Top 12 Careers in Artificial Intelligence in 2023

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

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You’ve got your mathematics, computer science, and coding skills covered, right? Then, in this blog, we’ve got your AI career covered.

That’s all that is needed to land an awesome, high-paying career in AI.

Let’s go through the AI job options that can give you a breakthrough in your career.    

Key Takeaways 

  • Learn About the Top 12 Careers in AI
  • Know About Prerequisites, Qualifications, and Skills for a Career in AI 
  • Average Median a Candidate Can Expect to Earn From 12 Careers in AI
  • Know About the Top 10 Hiring Companies in the Domain of AI

Top 12 Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Below-mentioned are the Top 12 Careers in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Architect
  • Robotics Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  • Research scientists
  • AI Software Engineer  
  • AI Software Architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Deep Learning Engineer 

Let us know in detail about each AI Career option.

1. Data Scientist 

A Data Scientist needs to have a background and command over statistics, as their work revolves around cleaning & analysing data and making predictions based on data.  

Data scientist aims to predict the future based on data analysis.  

The primary job of a Data Scientist is clear from the term itself. They study, analyse, and organise data to gain a deeper insight, so they can conclude a past pattern and give recommendations or make a future prediction. 

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A Data Scientist earns approximately 10.6 Lakhs per annum in India 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • Either a Master’s or Doctorate degree in computer science, mathematics, computer engineering, or another related field. 
  • Knowledge about machine learning and deep learning. 
  • Technical, analytical, communication, and leadership skills. 
  • Coding skills in Python, Perl, Scala, SQL, SAS, etc.

Job Description Template

Check out sample JD for data scientists from indeed-template 

2. Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer’s work is somewhat a mix of Data Science and Software Engineering streams.

Google Maps’ traffic alert feature is an example of machine learning. Using ML, Google studies data and predicts road traffic. 

E-commerce recommendations based on your search history are also possible through the application of machine learning algorithms. 

A Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for creating algorithms for machines that can act without being directed. 

The average median salary of an ML engineer is 7.5 LPA. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software programming, or data science.
  • Understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks.
  • Cloud applications. 
  • Programming skills in Java, Python, Scala etc. 

Job Description Template

Machine Learning Engineer JD template 

3. Big Data Architect

The role of a Big Data Architect is more comprehensive and vast than that of a Data Scientist or a programmer. 

A Big Data Scientist is responsible for building an ecosystem of big data environments for organisations and should have good knowledge of data processing tools and systems and experience working with Big Data.

A Data Architect is a higher position that leads a data management team and thus is one of the highest-paying jobs. 

The average median Big Data Architect salary in India is 24.0 LPA. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications

  • Doctorate degree in computer science, mathematics, computer engineering, data science or a related field. 
  • Python, R, Java, SQL, Python, C++, and Scala.
  • Advance data mining and data management.   
  • Machine learning.
  • Data modelling tools. 
  • Problem-solving, management, and analytical skills.
  • Modern tools Spark, Hadoop, Pig, or Hive. 

Job Description Template

Here is what generally a JD for a Big Data Architect job role looks like. 

4. Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineers’ jobs include designing, building, testing, and maintaining AI-powered robots. 

To become a skilled Robot Engineer, a person has to have experience in computer science, data analysis, electrical engineering, and other areas.

Robotics Engineers design, conceptualise and develop particular robots for particular use cases. Robots are used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and education, so their applications are diverse.

Robotics Engineers, on average, earn 3.5 LPA. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • Machine learning methods and basic AI 
  • Knowledge about Robotics, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering.
  • CAD/CAM, 2D/3D, IoT, vision system.
  •  Programming skills 

Job Description Template

Here is an example of what a job description of a Robotics Engineer looks like- template   

5. NLP Engineer

Natural Language Processing is a branch of AI; NLP engineers develop and create AI speech patterns and recognition. Basically, they develop machine programming that enables machines to interact with humans and understand human language.

Alexa, Siri, and Google maps all are voice assistants, and their language recognition and speaking come under the work of NLP engineers. 

A NLP engineer can expect an average median salary of 8.8 LPA.

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • A bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Data Science, Computer Science, etc.
  • Knowledge of Python, Java, and R. 
  • Machine Learning methods.
  • Recursive neural networking.
  • Probability and statistics.
  • Linguistic knowledge.

Job Description Template

This is an example of what you can expect in an NLP engineer’s job role- template 

6. Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst 

Business Intelligence is the bridge between business and data. A BI developer studies data with the purpose of understanding market trends and patterns based on past data. What makes business intelligent different from data scientists and other data engineers is that it converts data into meaningful information and insightful market trends that help the business leader with business decisions. 

BI Analysts in India can earn 7 lakhs per annum approximately.

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications  

  • Data warehouse design, data mining, SQL, etc.
  • Technical and analytical skills
  • Good eye for ATD
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science.
  • Knowledge of business acumen and visualisation skills.  

Job Description Template

Here is a sample JD for the Business Intelligence Analyst role – template 

7. Research Scientist

Research Scientists have expertise in the fields of mathematics, robotics, machine learning, deep learning, etc. 

A Research Scientist conducts experiments and trials in various fields, analyses data, publishes papers, works on ongoing research projects, attends seminars and events, and collaborates with other researchers. 

Various research fields include: 

  • Medical
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science 
  • Plant Sciences
  • Genomics
  • Neurosciences

Research Scientists in India earn 7 lakhs per annum.

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • Master or Ph.D. in mathematics, statistics, or computer science.  
  • Expertise in the field of research. 
  • Good in planning, analysing, and conducting research.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Teamwork ability. 

Job Description Template

Research Scientists’ job role description- template  

8. AI Software Engineer 

AI Software Engineers are artificial programmers and developers who build infrastructure as code for the data science team, continuous integration and development, and testing API development. 

They develop software that Data Scientists use and work on.

The average median salary can be around 8.5 LPA. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications

  • Degree in computer science’s artificial intelligence branch. 
  • Programming languages like Python, Java, Scala, and TypeScript.
  • Data Science and Data Engineering.
  • Exploratory data analysis.
  • Statistics and probability.

Job Description Template

Here is a sample JD to refer- template 

9. AI Software Architect

AI Software Architects design and maintain systems, tools, platforms, and technical standards. But majorly, they oversee the designing part of the process and work closely with the development team and software engineers to modify and improve the current AI process. 

An AI Software Architect is an expert-level and a senior-level position

Nationally, the average salary for an AI Software Architect role can be around 33 lakhs per annum. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications Required

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or any other related field.
  • Experience in cloud platforms, data processes, and software development.
  • Research and technical skills. 
  • Training in DevOps, systems design, and programming.

Job Description Template

JD Sample for Software Architect- template.  

10. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers are responsible for writing code for softwares, and an AI Computer Programmer is expected to code and develop AI softwares. 

Computer Programmers work with software engineers and developers. The work of a Computer Programmer demands translating programme designs into code, testing, troubleshooting, and having complete command over at least one computer language, with basic knowledge of others.

A Computer Programmer can expect to earn around 4.5 LPA.

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in the field.
  • Mastery of advanced maths and statistics. 
  • Programming methods and computer languages.
  • Analytical thinking skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities.
  • Attention to detail.

Job Description Template

Here is a link to sample job descriptions for a Computer Programmer role- template. 

11. User Experience Designer

A User Experience (UX) designer’s role is to make products and services usable, accessible, and enjoyable, mostly in the context of digital designing for websites or applications. 

UX Designers in the AI field assist developers, programmers, and engineers in modifying and designing AI software in a more user-centric way.  

A UX Designer earns up to 5.5 LPA approx.  

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree or certification in the related field 
  • C++, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages
  • Training in designing and development with a focus on user experience

Job Description Template 

Here is one sample from Indeed that you can refer- template

12. Deep Learning Engineer  

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning, and Machine Learning is a subset of AI. 

A Deep Learning Engineer designs and creates artificial neural networks. Their work involves working with programmers and Data Scientists to integrate natural languages so that deep learning systems can mimic the human brain in order to produce the result. 

Annually, a Deep Learning Engineer earns approximately 8.0 lakhs. 

Prerequisite Skills and Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field with entry-level work experience. 
  • A suitable programming language for AI/ML/DL like Python, Java, C++, etc.
  • Python and SQL for data engineering.

Job Description Template

This is one sample JD for the Deep Learning Engineer job role- template 

Top 10 Companies That Need and Hire AI Experts

The top companies that are in need of AI Experts are as follows:

  1. Amazon 
  2. Linkedin
  3. Google 
  4. Meta
  5. Spotify 
  6. Uber 
  7. Samsung 
  8. Microsoft 
  9. Adobe
  10. Intel  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country is best for studying Artificial Intelligence and pays the highest salary?

The USA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and UK are the top countries to study Artificial Intelligence. And in the USA, the average salary for ML Engineers in 2022 is US$145,000, which is one of the highest.

Is a master’s in AI worth it?

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science is good enough to start an entry-level job. But a master’s degree can really make a difference, as top-level AI jobs typically demand a master’s degree.

How do I become an AI Engineer? Is there a degree in Artificial Intelligence?

It is a skill base job; as long as you can prove to be knowledgeable and skilled, with or without a degree, you can become an AI Engineer. 
Bachelor’s degrees in AI are in computer science – data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AI and Robotics, and many more.

Who earns more: AI Engineer or Data Scientist?

According to PayScale, the average medium salary for an AI Engineer is 15,00,641 LPA, and for​​ a Data Scientist, it is 8,12,855 LPA.

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