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Free Data Analytics Courses

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The global big data and business analytics market is expected to have annual revenue of 274.3 billion USD by 2022. No wonder fields like Data Analytics and Data Science are gaining so much popularity. According to a World Economic Forum report, Data Analytics is going to be one of the most demanding jobs by 2026.

People with a degree in programming can become Data Analysts since they are familiar with the tools used by Data Analysts such as Python, SQL, Excel and many more.

But it doesn’t mean a person with no coding background can’t become a Data Analyst.

There are hundreds of free Data Analytics courses online that you can choose and you don’t need any prior experience in coding at all. Besides that, these courses promise entry-level jobs in the market.

With the below-mentioned free online courses on Data Analytics, you start this new journey, all you need to have is determination, perseverance and good WiFi.

Key Takeaways 

  1. List of free Data Analytics courses
  2. Importance of Data Analytics
  3. Tools used by Data Analysts in day to day work

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analysis is the process of taking raw data and drawing insightful observations so that businesses can look at the big picture and make data-driven decisions.

A Data Analyst uses many different tools like Python, R studio, SQL, spreadsheets and many others to analyse and manipulate the data. You don’t need to know anything about them before starting the course. You’ll learn everything from the ground up.

People often get confused with Data Science and Data Analytics. Therefore we need to understand what is Data Science and what does a Data Scientist do?

List of Free Data Analytics Courses

Here begins the list of all the best free Data Analytics courses online. We have mentioned all the necessary details that will help you compare amongst all the courses and choose the best Data Analytics course that suits you the best.

1. Data Analysis with Python – Freecodecamp provides hands-on experience with Data Analysis with Python.

You can start typing your code right away and learn by doing.

It is one of the best free Data analytics certification courses hence it provides a certificate after the completion of the course without any fees. This certificate can help you get an entry-level job.

Freecodecamp also has a complete course on R, Python for beginners on YouTube. It always puts out new content to keep you up with the latest trends in the industry and help you upskill yourself.

Duration: 300 hours. Hence with a pace of 10 -12 hours per week, you can finish this course in 6 to 7 months.

2. Data Analyst Full Course – Simplilearn

Simplilearn has a beginner-friendly course on YouTube that will give you a brief about Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python.

After this course, you can decide whether you want to pursue a career in Data Analytics or not.

Simplilearn also provides an introductory Data Analytics certification course on their website for which you will get a certificate after completion. Although that certificate will not fetch you a job, you can do an advanced course to build a deeper understanding of the core subject and then apply it to your dream company. 

Duration: 10 Hours

3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certification – Coursera

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate course covers every aspect of Data Analysis from fundamentals to advanced methodologies used as Data Analysts.

This course is available for audit and hence it makes it one of the best free courses on Data Analytics available online.

You can also receive a certificate if you buy the Coursera subscription. Coursera also provides scholarships and financial aid for its students so do check it out.

According to, Many companies prefer these certification courses over college degrees.

Upon completion, you can get access to the Google network of 130 different employers that are looking for people with this certificate completion. Here is the list of employer consortiums.

This certificate can fetch you an entry-level job as

  • Junior Data Analyst
  •  Finance analyst
  •  Data technician
  •  Marketing analyst
  •  Business intelligence analyst
  •  Business performance analyst

Duration: 6 months with a pace of 10-12 hours per week.

4. Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers – edX

Designed by the University of Michigan, this is an introductory course on Data Analytics that offers an introduction to Data Analytics techniques and their application in business through a combination of lectures, business case studies, and hands-on learning.

This course includes:

  • Management of Data Analysis in an environment of Graphic Development that makes advanced tools easier to access without coding.
  • How to carry out and interpret some fundamental Data Science activities, such as:
  • A basic scatter plot to visually assess relationships between two or more quantities.
  • A basic SQL query to learn how to pull data from multiple interconnected sources.
  • A basic machine learning experiment to comprehend what machine learning is and how to interpret its output.

This course is available for audit, hence making it a free course on Data Analytics online but you get to buy this course to get access to assignments and tests and a certificate after completion.

Duration: 6 weeks at a pace of 2-4 hours per week

5. Introduction to Data Analysis and the World of Big Data – Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a great collection of free Data Analysis unit that provides an excellent introduction to data tools, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

It also provides a hand on Introduction to SQL with real-life examples making it fun and interesting.

The unit on Statistics and probability will help you to sharpen your analytical side and get a deeper understanding of these topics.

Although it doesn’t cover all the topics of Data Analytics like data visualisation, working with R but it’s a good starter. Khan Academy is always adding and updating new content to their platform so keep an eye on it.

All the above resources will help you start your Data Analysis journey and help you learn in an interactive way.

6. How to Become a Data Analyst – LinkedIn Learning

This free Data Analytics certification course by LinkedIn learning on how to become a Data Analyst covers the basics of Data Analysis making it a great introductory course.

This course covers topics like SQL, Python, Power BI and Excel.

But since these courses do not give an in-depth knowledge of each topic they do not make you job-ready but after getting this overview you can decide whether you want to pursue your career in this field or not.

Duration: 24 Hours

Why is Data Analytics Important?

With data being the new oil, the demand for handling data and drawing insightful information is becoming a crucial part of every industry so that companies can make complex decisions.

That’s where Data Analytics comes in, they do things from collecting the right data, sorting, analyzing and visualizing and presenting it to its users. For Example:

A hospital collects data like the density of population in a local area, percentage of people visiting the hospital in a given time, recurring disease and many other things so that they can have enough resources to manage and decide how many beds, doctors and medical equipment they need.

Data Analysts help them to provide the right data and visualize it so that everyone can understand them.

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Essential Data Analysis Tools You Need to Know About

Excel / spreadsheet

Excel is most likely the most popular spreadsheet program for PCs. It is frequently pre-installed on newly purchased computers. It is simple to use and includes a collection of statistical functions as well as a Data Analysis ToolPak. (ToolPak is an Excel add-in program that provides Data Analysis tools for financial, statistical and engineering Data Analysis.)


SQL is a programming language that is used to arrange and manage data. With SQL it is easy to look up a particular data part and update the data.


Tableau is a powerful and quickly growing data visualisation tool. 

Visuals made with Tableau can be understood by everyone in the organisation, regardless of technical background. It also allows the creation of individual dashboards by non-technical users.


R is free software and programming language that has a wide catalogue of statistical and graphical methods.

It includes machine study algorithms, linear regression, time series, and some statistics. R libraries are mostly written in R, but C, C++ and Fortran codes are preferred in the case of heavy computing tasks.


In all the above-listed free courses on Data Analytics, you will get a fairly good idea about what is Data Analytics and what are the key requirements to become a Data Analyst.

These courses can help you get a job as well and some of them will just give you a brief idea about the essential skills of a Data Analyst.

Careers in Data Analytics are booming and will continue to boom because a Data Analyst is required in almost every industry. Don’t wait before it’s too late, pick up the best free courses on Data Analytics today and start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free courses worth it?

Yes, all the above-listed courses are very useful and make you understand all the key aspects of Data Analysis.
Free Data Analytics certification courses such as and Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate can even help you fetch an entry-level job and start your data analytics career.

Is data analytics a good career?

Yes, the demand for Data Analysts has grown over the years and continues to grow.
Over 60% of companies believe that it is not easy to fill Data Analyst roles because of severe talent shortages.
Choosing a career that is high in demand in the job market often turns out to be lucrative and secure in the long run.

Can I teach myself Python?

Yes, there are a variety of resources available that will help you learn python by yourself.
Sites like Freecodecamp and Khan Academy provide hands-on exercises that improve your coding skills significantly if you give enough time and effort

Is Google Data Analytics certification worth it?

Yes, You’ll be introduced to the world of Data Analytics through a hands-on curriculum developed by Google. You’ll develop in-demand Data Analytics skills using spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau, R, and more. 
Google has a network of over 150 employers who are willing to hire you on the basis of this course and you may not require a college degree. Here is the employer consortium.

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