Data Analyst Salary in India

data analyst salary in India

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Data Analyst has become in-demand by companies/organisations worldwide. If you would compare this career to a software engineer, it is a higher-paid job. when compared. Here in this blog, you will briefly understand Data Analyst Salary in India.

So, what are you yielding for?

Join me in this blog to learn better about Data Analysts and the following are the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • The meaning of Data Analyst.
  • Skills required to be one.
  • Responsibilities and roles.
  • Career paths in India.
  • Courses for entry, mid and senior-level candidates.

Who is a Data Analyst, and what will they do?

It is a person who identifies the possibilities of increasing the credibility of a company/organisation with the help of information (broken data) to create statistics, numbers, figures, and plain text to provide necessary decisions. 

With this information, the Data Analysts can solve problems and provide observatory tips to make proper company decisions.

An excellent Data Analyst knows many programming languages like SQL, Python, JavaScript and many more. To have a stronghold in this career, a person also should know Mathematics, Statistics, and business backgrounds.

With this knowledge, they are called Data Analysts. If they can interpret the large data information precisely to the stakeholders (Owners, Administration Team, Company partners and many more) then they are considered to be the best analyst in the environment.

As you got to know the overview meaning of Data Analyst, it is time to learn about the skill set that are required, to understand it further..

Skills to be Data Analyst

As time passes on year-by-year, the skills also get accumulated. So, worry not now, but do learn these below skills to alter your career as a Data analyst, which is better to bring out the capability.

1. SQL

The abbreviation for SQL is Structured Query Language. This language was founded in 1970. As a Data Analyst, the person needs to know how to manage the database with the required skills to bring the necessary information into the picture. 

A Data Scientist mentioned that this language is optional, and it is invaluable in the present generation but should be known by the analysts to monitor the data very well. 

This Data Scientist has a point. The truth is, SQL has a foothold in all the companies worldwide and is also in high demand. It’s the simple syntax to remember to guide any data analyst into the right learning path. If you are intoSQL, then MYSQL has greater importance in making analysts understand relation database management. 

If you are startinger in this career, I recommend you join a SQL course that brings you capabilities of learning relevant skill sets.

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2. Mathematics and Statistics

To make a decisive decision, a Data Analyst needs to understand how to interpret the rightful information through statistical and mathematical concepts. A person also needs to understand how to sketch a graph or make a prediction based on historical or present information. 

An analyst must understand the basic algorithms and know how to solve the raw data to give a solution. This is how Mathematics and Statistics come to the rescue of Data Analysts.

To ace up at these, one should go through and understand all the algorithms, statistics and mathematics concepts taught from schooling to a degree level.

3. Other Technical Skills

As you get to know the initial SQL language, it is pretty easy to understand. Other than that it is essential to learn languages like Data visualisation and cleaning, MATLAB, R, Python and many more.

 Responsibilities and Roles of Data Analyst


 Responsibilities and Roles of Data Analyst

Data Analyst Career Path in India

Here are the top three career paths for Data analysts in India and worldwide.

1. Data Analyst

If you are a beginner with little experience and only theoretical knowledge, this is where you can start your career as a Data Analyst. If you are armed theoretically, it is not only needed to be an analyst but also getting updated on all the etiquette of corporate developments in the Data Analyst field is very important these days.

So, why wait to start? 

Below are a few Youtube Channels that give you an update on insights of Data Analysts.

Get Updates Now!

2. Senior Analyst

An objective of a Data Analyst starts over here!

Whatever you have learnt, the uptowns and downtowns in 1-2 years make you an experienced person to take over the junior who initially has difficulty overcoming a few of the problems in their initial stages. 

Apart from all the power, their job is to look after the company’s/organisation’s data processes and strategy to make decisive decisions,  check whether the statistical information sent to the management is accurate and, of course, handling the team is automatically there.

3. Specialist Data Analyst

If you have experience of 4-5 years, you can prefer some specialisation. It is just like becoming a surgeon in a particular field. So here are a few main specialisations in Data Analyst:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Digital Marketing Analyst
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Miscellaneous Analyst
  5. Operation Analyst 
  6. Economic Analyst

Here are a few Data Analyst careers that are not very important for a beginner

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analytics Consultant

 Data Analyst Salary in India

As per the interview bit. The below-listed average salary will help you rethink your decision on, how fast you want to become a Data Analyst and push yourself to be the best.

Data Analyst Salary in India

So, as you have gone through the figure of the average salary in India, Here are some of the Data Analyst Salaries in India Per Month according to the above top three main career paths.

Data Analyst Salary in India Per Month

  • Entry-level Data Analyst Salary in India, the person will receive per month ranging from Rs 25000 to Rs 95000. 
  • If you are a Senior Data Analyst, the salary in India you will be receiving per month can range between Rs 40,000 to Rs 4,00,000.
  • As I have mentioned, if the person has 4-5 years of experience, then the salary for a specialist Data Analyst per month would range from Rs 90,000 to Rs 6,00,000.

Course for Entry level Candidate

If you are very much fascinated by numbers, then you should put yourself together to join a course that would provide an edge to be the best Data Analyst.

Here are a few courses that would overwhelming increase your possibilities to be an efficient and effective Data Analyst. The below are Edutech companies with a minimum rating between 4 to 5 out of 5.

Courses for Entry-Level Candidates

This entry Data Analytics course teaches essential analytics tools and techniques, R, Python and how to create data visualisation in a corporate environment.
If you are a beginner at Data Analyst, you will learn about Python, Data Analysis, Statistics & Probability, and exploratory data analysis from experienced Industry mentors.
This entry-level Data Analyst course includes MySQL, Excel (Basic & Advanced), Tableau and programming from in-house mentors.

Each of the above courses has unique insights from the courses they provide. Choose carefully which one to start with, or else you can experience all one by one to ace the steps to become the best Data Analyst.

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Course for Middle-level Candidate

Let’s say you are a little experienced but need to be up to the mark and want to stand on the spot? Then there are courses which will help you to be one.

Course for Middle-level Candidate

In this course, you might learn what you have or not known, but this is some of the advanced curriculum, where you will be learning Mentor-led, and placement support is also provided.
UpGrade Campus.
This is exclusively for mid-level candidates who have a grip on the base structure. Much more Advance is taught based on candidate’s personal interests.
This has courses based on your claim with recorded Videos. Still, you have unlimited access to the advanced curriculum that you took for learning.


Whew! It was a lot to cover. I hope you got the information to start a career as Data Analyst. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the highest pay for Data Analysts?

The highest pay for a Data Analyst is anywhere between Rs 1-4 Million per year.

What is the lowest pay for Data Analysts?

The lowest pay for Data Analysts is anywhere between Rs 2-5 Lakh per year.

How much does a Data Analyst in India make?

From an overall view, the average is between Rs 6-10 Lakhs per year.

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