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Verzeo is an online e-portal for Students across the country. Verzeo works to…


Verzeo is an online e-portal for Students across the country. Verzeo works to match the client’s business needs with a skilled workforce at affordable rates by converting these requirements into Internship opportunities for students. Our crowdsourcing projects ensure that companies get skilled workforce and manpower at cost-effective rates, and at the same time, help students gain valuable work experience and also monetary benefits. Vungarala Subrahmanyam is the founder and CEO of Verzeo.

Often, businesses have requirements that they may be unable to meet on their own. This could be due to a variety of factors:

  • Inadequate resources
  • High expenses
  • Lack of skilled workforce

So how does Verzeo help?

Verzeo works to match your business needs with skilled manpower at affordable rates.
Verzeo converts business requirements into Internship opportunities for the Students who connect with us

How does that work?

Verzeo takes the burden off the organization by distributing the work among college students, who work for a fixed stipend. The company, in turn, pays not for the hours of work done, but instead, the amount of work done.

How do the students benefit?

  • The students get an opportunity to earn some monetary benefits.
  • They acquire corporate and soft-skill training.
  • They can use the Internship opportunities for experience in their chosen career fields.

How is this outsourcing better?

  • The company does not have to engage in the lengthy recruitment process.
  • Students come from all over India.
  • There’s no risk involved because the company only pays for the work done.
  • The Student workforce available is dense.

This available workforce, in turn, is highly trainable.

It’s the perfect win-win-win situation

  • Our clients are happy.
  • Our Students are happy.
  • We are happy.

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