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computer science project ideas

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Computer science projects allow you to use your programming skills in a practical sense. They make you gain strong skills in IT/ITeS and STEM-related job roles. 

If you have successfully gained a strong skill set, you’ll be able to easily find space in the IT industry and land the most ideal jobs for yourself. 

You can practically build your skill and expertise in the same field by developing computer science projects. You use all aspects of computer science in a project, be it programming, design, analysis, or basic theory. Building these projects make a mark in your resume that has the ability to work with hands-on experience in the field. 

Various applications where computer science is used are algorithm design, coding, computation, web architecture, storage systems & management, data processing, network information security, and mobile app development.

So, if you are a computer science student that needs the right kinds of computer science projects for your final year project assignment, here are some ideas that can help you.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn new project ideas for Music and Movie Recommendation Systems.
  • Key project ideas on Prediction Systems like Wine Quality, Breast Cancer Prediction, Stock Prices, Walmart Sales, Used Car Costs, and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Know some of the exciting ideas on Detection Systems like Face detection, Signature Verification, and Credit Card Readers with Face Detection.
  • Amazing ideas on Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Chatbot, Speech-to-Text Converter, and Mobile Banking.

Computer Science Project ideas

  1. Music Recommendation System
  2. Face Detection
  3. Wine Quality Prediction
  4. Breast Cancer Prediction
  5. Stock Price Prediction
  6. Movie recommendation system
  7. Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  8. Walmart Sales Forecasting
  9. Used cars cost prediction
  10.  Detection of Parkinson’s Disease
  11.  Chat Bot
  12.  Speech to Text
  13.  Signature Verification
  14.  Credit card reader with face recognition
  15.  Mobile Banking

1. Music Recommendation System

In this project, you’ll be designing a recommendation system to prescribe music based on the user’s preference. The idea is simple and obviously easy to implement.

You’ll need to design, analyze, and implement a song recommendation engine that would predict what the user would like to hear the most in the future. 

Popularity-based model, same artist greatest hits, content-based model, and collaborative filtering are some of the filters you can use to recommend new music.

You’ll need to sort songs by two-way popularity in decreasing order. For every user, recommend the songs in order of popularity, except those songs that are already present in the user’s profile. 

Songs that are often listened to by the same user tend to be similar and are more likely to be listened to together in the future by some other user.

Listening histories are influenced by a set of factors specific to the domain (e.g. Genre, artist). Users and songs are characterized by various latent factors. You can use these factors to build your own recommendation song engine and flaunt your computer science skills.

2. Face Detection

You’ll have to create a system that detects and analyzes distinct facial features. 

Factor Analysis is a broad subject that includes a topic as Principal Component Analysis. 

PCA is one of the most successful techniques used in projects for CSE students. It is being used for image recognition and compression. It changes the large dimensionality of the data space to the smaller intrinsic dimensionality of feature space which is needed to describe the data economically. 

Prediction, redundancy removal, feature extraction, data compression are some of the applications of PCA. Face recognition has the following application areas:

  1. face identification
  2. face classification
  3. Sex determination. 

Steps to follow while making this computer science project are:

  1. Install Libraries according to your needs in the program.
  2. Detect Faces on which you need to perform face recognition on.
  3. Gather Data from various different sources.
  4. Train your data well.
  5. Start Recognition.

These applications allow users to make crowd surveillance, mugshots matching, video content indexing, personal identification, entrance security, etc. 

3. Wine Quality Prediction

For this science project, you’ll need to Create a quality prediction model to predict the quality of the wine. The quality of a wine is determined by the following factors:

  • Fixed acidity
  • Volatile acidity
  • Free sulfur dioxide
  • Total sulfur dioxide
  • Density
  • pH
  • Sulfates
  • Alcohol
  • Citric acid
  • Residual sugar
  • Chlorides

Using this project, we’ll be able to experiment with classification methods to see which yields the highest accuracy for the quality prediction and see which features are the most indicative of good quality wine. 

Some of the packages you’ll need to install are Numpy, pandas as they’ll be used in the following ways:

  1. Numpy will be used for the mathematical calculations so that they can be more accurate.
  2. Sklearn will be used to import our classifier for prediction.
  3. Pandas will be used to work with file formats such as CSV, etc. 

4. Breast Cancer Prediction

You’ll need to detect the onset of Breast Cancer in a patient using various parameters. A computer science project on Breast Cancer Prediction can be a very good project to test your computing, programming and logical reasoning skills.

The early diagnosis of BC can improve the chance of survival as one can provide timely clinical treatment to the patient. 

Machine learning (ML) is widely recognized as the choice in BC pattern classification and forecast modelling.

In the medical field, Classification and data mining is widely used in the diagnosis and analysis to make decisions for healthcare. 

Some of the factors that you can use for classification are:

  • Age
  • Personal history of breast cancer
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Genetic factors
  • Childbearing and menstrual history

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5. Stock Price Prediction

In this project, you will determine and predict the behaviour of stock prices. The stock price depends on several factors operating in the stock market. Some of them are:

  1.  The increases and decreases in stock prices of the other companies affect the stock price of a given company.
  2. The past patterns and records of the given company.

You can use Artificial Neural Network and Random Forest techniques for building your own stock price prediction model. 

In this project, you will collect the previous data on companies’ stock prices and, based on the trends and patterns, will make future predictions of stock prices.

You will have to train your price prediction model by feeding it trial data. After the accuracy of the model reaches an appropriate level, you can deploy it and reap its benefits.  

6. Movie Recommendation Systems

In this computer science project, using data mining techniques, you can create a system that recommends new movies based on user choices. 

Amazon has designed item-based collaborative filtering, which is used to provide recommendations based on the similarity between different products or services. 

Item-based collaborative filtering makes automatic predictions based on the interests of a user or the preferences of a user. It uses users’ data and filters out information that can be used for recommending other similar interest items.

You can build a similar filtering model and use content-based filtering, which will recommend movies based on the movie’s description or the user’s profile. You can create a basic recommendation system for movies using Python and Pandas. 

7. Social Media Sentiment Analysis

In this project ideas for computer science, you will build a model which will analyze the traction and community performance of a social media platform. 

The model will explain the value of a brand on social media using the analysis based on its comments, like, and interaction with the brand. 

For this project, it is highly recommended to use Jupyter Notebook. You’ll need to use word clouds which will help you understand the usage of words used widely to understand the good and bad feedback on social media. 

Data Preprocessing and Data Visualisation are two aspects that are going to be used widely in this project. 

Data Preprocessing 

  • Remove twitter Handles(@user) from the data
  • Removing punctuation, numbers, special characters present in the data
  • Tokenization of data is the change of a useful piece of information taken from data and turning it into strings of characters that make no sense in case of a breach.
  • Removing short words i.e. words with length

Data Visualisation

  • WordCloud shows words that are more prominent than words that appear more.
  • Bar plots present the categorical data with the help of bar plots or charts.

8. Walmart Sales Forecasting

Analyzing and predicting sales is the main motive for this cs project. 

Every store needs a prediction for future sales so they can plan their inventory accordingly. This prediction also helps to manage the number of staff that can be used according to the rush. 

Prediction helps you to understand what is the expected growth and get us a better review of the cash flow. 

This project ideas for computer science will be built in the following process:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis – Sales Data and Stores Data
  • Data Pre-processing – Imputing Missing Values, Merging Data, and Splitting The Data
  • Dependent Variables Trends to check which variables will be used in the project
  • Building various models that will help you in the sales forecasting for Walmart.
  • Conclusion

9. Used cars cost prediction

In this project, you will be using various input parameters to predict the cost of used cars and their potential. 

Some of the topics that’d be helpful for this project are:

  • Data Wrangling
  • Data cleaning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Performing machine learning models
  • Comparison and Conclusion for the findings of the study 

This project is done with the correct datasets will be an interesting and important project. 

The cost prediction system will depend on various factors such as the age of the car, its model, the origin of the car, the number of kilometers it has run, and its horsepower.

You need to gather a dataset of the above-mentioned factors and train the system to build an effective, efficient and accurate cars cost prediction model.

10. Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

In this project, you will have to predict the onset of Parkinson’s Disease based on the parameters. 

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system affecting movement that induces tremors. 1 million people are affected in India every year by this disease and It still has no cure yet. It is a disorder that affects dopamine-producing neurons present in the brain. 

In this project, you can offer the following aspects:

  1. Detection of Parkinson’s disease using various factor analysis.
  2. Most effective Parkinson’s treatments suggestions to the users
  3. compatible candidates for each treatment according to their health issues
  4. Various exercise program benefits the users

To make these project ideas for computer science, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Make the necessary imports
  • read the data into a DataFrame 
  • Get the features and labels from the DataFrame
  • Split the dataset into training and testing
  • Use gradient boosting algorithms 
  • Calculate the accuracy of the model

11. Chat Bot

Build a chatbot that can mimic a real human and can interact with customers through the chat. You’ll be using deep learning techniques to build this chatbox. 

Categories, patterns, and responses will be worked with throughout the project. 

To build a chatbot, you need to follow through with the following process:

  • Import and load the data file

Import the necessary packages for the project and initialize the variables you’ll be using. 

  • Preprocessing the datasets

Make sure you preprocess data before you make a machine learning or a deep learning model. Tokenizing is the foremost step you need to perform on the test data

  • Training and testing of datasets

This step will provide the input and output to create the training data.

  • Build the model

Build a 3-layer deep neural network to create the model.

  • Prediction for response

The trained model will help us in predicting the response by using a graphical user interface. You will have to implement some functions to identify the class and then get a random response from the response list.

12. Speech to Text

In this computer science project, you’ll convert the speech or audio to text using python. 

Deep learning skills with NLP are trending in the industry; add this to your project and your project will outshine other projects. You can use a real-world dataset and build this speech-to-text model. 

You will have to get a proper understanding of the following topics to do this project:

  • Signal Processing Introduction
  • Different Feature Extraction Techniques from an Audio Signal
  • Understanding the Problem Statement for our project
  • Implementing the Speech-to-Text Model in Python

13. Signature verification 

In this project, you will be building a system which will tell you whether the signature is real or fake.

Initially, you will feed an original image of the signature to the system. The system will then analyse the signature and feed the original image. 

Next, whenever you prompt the system by showing it a new image of the signature, it will tell whether the signature is original or not. 

This project is useful today as most of the work that is being done is online. Therefore verification of signature to check the authenticity of the documents is a must. This is also one of the best computer science projects you can design.

You will need to use digital image processing and neural networks to help build up this project from scratch. 

The following process will be followed for the project:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Preprocessing
    • Resizing
    • File management
  • Training the model
  • Dataset
  • Implementation
  • Build a convolutional neural network
  • Results and implementation

14. Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition 

Credit card authentication with Face recognition using a webcam provides high security using a two-way authentication process that helps to reduce fraud.

Credit cards have great benefits but are mostly used for huge transactions. But with these pros, fraud also takes place. 

The idea behind this computer science is to implement a system that will use face recognition for successful transactions. 

This way of face recognition is used to ensure reliability and user-friendliness and avoid fraud.

You need to go through the following topics to work on this project:

  • OpenCV (Open Computer Vision), the leading open-source library, also features GPU acceleration for real-time operation. 
  • LBP: A  type of visual descriptor commonly used for classification in computer vision.
  • TensorFlow: It is an end-to-end open-source platform used worldwide for machine learning.

15. Mobile Banking

Banking can be a very boring task, but doing banking by sitting anywhere just by some clicks on your mobile device makes it easier and more efficient. 

In this project, you will be designing and implementing a mobile banking system. It allows the user to perform the following functions:

1. Check their balance

2. View the latest transactions

3. Transfer funds

4. Request for chequebook

5. View check status.

The bank’s customers can select the type of information they want to receive as alerts that they need to be informed.

The mobile banking process consists of mainly 3 components:

  • Customers who make use of the application
  • The Device for the application
  • The Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

This project can be a very fun project to work on for your final year computer science project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a computer science project?

Computer science projects are those projects which involve designing, developing, and deploying various concepts of cs. These projects can be implemented using various coding languages such as Java, Python, etc., and tools such as Oracle, NetBeans, etc.

2. Which domain is best for doing computer science projects?

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the best domains for doing computer science projects. This is because AI & ML are some of the top fields in the IT industry and working in these fields will help you in building a strong foundation as a cs engineer.

3. How to start a computer science project?

To start a CS project, you first need to pick up a topic and do thorough research on it. You then need to create a mind map and identify a problem statement. Finally, you need to go ahead and identify ways to solve the problem and implement it practically.

4. Which is the best platform for building cse project?

The platform doesn’t mean a lot, any platform with which you are comfortable and have knowledge becomes the best platform to build your project. Some of the platforms you can go with are C language, C++ language, Python, Core Java.

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