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highest paying finance jobs

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Are you looking to start a career in finance. You might as well be looking for Highest paying Jobs in Finance?

Here we have hand-picked and made a list of the highest paying Finance jobs for you.

But before that, let us understand what is finance and what are some qualification required for starting a career in this field.?

One of the good things about choosing a career in Finance is that it has a low unemployment rate.

What is Finance: An Overview 

Basically, Finance is referred to as the management of money and involves tasks like investing, budgeting, borrowing, lending, saving, and forecasting.

There are three main types of finance: Personal, Corporate and Public/Government.

It is a vast field providing a wide range of career opportunities and job roles.

Accounting, Investment, Lending, Fintech, Advisory Services and Corporate Finance are the broad categories of finance under which you can find the highest paying finance jobs in India.

Financial Analyst, Compliance Officer, Financial Advisor, Senior Accountant, Loan Officer are some of the highest paying job roles under Finance.

Now that you know what is finance, you might be wondering, is it hard to get a finance job?

No. A bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Finance, Business Administration or Economics is the minimum qualification required to make a finance career.

And good knowledge of Maths and Accounting is a must for making a promising career in it.

Some of the top companies in the financial services sector by revenue are Berkshire Hathaway, Ping An Insurance Group, Allianz, AXA, and JP Morgan Chase, leading financial services by income.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Finance

If you are looking to start a career in finance, you might also be looking for those fields that pay you a decent amount of money. 

Here is the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Finance Sector:

highest paying jobs in finance

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1. Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is among the important members of the management team. Their responsibilities include overseeing compliance within an organisation and with laws, regulatory requirements, policies and procedures.

Generally, before getting a job as a CCO, you might have to work as an analyst, managing director or other positions to master legal standards.

Talking about the salary of a COO, the average pay they get is close to ₹3,950,000 p.a.

CCO’s are an integral part of the efficient working of a company, and virtually every organisation requires them. 

Some companies to work in as a Chief Compliance Officer are Twitter, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley.

2. Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is a corporate executive who identifies, analyses, and mitigates internal and external risks that could hamper the organisation’s growth. 

They also ensure that the company complies with the government regulations. 

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, or economics is the minimum qualification required for a CRO. And the minimum experience of 20 years is also necessary to work as CRO.

Since we are familiar with the minimum qualifications required for CRO; you might be wondering what is the salary?

₹1,748,571 p.a is the average salary for Chief Risk Officer.

The top recruiters for CRO are Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and Goldman Sachs.

3. Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge Fund Manager works with high net worth individuals who are interested in investing.  

The job of Hedge Fund Manager and Investment Banker are almost identical; it is just that Hedge Fund Managers are involved with higher risk and reward portfolios.

The manager is required to monitor the market to protect investors and maximise their earnings.

₹17,14,365 p.a is the average salary of a Hedge Fund Manager.

BNY Mellon, J.P. Morgan, Apex Group and Citi are the top recruiters for Hedge Fund Manager.

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4. Investment Banker

Investment Banker is one of the best job roles under finance which any fresher or an experienced personnel can find.

The responsibility of an Investment Banker is to keep track of the money invested by the client in different businesses to optimize return and achieve the set goals.

They help clients achieve the set goals by assisting them in raising and investing capital the right way.

You might be wondering what‘s the salary and top recruiters for Investment Banker?

₹12,00,000 p.a is the average salary, and ML Bhuwania & Co, Baker Mckenzie, UBS, and Wipro are the top recruiters for Investment Banker.

5. Information Technology Auditor

The IT Auditor is responsible for protecting the organization’s internal controls and data within its system. 

They ensure synchronisation between the technology infrastructure and enterprise needs.

To be an IT auditor, you should understand physical IT controls, business operations, and financial practices within the organisation.

IT Auditor gets an average payment of ₹8,00,000 p.a.

Infosys Limited, DXC, Philips, and Flipkart are the top recruiter for IT Auditors.

6. Private Equity Associate

Private Equity Associate analyses and monitors data, looking for potential investment opportunities and raising funds for their firm. 

Generally, Private Associates work with Senior Executives, Senior Associates, Vice Presidents, Principals, and Directors or Partners. 

Data Analysis, Communication, Modeling and Visualization are some of the most valued skills for Private Equity Associates.

We have understood the job responsibility of a Private Equity Associates, let’s now find out the salary and some of the companies for same.

₹7,33,635 p.a is the average salary for a Private Equity Associates.

EY, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and S&P Global are the top recruiters for Private Equity Associates.

7. Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer plays a crucial role in the finance industry. 

They ensure that desired activities are carried out keeping in mind the guidelines set by the government agencies.

They are responsible for developing company policies, creating metrics to help track compliance and performing compliance audits.

The average salary of a Compliance Officer is ₹5,03,791 p.a.

UBS, DXC Technology, Barclays, and Standard Chartered Global Business Services are the top recruiters for Compliance Officers.

8. Financial Software Developer

As the name suggests, Financial Software Developer develops computer programs to achieve the needs of financial institutions and end-users. 

They design, develop, test and maintain software or programs to fulfil the needs of the organisation.

Excellent Knowledge of Computing, Engineering, Maths and Java programming language is a must for a Financial Software Developer.

The gross average salary of a Financial Software Developer is ₹5,02,459 p.a. and it might vary from company to company and location to location.

Talking about the companies, CGI, XL Dynamics, eClerx, and Accenture are the top recruiters for Financial Software Developers.

9. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors are the professionals who identify short-term and long-term financial goals and suggest the products to achieve those goals.

They provide consulting and help individuals or companies achieve their financial goals by developing strategies and ways to create more wealth, reduce costs or eliminate debts.

Financial Advisor gets an average salary of ₹3,91,447 p.a.

LIC, Motilal Oswal Securities, Yes Bank and Karvy Stock Broking are the top recruiters for Financial Advisor.

10. Chief Financial Officer

The job role of Chief Financial Officer is the most rewarding and best paying career in finance.

So who is a Chief Financial Officer?

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an executive responsible for managing the company’s capital structure and cash flow, planning for its growth, and making decisions related to costing and technology infrastructure.

They also overview the work of analysts, manage financial teams.

To be a CFO, you must have in-depth knowledge about accounting, financial modelling and other related skills.

₹2,40,000 p.a. is the average salary for a Chief Financial Officer.

Job Mirror Consultancy, Accenture, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services and Essar are the top recruiting companies for the job of CFO.

Conclusion : Highest Paying Finance Jobs

Finance Jobs are among the Highest Paying Jobs in 2021, Chief Compliance Officer being the highest.

If you are interested in the Financial sector, above is the list of Highest Paying Jobs in Finance.

And if you are interested in Information Technology, You can check out our blog on Highest Paying IT jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest paying jobs in the Finance Sector?

Chief Compliance Officer is the highest paid job in the Finance Sector.

What are the highest paying jobs in Finance?

Above is an Infographic that shows the highest paying jobs in Tech. It shows you the top 10 highest paying Finance Jobs.

What are the top companies for Jobs in Finance?

Accenture, LIC, Yes Bank, Standard Chartered Global Business Services, Goldman Sachs, Wipro and Morgan Stanley are some of the top companies in Finance.

What are the top skills that Could Land You a Finance Job?

A formal accounting qualification, Interpersonal skills, Ability to communicate, Financial reporting, Analytical ability, Problem-solving skills, Knowledge of IT software, Management experience, Commercial acumen, and Capacity for innovation are some of the top skills that could help you in getting a job in the Finance sector.

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