Everything you should know about Data Science

Everything You Should Know About Data Science

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The term “Data science” was coined in the 20th century. But,  this field existed from the beginning of mankind.  From then we used to analyze or have taken the reference of previous works and we continued our further work or business. All this has been done manually.

In the modern world, we are doing the same work using some advanced techniques or technologies under the term “ DATA SCIENCE.”

There are many articles about data science. But in this blog, there is Everything you should know about Data Science in simple terms.

So let’s dig into it!

Key takeaways 

  • The word “Data Science” is recently creating a lot of buzz everywhere. But it is a technology that existed from times immemorial. 
  • Since data is a new age oil and  Data Science is playing a key role in every industry. There is no doubt in exaggerating “Having skills in Data Science is one of the life skills, which we need to learn must and stood.”
  • The world is waiting for you to offer you a job in the Data Science field with huge perks provided if you have sound knowledge and get certified. 

What is Data science?

Basically, Data Science is an area of study that deals with large volumes of existing data through which we can discover patterns, derive meaningful conclusions, can make big decisions, and many more by using modern tools and algorithms. 

After the study of data, we can design some models or structures for our business.

Now we have got an idea about what data science is, right? 

 Let’s dive into it!

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What do Data Scientists do?

Before answering this, let us check who is a Data Scientist?

A person in a company or organization who handles all the data, its operations, discovering patterns, retrieving meaningful information, and making predictive models is called a Data Scientist.

Let’s understand the role of a Data Scientist?

Data is new age oil and it exists everywhere. Without data, we can’t run any business.

If an enterprise is facing any problem, Data can play a huge role in resolving it. 

So Data Scientists analyze the given data and extract insights from it and they will present solutions to the concerned stakeholders or business owners.

To solve the business problem, they will follow these  common steps:

1. They will identify the problem statement by asking the right questions to business entities.

2. They will determine which type of business information or data set they need.

3. Raw data is in any form like text, audio, image, video, etc. They will collect all the information from all sources like the public, customers, stakeholders, business owners, and more!

4. Once the data is collected, they will clean, and validate the data to ensure data is accurate. After this, they convert the data into a suitable format for analysis.

5. Depending upon the data obtained, They use Machine Learning algorithms and statistical models to analyze the data. Here they will find some patterns, trends, and draw conclusions from them. “Here they can give realistic solutions for the given problem statement“.

6. They will present all these insights to stakeholders or business owners using some visualization tools or software.

Throughout this process, data security is important.

Now, you might have got an idea of what Data Science is all about, right?. Have you ever wondered why “data science” is creating this much buzz? 

Let’s check some of the benefits of data science.

Benefits of Data Science

As said: “Data is an oil to run the business” whatever we do we require data. Data is in many forms like previous research reports, historic observations, customer data, business data, news reports, etc.

So data is everywhere. If we study the data in a scientific way, there are more benefits. Let us look into some of them:

  1. Improves decision-making process
  1. Increases future predictability for businesses
  1. Increases real-time intelligence
  1.  Makes products smarter
  1. Helps in scientific research and development
  1. Increases Automation in all fields
  1. Identifies problems and corresponding solutions in each industry. And helps to find new opportunities in all sectors
  1. Helps to improve data security
  1. For targeted Marketing and Sales
  1. Helps us to save lives

What not! We can say many. Let’s see some common applications that you see daily.

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Applications of Data Science 

Directly or indirectly data science plays a key role in our daily life activities. Following are some common applications that we see daily.

1. Recommendations: 

We are getting notifications from youtube videos, e-commerce platforms about their products, website recommendations, on our electronic devices right! This is the best application of Data Science in Digital Marketing.

2. Finance: 

In this industry, data science plays a key role in detecting frauds and risks, and observing the patterns and trends.

3. Health Care: 

This is a data-driven industry, best examples of data science in healthcare are all advanced medical equipment that you see in hospitals, diagnosis reports, smart wearables like watches, and detecting chronic diseases in an earlier stage.

4. Transport:

 Vehicle tracking in respective applications or websites, tick booking basis on availability and comfort.

5. Defense: 

There are many applications here. To get a good catch, we are seeing movies right!

 In the movies, Police catch thieves using advanced monitoring systems. 

It is the best example of data science.

6. In Gaming:

 In most of the games, the majority of our opponent is controlled by a computer. It gives counterattacks using ML algorithms only.

There are many more applications in every field. Knowing or unknowingly Data Science has become part of our life. 

So, there is no exaggeration in saying, “having skill in data science is one of the life survival skills.”

Start learning from now. 

Let us see what are the pre-requisites required for us to learn data science as a beginner.

Pre-Requisites to learn Data Science

To learn data science, we need the following pre-requisites.

Note: Any student with Bachelors’s can seek a career in data science.

Data Science, it is a combination of 2 or more subjects or fields. The deep you go the more subjects or technologies you have to learn. It is a never-ending process.

But as a beginner, you need to study the following subjects.

1. Mathematics and Statistics:

These subjects are the heart of data science, where you can understand data easily and you can build models with the reference of these subjects.

2. Programming:

To handle large volumes of data we need programming skills, especially Python and R play a key role here.

3. Understanding the business domain:

 Business to business, handling data and their problem statement varies. It is very important to have basic knowledge on business and its terms.

4. Databases:

All the data is stored in databases. So it is important to learn how to handle databases.

Technologies like SQL, MYSQL, etc are important.

5. Machine Learning: 

After analyzing the data, the final step is to solve the problem statement by building ML models. 

Apart from these, practice is more important. 


Without data, there is no development and existence. In every industry, we are applying data science knowledge. And the most important point is the industry to industry application of data science concepts varies. 

So,  “Learning Data science is a never-ending process.

Coming to jobs, there are plenty of jobs in this field with high packages. You may want to check out,  “Data Scientist is the most sexiest  job of the 21st century.

Start Learning Data Science, and get hired by top MNC’s

If you are keen on learning about Data Science, we provide a Data Science Certification course and also Data Science Internship Program for beginners. 

Now, get ready to ace Data Science with the guidance of highly qualified mentors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is data science a Good Career?

The answer is yes! Since data is new age oil and the applications of Data Science keep on increasing within all sectors  It is clearly evident that there is a huge scope in this field.

How can I become Data Scientist?

Anyone can become Data Scientist. Follow the below path

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree(Related to IT, maths, Computer science, business, Science, it will be easier).
2. Pursue a course in data science whether it is Masters’s or a Diploma.
3. Practice the use cases as more as you can and get sound knowledge.
4. Gain experience by doing many freelancing projects and strengthening your portfolio.

What is Data Science in simple words?

Studying and analyzing the data in a scientific way, to solve challenging problems is called data science.

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