Campus Ambassador Programs: An Ultimate Guide

Campus Ambassador Programs: An Ultimate Guide

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Are you wondering how you can closely work with your favorite brand along with holding a leadership position at your University? Then, the answer is through Campus Ambassador programs. 

Campus Ambassador programs are gaining a lot of popularity apart from internships among the students over the last few years. This is a great platform to upskill yourself. 

It provides a great opportunity for students to collaborate with their favourite brands or organizations.

As well as have an influential position as the face and voice of the brand in his/her University. 

Get a complete understanding of Campus Ambassador Programs in this blog. 

What is a Campus Ambassador Program?

Through a Campus Ambassador Program, a brand or an organization aims to promote its mission and vision in the student community.

To make the process more streamlined, they select a few students belonging to different courses, batches and give them the position of a Campus Ambassador. 

These Campus Ambassadors will be the face and voice of the brand or organizations who will be responsible for organizing fun activities, workshops, conducting promotional activities at a University level, handling social media and email campaigns. 

Overall, the aim is that you should be able to increase brand awareness among your peers by doing all this. 

How to become a Campus Ambassador?

If you are interested in the Campus Ambassador Program and want to become an ambassador, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Campus Ambassador programs through portals like Internshala, HelloIntern, LetsIntern, and more. They will keep you posted about upcoming ambassador programs.
  1. Keep an eye on social media platforms. Nowadays, almost all brands and organizations are very active on social media platforms such as Instagram. So, I would recommend you follow all your favorite brands/organizations to stay updated. Most of them would share the registration link for Campus Ambassador programs on their official social media handles and bio. 
  1. Apart from your details, the registration link usually asks you to answer questions related to the brand/organization. For instance, Why you are interested in that role, What steps you will take in order to create brand awareness, and other such questions based on similar lines. 
  1. After the successful completion of your registration. They will notify you regarding the selection process. Usually, they conduct a telephonic interview to get to know your interests, goals and perception about their company. 
  1. If you are consistently performing well in all your interview rounds, then you will be roped in for the position of ‘Campus Ambassador’.

Role of a Campus Ambassador

Role of a campus ambassador

When you are roped in for the position of Campus Ambassador, your primary objective is to increase the brand awareness of the brand/organization you are representing among the students and professors. 

As a Campus Ambassador, you will be provided with plenty of learning opportunities. 

Since you are in a leadership position, you will learn skills like – multitasking, coordinating, organizing workshops, activities, and marketing campaigns.  

Often, once you get a certificate of selection from the brand/organization, you are added in a group on Whatsapp or any other social media platform where you are regularly updated with the daily tasks and goals. 

Once you are assigned a particular task, you are expected to complete it within the stipulated time and deliver it to the point of contact or team leader. 

Some of the brands/organizations also have a dedicated Campus Ambassador Program portal which functions as a tracking sheet where you have to update your progress.

On the successful completion of monthly targets, you would be awarded with credit points or some kind of incentive that might differ depending on which company you are working with.

How is the Campus Ambassador Program different from Internships?

difference between internship and campus ambassador programs

Do not get confused between a Campus Ambassador Program and Internship, they are two entirely different things. 

In an internship, you will be working directly with the company and not representing it elsewhere. 

Often, Internships are considered as your training period where you will be trained for a stipulated duration in a particular domain you get selected for.

As an intern you will be working for a minimum of 40 hours over a period of 5 days.

Based on your performance and interests, the internship offer can also be converted into a full-time employment role. 

While in a Campus Ambassador program, you are representing the brand/organization in your campus with an objective to increase their brand awareness. 

They shall not be considering this as a permanent employment. Often, based on your performance, you would be receiving incentives from time to time from your organization. 

During a Campus Ambassador Program you will be working for a maximum of 2-3 hours per day.

This way you can easily balance the work given by the University as well as the Campus Ambassador Program. 

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Are these Programs fun?

If you are wondering whether Campus Ambassador Programs are fun? Then the answer is a YES!

Campus Ambassador Program will not only help you to upskill yourself and make you a better leader. But, also add a sprinkle of fun in every activity that happens. 

As an ambassador you will be representing the brand/organization in your University. Therefore, they will pamper you with goodies, incentives, discounts, and even organize fun team meets. 

Who wouldn’t want to work with their favorite brands and also be pampered by them, right?

They will also be organizing fun activity sessions, basically like a meet and greets. 

You will get to meet many other fellow Campus Ambassadors from different parts of the city/country you can share your experience and goals. Most importantly, use this period for better networking. 

Mostly, companies who conduct the Campus Ambassador Program follow a Point of Contact system of hierarchy. 

If you are performing well and completing all your tasks on time, then they would even be promoting you to the next higher rank.

Most importantly, you can add this to your resume.

Through programs like these cannot replace internships, but it still presents to you a learning experience. Therefore, this would add value to your resume. 

Wrapping Up

 Campus Ambassador Programs are a great way to upskill yourself while working with your favorite brand/organization. 

They are not only fun but will also add value to your resume. You can use this learning platform for better networking and working on improving your leadership qualities. 

Therefore, I would recommend you use this opportunity to its fullest potential and learn as much as you can.  

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