who opt for engineering do it primarily because of higher education, because their parents told them to do so or that everyone else was doing it, that’s why.

Degree image

It is believed that you came up with doing an MBA decision based on a lot of discussions and research. Make sure you are clear with this answer in your mind. Upskilling one’s career, self-growth, interest in this field are some of the valid answers.

6. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

This one of the most common questions, i.e., interview questions your weakness & strengths. This is an MBA interview question asked when the other academic questions are not enough to judge you. When talking about weakness, don’t ever say you don’t have any. This will just show that you are overconfident and narcissistic.

Rather talk of one mild weakness that won’t affect your work and coupled with it, tell of what you are doing to improve. While answering for strength, speak about one of the instances where strength helped you. See some example on for strength and weaknesses questions.

For example, for weakness, if you say you are an introvert, then you can talk about how you try to give speeches, be active in a group discussion, or have joined a toastmasters club for exposure, etc. Make sure to follow up with the thing you are doing to improve, this is very important. 

For strength, you can either talk about some skills, confidence, or management skills paired with telling about how you managed to stop an internal fight in a team. This shows your people management skills.

7. What are the challenge faced in a previous job or college?

This question is behaviour interview questions & asked to know how one fares under pressure. See below how to answer: tell me about a challenge you had to overcome in previous job.

Make sure you answer these three things as clearly as possible, i.e., the situation, your part in it, and the solution. Describe the problem in detail but at the same time be brief about essential things only. Don’t derail from the main point of selling yourself in the said situation.

Challenge faced by a person depiction

Don’t try to stretch the situation, rather give more time to describe what role you played in it. Explain how you faced the situation step by step. Also, include how you helped or supported your colleagues in these times. Try to show off your management skills.

This shows teamwork quality and speaks a lot about your good nature. Lastly, don’t forget to tell how the challenge was solved. Just because the question was what challenges you faced doesn’t mean that you can skip the solution.

It is better to talk about a work-related challenge as compared to college. Even if you have not worked previously, try to talk about the challenge faced in the internship or any similar experience.

8. Any questions for me?

This is the last question asked. Be prepared with at least one question to ask the panel, as it shows that you are really interested in their college. This initiative from your side will show your seriousness and preparedness for the interview as well as for the college.

people asking questions

Questions that you can ask are – “if there is no particular stream taught in this college, is there any inclination to include it in the future” and “information about visiting faculties.” Don’t ever ask anything related to the salary which you will be able to obtain after graduation. This anyway will be available in the brochure.


For many, this may be the last phase in their education. Why not learn as much as you can to grow your career to new heights. MBA is a post-graduate program that will help you to either become an entrepreneur or work in some reputed company at a managerial position.

These MBA Interview questions is life saving.

An interview is the last step in getting admission to an institute. Hard work and a lot of preparation are necessary for increasing the chances of a successful interview. Apart from preparing for the interview, work on your resume and keep upskilling yourself for the future.

Also have a look at these awesome tips to nail your first campus interview. this may be far in future, but it is always better to get a head start.

Above were some commonly asked MBA interview questions, and answers will be up to you to search for other questions. There is never a guarantee that these questions will be asked for sure. All you can do is prepare for as many as you can.

I hope these MBA interview questions and answers were helpful.

Good luck with your future endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an MBA interview last?

Typically interviews go from 10 minutes to even over half an hour.

How can I prepare for an MBA interview?

Give several mock interviews. This is the best way to prepare. Read up on FAQs and do in-depth research on the institute you are giving an interview for.

Why pursue an MBA degree?

A postgraduate degree will help you reach a manager position faster than the alternative paths. Some other reasons are: to become an entrepreneur or grow a career and work at a reputed company in a managerial position.

Should i pursue an MBA?

MBA will help you grow a lot. It will help in improving your communication skills, managing skills, leadership & team management skills and will also open a path to entrepreneurship. Having own business and skills to operate it, is a dream that can be achieved.

Can freshers do MBA?

Yes definitely they can. There is no such rule that only people with work experience will be admitted to a college. Many colleges offer admission with appropriate academic results in graduate degree.

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