Tips on How to plan your day as a student

plan your day as a student

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I know you will be waiting for that last alarm to turn off. I have also experienced that moment!

But what you do after the alarm always matters a lot. Wasting time can be a high risk, i.e. later in your life. Planning your day effectively can increase your healthy life. That’s why it is important to plan your day as a student. You might be thinking, “What is there to plan?” – There are a few minute activities to make your mind run effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • A daily routine for students to be systematic and successful in life.
  • Tips to solve distractions
  • Tips for time management for students.

Read on this blog to better plan your day as a student effectively.

Daily Routine for college students to be successful

You might start the day by getting up before the first ring of college. But this is not the way you start your day. So, I have segregated the day into three parts:

plan your day as a student


To be successful in life, one needs to be systematic in life whether the person is in college or not. So, I suggest you get up three hours early in the morning and finish all toiletries work. Then it’s time to work out, i.e., perform physical activities like exercise and practise outdoor games. 

Schedule yourself to bathe and consume healthy food high in protein and calcium, like Eggs/sprouted beans and milk. 

As these activities are completed, ironing your clothes and getting ready for college is time. Revising a few topics that were thought on the previous day for half an hour is the best to keep you prepared and brightened. Then it’s time to have breakfast and leave for college.  If the college is fifteen minutes away, it’s better to leave your building half an hour, i.e. much earlier than fifteen minutes.

I will not distribute you during college, but I insist you listen to class instead of playing virtual games on the last bench.

So, let’s get back to the plan. Here comes the most crucial part of the day. 


Whether you have listened to all the classes or not, it’s the best time to commit to extracurricular activities. Indulge in extracurricular activities like the rotary club, work on your hobby of creating a song, or writing a story – this is not it; enjoy with your friends and play a few games, or if you are an academic person, then it’s better to revise the subjects.

Remember to do all these after you have your lunch.


As soon hear the last bell, don’t run off to your home or waste time being with your friends. Spend the evening by putting yourself in some outdoor games to relax your mind and body. Return to your home as soon as you get there, don’t dive into your bed. Wash properly and have some snacks. This is the time to organise your mind to think about all assignments/presentations you have on the next day or coming week.

Finish this and revise all the subjects that you had on this day. 

Watch TV News/Web series movie that suits your age. Have your dinner between 8 to 9 pm to sleep early to get up in the morning.

Here’s my slogan – “Study, Workout, Eat, College, Play, Eat, Revise, Sleep and Repeat.”

How to deal with distractions as a student

Suppose you are feeling distracted too soon and unable to complete the plan. Then replace your fun time with these below steps:


Do not perform this in your class because you will be a joker in your friends’ minds. After revision, meditate for a minimum of five minutes as soon as you come from college. Note: Practice this continuously for three months to feel the change and get more concentration.

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This is an excellent sport which has the potential to keep yourself to the tip of the sword as a completely non-distractable person. Try to hold your breath for several seconds under the water and meditate. This will help you think broadly and frame your thoughts positively.

Single Sport Game

I mean to say single-player game. It is important to include fitness in your daily routine. This is not the same as the game you play on a mobile phone/PC/Laptop/Tablet. This is a physical game that you play indoors or outdoors. Some of the games I would suggest you learn are Chess, Fencing (sword fight), Cycling, Rifle shooting and Swimming. When you are playing these games, concentrate on the game, not anything else.

Eventually, as you play any of these games for a few months, your body and mind will correlate to being non-distractable. As you are performing all these activities, you will unknowingly distract other people’s minds.  

Slogan – “Never get distracted and show people the power of the ability to control.”

Time management tips for students

Wondering how to manage all daily activities in twenty-four hours? It’s simple, follow these steps to manage your time to the best.

As soon as you get up in the morning, fix in your mind what to do and not to do.

Create a list of schedules, for example 

1. At 8 AM – I should revise my subjects

2. At 9 AM – I need to leave for college

3. At lunch – I need to meet the teacher for doubt or apply for extracurricular activities

4. At 4 PM, I played for only 1 hour, not more/ less

5. At 7 PM  – I will finish all my Assignments/presentations/preparations

6. At 9 PM – I will sleep

Make sure you complete whatever you are doing at the time ends. So you will inculcate the habit of finishing anything at any cost. But this should not exceed more than twenty minutes.

Repeat this every day and also implement it in your life to be a time manager.


Follow all the above steps and be true to yourself. This is an essential part of your day-to-day story/plan. Suppose you are planning to know more about the psychological factor on how to implement various aspects of your life. Then I suggest you join our course to upskill yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan as a student?

Think about what’s important for the day and prioritise your interest based on your schedules.

Why is planning important for a student?

Not planning anything can be for life, or a day can be dangerous. No plan delivers nervousness and huge distraction that leads to unorganised life.

How do I start planning ahead?

Well, you need to understand your priorities and organise them according to the year/month you want to execute the plan.

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