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Chatbot Marketing

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History of Chatbot

The first “Chatterbot” named Elisa was developed in 1947. To check the possibilities of communication between humans and machines.

Alan Turing was the founder of Chatbots. The software which he created had truly intelligent behaviour. Today, companies who are having a website and chatbot are winning over users by solving their problems instantly through text. 

As of now, you got the history of chatbot marketing and who invented it. Now let us get in-depth about what is chatbot marketing is.

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing is a way to promote products and services using a chatbot, basically having a conversation with the customer using text format with the help of messaging applications.

Some of the messaging applications like 

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram

These applications help the business to have convenient communication with the customer and generate more income.

There will be a large increase in earnings by engaging with customers through these applications, but maintaining that growth needs obligations to deliver the finest customer response.

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Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

As we got to know about history and meaning, let me guide you through the benefits of chatbot marketing to have a better overview.

1) Saves time and Money

A Chatbot is a one-time investment. Unlike humans, the chatbot needs no salary and can work 24/7. 

2) Helps Segment Traffic 

Let me give you an example: a consumer who is interested in price is a warm lead, thus the chatbot will analyse and deliver the essential information about the product/services.

3) Provides quick responses 

Let’s say I am your customer and I would like to buy some product, but I have some doubts. The chatbot will attempt to answer my problems via text and may be able to convert me into a warm lead.

Will also help to strengthen your company’s brand image and build trust.

4) Speeds up the payment process 

This is an additional feature in the chatbox.to make your customers buy products through the chatbot. 

Making orders and paying right in the chat takes less time and effort from your customers to buy from you. For this additional slot, you have to connect any digital transfer service to your chatbot. 

This additional slot is very useful for an E-commerce website.

5) Gives data for analysis 

With the help of a chatbot, you will be able to analyze all the needs and preferences of your customers. 

With this data, you can adapt your chatbot marketing strategy as well as overall marketing to achieve better revenue and communication results.

6) Boosts Engagement 

Basically, the conversation is held on messaging apps connecting to a huge audience. This means you can communicate with a targeted audience on an international level.

Chatbot marketing examples

As you got to know the history, meaning and benefits, now let me introduce you to some examples that may help you implement chatbot marketing in your business.

The Chatbot environment has changed for many businesses using Chat Marketing. The goal remains the same i.e to provide businesses with quick, creative customer service.

In this competitive world, the Chatbot acted as a direct line between customer problems and solutions.

Today I am going to share the 3 best chatbot marketing examples to have a Meaningful Business, Maximum Engagement and Marketing Growth

1) Design a personalized  Chatbot messenger

Usually, other users who create chatbots will try to use programming language or clickbait ( Click Bait – it is the purpose to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link on a particular web page. This basically create frauds.), some even game the website.

This will create tons of customers for you but in future, they will not respond to your business/ unsubscribe quickly.

To make your customer happy about your website, a small suggestion be honest with your Customers/Users.

Given  below is an opt-in example to influence a better marketing experience:

Try using a simple opt-in concise message about what customers are getting by signing up

If you want, you can include a ” Sign me up ” button to make them come back to the website.

Always use a quick question format to develop an easy bot with 2 answers.

2)  Engage with customers by being proactive

One of the most popular chatbot examples is proactive live chat. A chatbot is very effective when you proactively engage. 

This is the chat example where you can drag your customer to your other information on the website by creating a menu i.e ask 4-5 questions about the other products and services.

This is commonly referred to as the ‘Icebreakers’ welcome chatbot message. This is generally friendly, personalized, and provides some basic information about the website on which users are on.

Always keep in mind that it’s better to have a guided conversation that uses open-ended text to capture contact information.

Top 4 guidelines to follow when you are creating a menu on Chatbot

  1. Update your subscription frequently
  2. Implement links to the Product or Service Page
  3. Explain Pricing i.e be transparent
  4. Mention a Customer Service No./Sales Team for support

3) Offer Unshared Content Only for Regular Users of your Business.

Undisclosed Content is a creative way to drive more warm leads to your business.

To include better tactics in your Chatbot add MobileMonkey (MobileMonkey is the premier platform for running your Facebook Messenger marketing efforts. MobileMonkey has dozens of different Messenger tools and tactics). In this use, chat lead magnet content is only for regular Users of your business.

Let me explain to you how this works

First, you must create simple quick questions that users can just answer with just a click of a button at the end.

Giving only response options will help to convert more users.

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Although chatbots were once thought to be little more than a gimmick, times are rapidly changing.

Bots provide the kind of quick service that users want in this age of instant problem-solving. Rather than ignoring user issues or potential sales, social chatbots may pick up the slack and keep your business open 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alexa a chatbot?

Yes, Alexa is a different type of chatbot that uses only voice to communicate with the users.

How do Chatbots make money?

These are some of the ways to make money with Chatbot marketing
1) Bots as a Service (BaaS) is a Game-Changer.
2) Chatbots For Native Advertising.
3) Use a ChatBot For Affiliate Marketing
To know more, kindly visit Marketing Amature.

Which company has the best chatbot?

The top 3 companies have the best Chatbot
1) Netomi rating 5
2) AtSpoke rating 4.8
3) WP-Chatbot rating 4.7

Can chatbots work without AI?

The foundation of chatbots built with this technology is working off cognitive and semantic technology. When you look at these two different forms of development for virtual agents it is much easier to accept that AI makes all the difference in the world and that chatbots do indeed need AI.

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