How to crack a Group Discussion round? Tips & Tricks for Freshers

An Ultimate Guide : How to crack group discussion rounds?

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Nowadays, for most of the job profiles you’re applying for, there will also be a Group Discussion (GD) round that you will be expected to qualify in order to get selected for the next round. 

Therefore, GD Rounds should not be taken lightly. You should be well prepared for the same because the organization is mass screening the potential candidates through this round. 

It is vital that you understand the structure and purpose of the Group Discussion round. So that you will be able to perform to your fullest potential and crack the game.

 In this blog get an in-depth understanding of Tips and Tricks to crack the GD Round in an interview. 

Key Takeaways

  • Group Discussion Round is a critical part of the Interview Rounds, in which you will be expected to qualify in order to get selected for the next round. 
  • Organizations utilize GD Rounds for Mass Screening. This means in order to get through this round you should have great interpersonal skills.
  • It’s crucial that you perform the activity in good spirits, not demean anyone during the process and pay attention to your body language. 

What is a Group Discussion Round?

Interview group discussion round

 In a Group Discussion Round, candidates are required to sit in a room, often facing each other, forming a circle. 

You would then be given a topic based on current affairs or a situation based problem related to the domain you are applying for, by the interview panel, and you would be required to share your opinions and insights on the topic.

 Everyone would be taking turns to do this. In a situation based question, once everyone shares their insights, they are often asked to choose the best answer among the lot.

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Following which they have to  inform the evaluator why they chose a particular candidate’s answer as a possible solution to solve the problem. 

Types of Group Discussion Rounds

What are the types of group discussion rounds?

Usually, the Group Discussion takes place in either the moderated format or unmoderated format. 

In a Moderated format: In a moderated format, before the Group Discussion begins, the interview panel briefs you about the order of speaking and the time limit, and you will be expected to stick by the briefing. 

In an Unmoderated format: In an unmoderated format, there is no specific order of speaking. 

So, any particular candidate can start first and will also be given multiple chances to share insights even though there would be an overall time limit for the Group Discussion Round, but not for every individual like the case of Moderated format. 

Are Group Discussion Round Important?

how to crack a group discussion round in an interview?

If you are wondering about the importance of Group Discussion and what are the qualities that an evaluator looks for in the candidates, then here are the answers: 

Group Discussion rounds help the organization in mass screening which takes place before the individual face-to-face interview.

 So that they can select the potential candidates who have great:

– Communication skills

-Listening skills

-Critical thinking ability

-Ability to structure and present ideas

Since, now you have clarity on the importance of the Group Discussion Rounds the next step you have to focus on is preparation.

 Preparation is the key to success. Therefore you should make sure that you make yourself familiar with the GD simulated atmosphere. 

  • Research about Company/Academic/NGO backgrounds related to the domain you are applying for. 
  • Current Affairs

You can only crack an interview when you know all the topics, background, and art of presenting your answer and viewpoints.

 Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare yourself for it by thoroughly understanding the current affair topics and researching about company/domain background. 

group discussion round

Once you are well prepared with your research part, I would suggest you sit for Mock GD rounds with your friends or families and discuss various topics. 

Note down the time taken by you to share your opinions. This would give you a simulated feel of the GD Round Discussion. 

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Examples of GD Interview Round Topics

Here are some of the examples of GD Round Topics most commonly asked during the interview:

  1. One of the low-income government school has planned to allocate 2 hours every Wednesday and Friday for extracurricular and fun learning workshops, so which of the following Topics should be included – Pottery Class, Sex Education and Sports, which one would you choose and why?
  1. Coronavirus- Impact of the pandemic on Global Economy.
  1. Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers? 
  1. Future of AI

Finally, during your final Group Discussion Round, if it’s an unmoderated format and anyone can go first. I would suggest that you seize the opportunity to start first.

how to lead in a group discussion round?

This will help you fetch brownie points for showcasing your leadership skills

Through my personal experience based on a virtual interview with TeachForIndia.

 Before the actual Group Discussion round starts, they will be allocating 5-10 mins for all the candidates to interact with each other.

Utilize this time to share your interests and get to know each other before heading for the official GD Round.

 Make sure that you are carrying a pen and paper with you to jot down key points that the other candidates are mentioning. This will help you to strategize your hook.

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 Group Discussion also presents an opportunity to understand the perspective of other candidates on the same topic. So, it’s crucial that you perform the activity in good spirits, not demean anyone during the process and pay attention to your body language. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we have understood that Group Discussion Rounds are one of the most critical Interview rounds to clear. Since organizations aim at a mass screening during this round. 

It means there will be more rejections than selection during this process. But, if you manage to clear this round, you will be qualified for the next round.  

Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the importance of this round. Prepare yourself well with topics ranging from Technical domains to Current Affairs, practice as much as you can!

 Keep in mind the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog, it may hugely help you to crack the Group Discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Types of Group Discussion Rounds?

Interview Group Discussion Rounds are of 2 Types:
a) Moderated
b) Unmoderated

What are the qualities that an interviewer looks for in a candidate during a Group Discussion Round?

During the GD Round, the interviewer is looking for potential candidates who have good communication skills, listening skills, critical thinking ability, ability to structure and present ideas. 

Will they ask me only Technical Questions during the GD Round?

No, during the GD Round the interview panel will be focusing on your soft-skills. Therefore, prepare yourself for questions pertaining to various domains ranging from Technical to Current Affairs.

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