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Are you someone who is looking for the highest paying jobs in India in the Information Technology sector?

If yes, you have come to the right place; we have hand-picked India’s highest paying Tech jobs in 2021.

Today, we live in a world with advanced technology, and hence there is a great demand for personnel in the IT sector with excellent skills.

Before getting into the job roles under Information Technology, let us understand what the Information Technology sector is all about?

Information Technology Sector: An Overview

The Information Technology sector involves developing and maintaining software so that other businesses can operate smoothly. 

Let’s say you have a shop. You have to keep a ledger of daily transactions at your shop, make and keep a record for inventory management and record of your customers. 

This is where you will be using software that an organisation develops under the IT sector to help you smooth your business.

According to the Times of India, the IT sector made India’s Liberalisation possible.

Software development and management, consultancies, business process outsourcing, and online services are IT tasks.

Algorithms, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Problem Management, Service Management, and Information Security are essential skills for the Information Technology Sector.

Data Scientist, Blockchain Engineer, Big Data Architect and IoT Solutions Architect are among the best paying jobs in the IT sector

Accenture, IBM, Visa, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are some of the top companies in IT services that hire top talents for their job roles. 

Highest Paying Jobs in tech

Alright, now you have a clear idea about why the information technology sector is a booming field and why you should look for job opportunities in this field.

Let us now have a look at some of the high paying tech jobs in the year 2021.

highest paying tech jobs

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1. Data Scientist

First up on this list of highest paying technology jobs in India is undoubtedly Data Science Engineer.

So who is a data scientist?

A Data Scientist is a professional responsible for collecting, analysing and interpreting extremely large amounts of data.

They use raw data collected from multiple sources, interpret and analyze it to draw insights and provide solutions to help organisations grow.

But what are some of the top certifications which a data scientist must have?

Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Amazon AWS Big Data Certification are the top recognized certificates for Data Scientists.

Now you might be wondering about the salary and top companies actively looking to hire a Data Science Engineer.

₹1,11,95,384 p.a. is the average salary for a Data Scientist.

Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini, IBM India, and Dell are the top companies looking for data science engineers. 

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2. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineers specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing a unique type of technology.

Basically, they develop a secure system using blockchain technology to secure digital transactions by recording and storing them in a blockchain.

Talking about the salary of a Blockchain Engineer, the average pay they get is close to ₹1,11,95,384.

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program, Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA), and Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) are the highest certification for Blockchain Engineers.

IBM, Visa, Microsoft, and Deloitte Consulting LLP are the top recruiter for Blockchain Engineer.

3. Big Data Architect

A Big Data Architect is required to solve problems that are quite big by analyzing the data.

They are responsible for providing the framework to an organization to compile the IT assets of the organization with its organizational goals.

They are usually required in organizations that are working with large data sets using Big Data Solutions, such as Banks, Technology Firms, Information Solutions Company and Consulting. 

₹1,04,49,025 p.a is the average salary for a Big Data Architect.

Were you looking for the highest certifications for Big Data Architect?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Data Analytics – Specialty, Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer and IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data. These are the highest certifications for Big Data Architect.

IBM, Amazon, Atlassian, and Google are the top recruiters for Big Data Architect.

4. IoT Solutions Architect

An IoT Solutions Architect is a professional role in developing practical uses and applications of internet of things technology.

They find solutions for the organization’s problem by developing IoT solutions and are also responsible for creating and communicating IoT solutions.

₹97,02,666 p.a is the average salary for an IoT Solutions Architect.

IBM Certified Solution Architect is the highest recognized certification for IoT Solutions Architect.

Are you looking for top recruiters for IoT Solutions Architect?

KocharTech, IBM, and Dell are the top recruiter for IoT Solutions Architect.

5. Software Architect

A software architect optimises the development process by making design choices and dictating technical standards such as coding, tools and platforms. 

Generally, they are the team leader of the programmer’s team working on the invention and creation of new company software and program features.

We have understood the job responsibility of a Software Architect, let’s now find out the salary, top certificates and top recruiters for same.

₹85,08,492 p.a is the average salary for a Software Architect.

AWS Certified Solution Architect and Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert is the highest level of certifications for Software Architect.

Paypal, Intel, and McAfee are the top recruiters for Software Architect.

6. Artificial Intelligence Architect

The AI Architect is responsible for planning the implementation of solutions, choosing the right technologies and evaluating the evolution of the architecture as the clients’ needs change.

Basically, they are responsible for making decisions about the platforms, products, vendors and processes to build and deploy AI in the organization.

₹82,09,948 P.A is the average salary for an AI Architect.

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate, Azure AI Engineer Associate — Microsoft and AI Engineer Certification- Artificial Intelligence Board of America are the highest DevOps Engineers’ertifications for AI Architects.

Some companies to work in as an AI Architect are Microsoft, NVIDIA, Philips.

7. Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is an IT professional who is responsible for overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy.

They are involved in cloud application designs, cloud approval plans and systems to maintain cloud storing systems. 

The average salary for a Cloud Architect- ₹79,86,040.

Some of the best certifications for Cloud Architect are Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect and AWS Cloud Architect.

 IBM, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Genpact are the top recruiters for Cloud Architect.

8. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is web developer a or engineer who works with both the front and back ends of a website or application.

They are involved in designing user interactions on websites, developing servers, databases for website functionality and programming for mobile websites.

₹79,11,404 P.A is the average salary for Full Stack Developers.

IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer Professional Certificate and Certified Microsoft Full Stack Developer are the best certifications for Full Stack Developers.

Now find out top recruiters for Full Stack Developer.

Citi, Cloud LIMS, and Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Inc. are the top recruiters for Full Stack Developer.

9. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer works with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases. 

They are responsible for developing, testing and maintaining the infrastructure and tools that allow rapid development and software release.

₹70,90,410-₹1,04,49,025 is the range of average salary for DevOps Engineers.

Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, and Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer are DevOps Engineers’ highest software release certifications. 

ANSYS, UBS, Intel, and Oracle are the top recruiters for DevOps Engineers.

10. Product Manager

A Product Manager identifies the customer’s needs and the larger business objectives of a product or feature.

They are involved in product planning, gathering and prioritizing product and customer needs and defining product vision. And they are required to closely work with Engineering, Sales and Marketing to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.

So, you have understood the job role of Product Manager. Now find out other information about the Product Manager.

₹74,63,589 p.a is the average salary for a Product Manager.

Product School’s Product Management Certification Programs, Pragmatic Institute’s Product Management Certification, and Product Development and Management Association’s (PDMA) New Product Development Certification are the top certifications for Product Manager.

PayPal, Dell, and MasterCard are the top companies in IT services for Product Managers.


Tech Jobs are the Highest Paying Jobs among all the sectors in 2021, Data Scientist being the highest.

If you are someone who is interested in Information Technology, above is the list of Highest Paying Jobs in IT.

And seeing the advancement of technology we have to say, there is a great scope for people in the Information Technology sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paying jobs in the Information Technology sector?

Data Scientist is the highest paid job in the IT sector.

Which jobs are best if I know about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Architect, Cloud Architect, and Software Architect are some of the best jobs in IT with knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What are the highest paying jobs in Tech?

Above is an Infographic that shows the highest paying jobs in Tech. It shows you the top 10 highest paying Tech Jobs.

What are the 10 Skills that could land you an IT job?

Communication, Organization, Analytical Abilities, Creativity, Project Management, Perseverance, Problem Solving, Resourcefulness, Curiosity and Interest in Helping Others are  10 skills that could land you an IT job.

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