9 Best Emerging Careers In Digital Marketing

9 Best Emerging Careers in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing! Digital Marketing! Digital Marketing!!!

This is all we hear now! What is happening to this industry? 

The opportunities and revenue this industry is generating are increasing day by day. The revenue generated only by digital advertising in India in 2022 is valued at ₹246 billion (i.e. ₹24600 Crores) and is estimated to double in the next 3 years. 

A few years back, this industry was unheard of, and now suddenly, it has erupted like a volcano and achieved such significant growth and success in such a short period.

Most students are choosing Careers in Digital Marketing. Even many companies are now focusing on marketing their products and services digitally, following the principle of marketing digitally and growing globally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what Digital Marketing is and why you should choose it. 
  • Learn how to start a Career in Digital Marketing.
  • Know more about the Salaries offered in different Digital Marketing careers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Different marketing strategies formulated and applied in the digital frameworks are called digital marketing. 

More precisely, when you market your product or service using different channels, like social media, search engines, emails,  podcasts, e-books and many other digital platforms, it is considered digital marketing.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

A career in digital marketing is very lucrative in the current scenario, as this industry is growing daily. 

Apart from this, digital marketing is a creative and interesting career option. 

The options you get for specialising in a particular career in digital marketing are immense. 

This is the modern form of marketing, unlike marketing strategies of the 90s, like billboards, magazine ads, and direct mail. 

This shift was necessary because, as of 2022, 70% of the world’s population is currently using the internet, which is increasing daily. You also get the option to select from over 20 career opportunities in digital marketing.

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How do I start a career in Digital Marketing?

There are various digital marketing career opportunities floating in the industry. 

You have two courses of action that you can opt for before starting your career in digital marketing. 

The first option is to apply directly to a company as a fresher and start your learning journey from there. 

Or you can join a digital marketing course, learn the ins and outs of the specialization you want to pursue, and crush your job from Day one.

The second one is more beneficial for you because:

  • It helps to strengthen your foundation.
  • Improve your skill set.
  • It helps you gain practical knowledge.
  • You will be confident from day one as you will be familiar with all the work.

Some of the best ed-tech companies that provide digital marketing courses/internships are Verzeo, Internshala, and SmartKnower. Verzeo provides you with a job guarantee program for digital marketing Click here to check it out.

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9 Best Emerging Careers in Digital Marketing

Let us discuss some of the top Digital Marketing jobs and the current salaries in digital marketing careers.

Content Writing

Most of the content writer’s work is to write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content like long-form articles, blogs, website content, email templates & many more for a brand to gain organic traffic. 

The average salary of a content writer in India is around ₹3 LPA. While in the US, it is around $52000. So, it depends on the location you are willing to select. 

The advantage of a content writer today is that one can do freelancing and earn across the globe if they aren’t willing to work as a full-time employee.


Around 95% of people never make it past the 1st page in Google or any search engine. 

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play to help your website make it to the first page. We achieve this when the content on our page is accurate to what people are searching for. 

In short, SEO will help your website and content to be visible to your viewers in this enormous pool of competition. 

The average salary of SEO:

Influencer Marketing 

This comes under Social Media Marketing, where the marketer has to create plans and campaigns to select the best suitable influencer for their brand and project according to their target audience. 

Yes, you also get a chance to talk with them and finalize the project. 

Many millennials are opting for this career lately. 

The average salary of an Influencer Marketer:

Online Reputation Management 

This job role is very important for a brand or an agency. Many of them are focusing on hiring people for ORM (Online Reputation Management). 

A brand needs this to know about its reputation in the industry, maintain customer relations with its current and potential customers, and build its brand image accordingly. 

The average salary of an ORM Specialist:

Social Media Marketing  

In this, you basically have to manage different social media marketing platforms for a brand and create engaging content for marketing your product or services. 

You have to create social media copies and scripts. This may include creating and shooting videos to engage your audience. 

The average salary of a social media marketer:


I consider this one of the most creative careers in digital marketing, as you have to provide various AD copies on different platforms to engage your audience & get business. 

You have to be creative and use catchy lines and the latest trends to attract viewers. 

The average salary of a copywriter:

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Email Marketing

This form of digital marketing provides the highest ROI for a company, so an email marketing specialist is in high demand currently. 

The types of emails you will have to send are transactional, promotional, informational and emails for re-targeting customers. 

The average salary for email marketing:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This is a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a certain amount each time one of their ads gets clicked upon. 

We use PPC on two platforms- Social Media and Search Engines. You will have to plan different campaigns where you can target a specific audience and increase ROI. 

The average salary for Pay Per Click Marketing:

Performance Marketing

This is a term given for online campaigns, which is very different from organic and traditional marketing, where it is specifically used to drive and track actions. 

Advertising platforms pay these marketers when they have achieved the desired results, such as conversions and clicks while maintaining the ROI. 

The average salary of a Performance Marketer:


As you can see, the opportunities and options you get in digital marketing are quite immense if you pursue a course in digital marketing. 

In that case, you will understand your strengths and weakness in the field. 

This is better than committing to a particular job role and finding out later that you have little or no interest in that specific domain. 

So, keep growing and learning digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there a demand for digital marketers?

Yes, there is a demand for digital marketers in the industry. LinkedIn says digital marketing is one of the top ten in-demand jobs. Currently, there are almost ₹10 lakh job openings in Digital Marketing.

2. Will a Digital Marketing Course provide a job Guarantee?

Yes, definitely, a digital marketing course can provide you with a job guarantee. In my opinion, the best course that will provide you with a great ROI and job guarantee is Verzeo

3. Which is better, MBA or digital marketing?

If your interest is inclined toward marketing, digital marketing will be a better option.

Digital marketing will have enormous learning and exposure that you need in your career. As you will gain knowledge from a course and exposure through a job. So, instead of preparing for a year plus investing two years in a degree, opt for a better alternative by simply doing a digital marketing course with a maximum duration of 3-4 months.

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