Where to Find Internship and Learn

Where to find internship and learn

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1. Where to learn Artificial Intelligence in India?

Artificial Intelligence is the concept of building machines that can function and think like human beings using advanced Computer Science. It has proved to be one of the greatest technological advancements of all time. The machines are enabled with Speech Recognition, Thinking and Planning like Humans. Learning Artificial Intelligence in India can be done in the following ways:

By taking Online Courses:

Columbia University as a part of personal professional programs offers an Online Course in Artificial Intelligence which is flexible with timings and can be completed according to your convenience.

IIIT-B along with UpGrad and offers an 11-month PG Diploma Program conducted online that can hone your skills in Artificial Intelligence. IIIT-Hyderabad also offers a similar 11-month course for people all over India where you get to learn from lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, and workshops. Apart from these companies like TechCrunch, Udacity, Zekelabs also offer courses. Online Mentorship Program in Computer Science 

You can also pursue master’s degrees from

  • The University of Hyderabad
  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • ISC Kolkata

Coursera offers free courses in Artificial Intelligence.

2. Where to Find Internships in Bangalore by 2020?

As Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, it is always brimming with technological advancements and opportunities. The IT sector is booming in Bangalore. Internships in Bangalore by 2020 can be found on numerous platforms like by applying through organizations like Internshala and lets Intern.

Companies like Deep Learning in Bangalore offer Internships in Machine Learning. Companies like Verzeo and Eduflex offer part-time jobs and Internships in both Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence. LinkedIn also offers Internships in both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and helps you network with Professionals and Companies.

The defence research and development organization is a government organization that works along with the defence forces of India. They offer Internships in research. Analytics India Magazine also offers Internships in Bangalore which require Interns to build hackathons and make improvisations. Various platforms online can help you secure Internships without any hassle.

3. What is the scope of Machine Learning in the future?

Machine learning is one of the biggest advancements in the field of Information Technology. Machine language is under Artificial Intelligence and is the process of making a machine understand how to program and perform algorithms. Machine Learning is used in real-world applications like Automatic Translations, Virtual Personal Assistants, Traffic Prediction, Image Recognition, Online Fraud Detection, and Medical Diagnosis. It helps in reducing the number of errors, leads to better customer experience, makes smart decisions, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, IBM recruit Machine Learning engineers on a massive scale.

Machine Learning is venturing into new and unexplored areas every day and thus has a very broad scope. International data corporation predicts that by 2021 spending on Machine Learning will go up by at least 5 times that is approximately 57 billion us dollars. By 2020, it is expected to have created 2.3 million jobs. Machine Learning engineers have a great scope in this field in the coming years.

4. Which AI courses are available in Mumbai?

Intellipat institute offers courses on Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is thought and its relevance to Machine Learning. These courses are mostly taken by professionals who have hands-on experience in Data Science, Data Analytics, and Software Engineers. Such courses are offered at excel R institute which teaches you about the basics of AI and also about how major applications are made. This course is suited for people who do not have any hands-on experience and are just beginning to grasp the concept of AI.

The learning catalyst in Bombay takes both online as well as offline courses in AI for about 3000/month. Stanford University and course also offers courses in Machine Learning and hence many websites also offer free courses for students and professionals to take.

5. Where can we learn Machine Learning in Bangalore Offline?

Inventateq is an ISO certified company in Bangalore Which is a two-month classroom program where you learn the Basics of Python, Spark, R, SQL & Statistics, Deep Learning Algorithms, Data Modelling with Python, Feature Engineering. The course is taught by a Data Scientist with over 12 years of experience. Online Mentorship Program in Computer Science 

myTectra Is also a leading institute in Bangalore that provides classroom program teaching in Machine Learning. Imarticus institute helps students by conducting extensive workshops and by studying case studies. The institute has bagged awards for its methods of approach. Learn bay also provides Artificial Intelligence training in Bangalore. They cover real-time projects and case studies.

6. How good is the Machine Learning course at IIIT Bangalore?

IIIT Bangalore along with UpGrad offers an 11-month PG Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They cover everything from basic mathematics to advanced Deep Learning. It takes up to 450+ hours to complete the course.

Students are mentored one on one by industry professionals. You also, receive personalized feedback based on your project submissions to help you improvise on your weak areas. Industry experts and professionals will help you along this course and is thus a very helpful platform to network with people.

Alumni of IIIT also mentor the students and students are also given successful mentors to help them with their deadlines and to have a check on their submissions and overall progress. As Artificial Intelligence is a certified course it is always useful and helpful to get a PG diploma from a reputed institute like IIIT.

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