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Introduction to Microsoft Software

Microsoft is an American based multinational company that creates multiple software products which help users to work seamlessly.

Microsoft verifies your data and monitors users with quick experienced checks from their database to improve the quality of the content. 

It is best known for its software like the Windows operating system and the Microsoft office 365 for productivity.

Microsoft is commonly used in schools & the workplace, ensuring your children can utilize software that will be gainful for them in future.

Learning this software may be a little difficult for your kids but they will be improving their writing skills and computer skills. 

Throughout their schooling using this software, your children will get excellent in vocabulary and grammar.

We request you to watch the below video to get an overall view of Microsoft office Basics.

We hope that after watching the video you had some thoughts on this right!

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft is a software that influences kids to prosper.
  • Benefits of Microsoft software Certification program.
  • Careers after acquiring MS Certification.

We know that you are interested to know about the software that can be taught to kids, right?

In this blog, we will be disclosing 6 Microsoft software that is of utmost use for kids.

6 Microsoft Softwares that can be taught for kids

Microsoft Software can help kids when they are having learning difficulties outside school and helps kids engage in their studies.

6 software which we would suggest you are:

1. Office 365

Microsoft office will teach your kids how to read, write and comprehend for every age with free access for learning these initial skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

A) Microsoft Word

Kids can develop their content writing skills better due to the application being easy to use.

This encourages them to practice their writing more, plus learn from their mistakes due to built-in grammar and spelling tools.

If your kid is in adolescent age, they should learn Microsoft Word initially and then catch up with Microsoft Excel to get to know about mathematical formulas.

B) Microsoft Excel

Kids can learn how to present raw data into a piece of meaningful information. They can make a calculated decision by forming the data in sequence.

They can also learn how to plan financially – a skill that is not taught in schools.

C) Microsoft PowerPoint

Due to this pandemic, education is through online classes.

You might be thinking how is it useful for my kid, right?

As your kids promote to the next grade, things get upgraded. At this point, Microsoft PPT is much useful for kids to present quality understanding of subjects to mentors of that subject.

Some of the applications that will enrich your child are Sketchable, ink to code and English Dictionary offline. 

2. MakeCode

Here you can make your kids learn about developing coding skills in Micro: bit, Arcade and many others.

MakeCode includes a free online learn-to-code platform where anyone can build games, code devices and mod Minecraft!

In MakeCode there are 3 sections:

1) Arcade Games

Develop student programming skills by quickly creating and modding retro arcade games with Blocks and JavaScript in the MakeCode editor.

2) Micro: bit

From dancing robots to banana keyboards, Microsoft bits has all the features you need for creating amazing projects.

3) Code mods for Minecraft

This is an education edition that prepares students for the future, building future-ready skills like creative problem solving and system thinking.

You can get 3 major learning catalogues

1) Drive Meaningful learning
2) Prepare for Digital Future
3) Social-Emotional Skills

3. Hacking STEM Lessons

Microsoft has online free classes for developing skills in project-based activities to visualize data in science, technology, engineering, and math. This is course is for parents or teachers to teach their kids.

For an instance, Microsoft has collaborated with NASA to take their students on the path of astronauts and learn about data visualization. If your kid is interested in becoming Astronaut then this is your kids starting line.

4. Paint 3D

It is a built-in creative application that comes free with windows 10. It is designed for kids to create fun-loving, creative projects by easily combining 2D and 3D tools.

To perform this creative design on paint 3D, experience is not required.

Kids can learn 3D design from scratch and can be base for being a Graphic Designer.

The main tools that are present in Paint 3D are

1) Brushes
2) 2D Shapes
3) 3D Shapes
4) Stickers
5) Texts
6) Effects
7) Canvas
8) Magic Select

5. Photo and Video Editor

This is one of the skills children need to learn at a young age to know how to edit a picture, video and movie to get enriched in their life.

We hope that you got an idea of how to train your children to get them future ready.

We would like to provide 3 benefits of MS Certification to get better knowledge and can boost your kids towards learning above Microsoft Software.

6. Flipgrid

It is a video discussion tool that is designed for teachers and students in an online classroom.

Flipgrid is designed as kids can discuss with the group, record the response, remove nervousness on the spot.

Here Teachers will post their ‘Topics’ and students can discuss the topic online. Video recording has no limit.

This service will work on laptops, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks and desktop computers.

From all the other Microsoft software this one is free to use.

3 Benefits of Microsoft Software Certification

1. The rhythm of Microsoft Software

Microsoft Software establishes your kids based on using Microsoft Office fluently. Kids understanding through Microsoft programs has published them showcase their certification in Microsoft software and can build a strong grounding in IT career prospects.

2. Ability to collate data and charts

If you are fluent with Microsoft software/programs you will be an expert in building charts, this is considered to be a part of the job for Finance and business analysts. You need a chart to support any kind of data. 

The ability of data in today’s world is something great. In order to grow & support your ideas, you will be needing adequate data. Microsoft programs like MS Excel is one of the required programs to rely on. This application can be used for collating large data and can sort different files together.

3. Flexibility in work and better career prospects

You can share any type of your work with anyone online, anywhere around the world. The work becomes more flexible.

With your great Microsoft Software Certification, leadership skills and analytical skills can vouch for challenging roles. With Microsoft programs, can demand better salary hikes and promotions with expertise to use programs towards business success.

We wanted to tell you some more about careers after learning Microsoft Software/Programs.

Careers after learning Microsoft Software

Global usage of Microsoft Software is 90% and usage between businesses grew up to 320%.

In this 21st Century, Microsoft Software is essential to make your dreams come true.

When your kids are well versed in Ms Word, Ms Excel and PowerPoint that means they can create a better presentation towards their business and put your kids ahead of the starters.

This will boost their confidence and make them excel in their employment process.


So, you must have got an idea on how to teach your children Microsoft Software, the benefits of MS and Career opportunities.

All the information given above indicates that Microsoft software at an early age is essential for the abundant growth of kids fuelled by practical knowledge and experience. 

Microsoft programs are very essential for children so that they can practically grow and learn.

You might be thinking when can I train my children, we have planned that too for you. 

We have made categories for children and other extracurricular to learn their extra skills according to their academic class.

We provide classes for kids in which they can improve their English, basic knowledge about programming, Microsoft software and STEM.

We provide Microsoft certification courses for kids and other extracurricular certifications to become ready for the future.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can kids learn Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is one of the easiest software among MS to learn. I would suggest you learn MS Word from this link – Microsoft Word Basics For Kids.

How do you use PowerPoint in word?

Instead of copying and pasting every content to the PowerPoint, Microsoft provides this update to convert words into PowerPoint. Suggest you watch this video to understand – How to convert MS Word to PowerPoint slides.

What can kids do with Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word offers suitable tools to format documents in different ways, performs grammar checks to create an error-free document. 

Which Microsoft Certification is best?

Some of the best Microsoft Certification is Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate and Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate.

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